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Friedrich-Wilhelm Grunewald (born January 8, 1920 in Bad Salzuflen ; † 2001 ) was an officer in the Air Force of the Wehrmacht and later the Air Force of the German Armed Forces . He retired as brigadier general . After that he was federal chairman of the small party Patriots for Germany .


In 1938 Grunewald volunteered in the Wehrmacht's air force and went to the pilot school in Fürstenfeldbruck . In January 1941 he switched to the fighter pilot school in Werneuchen before he was transferred to the supplementary squadron of Jagdgeschwader 77 on August 1, 1941 . On August 22, 1941, he went to the 7th squadron of this squadron, which was subordinate to the IV. Fliegerkorps of Luftflotte 4 in the war against the Soviet Union with its Messerschmitt Bf 109 E fighter aircraft . He stayed with this squadron until February 5, 1943 and then changed, meanwhile as a lieutenant , to battle squadron 2 and became adjutant of the I. Group. With this squadron he took part in Operation Citadel when it was assigned to the 8th Air Corps of Air Fleet 4 in the south of the Eastern Front. On November 11, 1943 he was promoted to first lieutenant and in October 1944 he went to battle squadron 10 to take over the 4th squadron as squadron captain . On April 8, 1945, near Vienna , he was shot down by a Soviet Lavochkin La-5 and then did not fly until the end of the war due to the injuries he had suffered.

Grunewald joined the Bundeswehr Air Force in 1956 and completed general staff training from 1959 to 1960 at the Bundeswehr Leadership Academy . He retired as brigadier general.

Then he was federal chairman of the small party Patrioten für Deutschland , whose orientation he himself describes as being on the right of the CDU and on the left of the party The Republicans and Conservatives. The objective was the "moral and cultural renewal of our people" and against the "sellout of national interests".

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