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Some of the figures on a mural in Brussels

The article Characters from Asterix presents selected characters from René Goscinny's and Albert Uderzo's comic Asterix .

main characters

The main characters are briefly introduced in most of the volumes on page 4. The introductory page of the first publication of Asterix was retained for a long time in all subsequent issues and editions. Later the text regarding Idefix was expanded and the images were modernized.


Typical winged helmet Asterix '

Asterix ( French Astérix , onomatopoeic for "  Astérisque  ", the asterisk ) is the main character of the stories. He is characterized by an unusually small, rather weak-looking physique. As a warrior, he draws his superhuman strength from the magic potion of Miraculix. His real strengths are his ingenuity, ingenuity and good nature.

As a “ star ” and because of its size, the name Asterix, meaning asterisk, is indicative. A name beginning with the letter “A” was chosen for him as the title hero, so that the comic is as high up as possible in alphabetical lists.

Together with the druid Miraculix he forms the "brain" of the indomitable Gallic village and develops the moves that cause headaches for the Romans and Julius Caesar in two ways, since Asterix, unlike the druid, is also active in combat. In the spirit of the Resistance , he defends himself against the Roman occupation and in this struggle always supports other oppressed friends. As a full-time warrior in the village, he reports directly to the Chief Majestix, sometimes as an honor guard. As a warrior he is unmarried and in some cases clearly rejects a change in his status. When dealing with Obelix, his friend, who is opposed to everything, his few weaknesses also become clear: He is sometimes rudimentary know-it-all, easily irritable and in exceptional cases also prone to depression. Despite these deliberate minor flaws in his character and the fact that he can be considered an antihero in terms of appearance, his character is mainly that of a typical hero: He is loyal, even to his chief, who is mostly overburdened with his leadership role, selfless minded man Majestix , empathetic, brave and thirsty for action.

Asterix is ​​"not as young as he looks" - based on allusions to his birthday and information from short stories, he was born in 85 BC. Born as the son of Astronomix and Praline in the Gallic village on the same day as Obelix, i.e. in 50 BC. BC, the year mentioned in the introduction, 35 years old. Asterix, like Majestix, always carries a sword, unlike the other villagers, but rarely fights with it.


Obelix, Asterix and Idefix on a house facade

Obelix (French: Obélix ) is Asterix's constant friend and companion and a professional producer and supplier of menhirs . As a child he fell into a cauldron with a magic potion, the effect of which has lasted on him ever since, giving him permanently superhuman strength. He is very tall, well built and very stout. He forms an extreme contrast to Asterix in his physique, but also with his very emotional, simple-minded and rough nature.

The name Obelix is ​​probably onomatopoeic from the French word "  Obélisque  " (German: "Obelisk") with a corresponding ending like Astérisque, from which Asterix was derived. The Greek word obelisk originally referred to a grill skewer and the name could indicate Obelix's favorite dish. It is also possible that it comes either from «  Obèle  » (in German-speaking countries also as Obeliskus (†), again the Latin word for “Obelisk”) or from «  Obèlus  », the symbol for division (÷). Both names, Asterix and Obelix, denote typographical characters, either for annotations on scientific texts or mathematical operators (divided / divided).

Contrary to expectations, showed an archaeological find that Obelix actually resembles a Gallic name: In Hagenbach , west of Karlsruhe , a prey treasure was recovered during dredging work in the 1960s, the probably Alemanni around the year 275 after looting in southern Gaul Aquitaine in translating across the Rhine had lost. A silver votive sheet bears the name of the founder Andossus, son of Obelexxus.

Obelix is ​​in the French and, to a lesser extent, also in the German language by its standard remark “  Ils sont fous, ces…!  »Or“ They are crazy, they…! ”.

Obelix is ​​of particular importance to the village because of his persistent superhuman strength, as is Asterix because of his cunning. However, it is difficult for him to control his strength, so that doors break when knocking and trees several meters thick are accidentally pulled up. Because he fears side effects, Druid Miraculix forbids any further consumption of the drink, which Obelix suffers as a gourmand. An exception is only made in special cases in which a great deal of force is required. Obelix likes food in general, and roast boar in particular. He also becomes weak with beautiful women such as Falbala, but has to struggle with great shyness. His favorite leisure activities are beating up Romans and hunting wild boar, and he also likes to get involved in the village brawls. Obelix suffers from his obesity and reacts aggressively to evidence of it. A small white dog named Idefix is his constant, loyal companion. Except for the first volume, Obelix does not carry any weapons, but uses menhirs to strike and as projectiles. He is also not considered a warrior, but a craftsman and merchant and is therefore not included in the political decision-making of the village, even if he is usually present.

The figure of Obelix, created at Uderzo's suggestion, was originally not intended by Goscinny, who wanted to concentrate exclusively on his hero Asterix. Therefore, Obelix only plays a minor role in the first story, Asterix the Gauls , and is not yet fully developed as a personality. In addition, Obelix is ​​drawn even less “round” in the first volumes, and the size difference to Asterix should also increase in the later volumes. Although he is not the main character (with the possible exception of the volumes Obelix GmbH & Co. KG and Obelix auf Kreuzfahrt ), Obelix is ​​still the secret hero of the series for many readers due to his all too human weaknesses. Uderzo has also declared himself a favorite character. Only in the interplay of Asterix and Obelix does the classic hero image emerge, to which neither of them corresponds solely because of the many defects.


Idefix (French Idéfix , play on the French “  idée fixe  ”, cf. Idée fixe ) is Obelix's dog. It has white fur with black tips of its tail and ears. His small figure forms a striking contrast to Obelix's massive figure. Since Idefix's publication, the two have rarely been separated from each other, for example in the volume Asterix as a legionnaire .

It got its name through a competition among the readers of the French youth magazine Pilote , in which the Asterix stories first appeared. Several other word games were suggested, for example Papeurdurix ( Keinangstvornix ), Trèpetix ( Sehrkleinix ) or Toutousanprix ( Wauwauohnepreis ).

Idefix is ​​the only "main character" in the series who wasn't there from the start. It appears for the first time in Tour de France , the fifth volume in the original French order (in the German version Volume 6). Out of interest in their newly acquired ham, he joins Asterix and Obelix in Lutetia and follows them to the Gallierdorf, where he is apparently adopted by Obelix. The name Idefix , however, only appears in the follow-up volume Asterix and Cleopatra .

At first, Asterix was bothered by Obelix taking the dog with him on trips, but soon Idefix - with four exceptions - became an indispensable companion on the way to adventure. He also took part in domestic battles with the Romans. His nose leads Asterix and Obelix to important discoveries several times. Later, Idefix expresses an overly great affection for trees through a spontaneous wail whenever a tree is uprooted - mostly unintentionally by Obelix.

The Idefix drawn in the comic cannot be assigned to any breed of dog ; animals of the West Highland White Terrier breed were appropriately colored for the real-life films .


Float with Miraculix figure

Miraculix (French: Panoramix , onomatopoeic from panoramique , the French adjective to “Panorama”) is the druid of the village; its German name is derived from "Mirakel" (from the Latin miraculum , in German " miracle "). As an expression of his wisdom, he wears a long white beard that has grown considerably over the years / albums. His clothes reflect the colors of the tricolor , blue shoes, white robes and red cloaks. He is a person of respect who still stands above the chief in respect, but to whom he is strictly loyal. As the only male villager, he usually does not take part in fights (two exceptions can be seen, for example, in the volume The Great Trench or in The Papyrus of Caesar ). Miraculix spends much of his time cutting mistletoe growing on oak trees with his golden sickle. From this and from various other secret ingredients he brews the magic potion that gives superhuman strength and with which the village can assert itself against the overwhelming power of the Romans.

The druid has various other means at hand that make life difficult for the enemies of the village, including a liquid that makes trees grow from normal acorns in seconds, an antidote or an extremely strong hair restorer. He was captured by the Romans several times and, thanks to his magical powers, was able to hold his own in captivity until he was freed again. The druid also has great medical skills: in Asterix near the Swiss , he saves the life of a Roman official who was almost fatally poisoned. He treats the oily, unrepentant Majestix, but prescribes a diet regimen. Miraculix regularly wins prizes at the annual meeting of the druids in the Karnutenwald. In the book The Battle of the Chiefs , Miraculix gets a stray menacing stone on his head and is then temporarily no longer able to brew the magic potion. Here it becomes clear how vulnerable the village community is without him. Miraculix is ​​fluent in Gothic, albeit with a slight accent, and is the most educated in the village. Together with the chief and the bard, as evidenced by his cloak, he is one of the three dignitaries of the village and is a member of all village political institutions.


Troubadix (French Assurancetourix , onomatopoeic from "  assurance tous risques  ", comprehensive insurance ) is the bard of the village; its German name is derived from the troubadours . As a dignitary of the village he wears a red cloak and is also, albeit without influence, a member of the village's political institutions. Besides Miraculix, he is the only one in the village who is also allowed to teach children.

The troubadix, usually depicted with a lyre , occasionally also with a fiddle or a bagpipe, considers himself a musical genius, a view that is not shared by the other villagers. Occasionally he is allowed to perform but not sing - since the second volume he has been a victim of physical violence at the slightest attempt at a vocal performance, which often comes first from the blacksmith Automatix. The bard usually spends the obligatory feast that is held at the end of almost every story gagged and tied up. He can only rarely take part, especially if he has contributed to the solution of the adventure. In the more recent volumes, his singing even brings out rain or downpours, even inside closed rooms, and attracts lightning strikes. These appearances are used by the Gauls to solve their adventures.

Despite bad treatment, the Schöngeist, who lives in a kind of tree house, shows solidarity with his friends and neighbors in the fight against the Romans. He appears as a friendly, never resentful resident of the village, who also earns respect in this way.


Majestix (French Abraracourcix , from "  à bras raccourcis  ", literally "with shortened arms" in the sense of "with all violence") is an old war veteran and the chief of the Gauls village. His German name, which makes him a majesty , is derived from the Parisian Hôtel Majestic , where the headquarters of the French military commander was located during the German occupation of France in World War II and Ernst Jünger, among others, was on duty. As befits its standing, Majestix is ​​carried by two bearers on a shield whose previous owner was none other than the legendary Gallic chief Vercingetorix . After the defeat of the Gauls at the Battle of Alesia , the Arvernerschild passed into the possession of Majestix via detours, which are traced in the volume Asterix and the Arvernerschild .

The proud chief is convinced that he is the most important man in the village, which, however, is strongly doubted by his wife Gutemine. She likes to send him shopping with his porters and otherwise regularly undermines his authority. To make matters worse, the “boss” is repeatedly brought down by his two porters by stumbling, sneezing or small misunderstandings, so that he often feels “very tired”. Majestix, sometimes called "Schnäuzelchen" by his wife, sometimes "fat wild boar", loves the regular banquets in the village and his prominent role. His orders are generally respected, even if they stem from his notorious stubbornness. His injured pride, for example, in the volumes Asterix with the Belgians and The Laurels of Caesar, is what really made the difference for the adventure.

His greatest concern is that one day the sky might fall on his head. Regarding his politics in the village, Majestix is ​​very undiplomatic and prefers to let Asterix do the talking, he himself gets involved in the scuffle in the village. In most albums, Majestix, like the Roman legionnaires in reality, wears the sword on the right, while the rest of the Gauls carry it on the left.

Most important minor characters

Good mine

Gutemine (French: Bonemine , "good face") is the wife of Chief Majestix, whom she has a good grip on. She is called "Minchen" by him. Although she is given priority at the fishmonger Verleihnix, she is extremely dissatisfied with her position as First Lady of the village and longs for status and money, if possible far from the province in Lutetia , where her brother Homeopatix is ​​very successful as a businessman. She does not take the important tasks of her husband seriously, uses his shield and straps to go shopping, exposing her often pompous husband as a slipper hero. Gutemine had her first name appearance in the eleventh volume Asterix and the Arvernerschild , in the year of which Goscinny married. In the Battle of the Chiefs she appeared briefly in still immature form.

Distribution mix

Verleihnix (French Ordralfabétix , " alphabetical sorting ") is a fishmonger and, according to the album The Great Crossing, can only be supplied by ox wagons from the best wholesalers from Lutetia , even though the village is right by the sea. However, this often leads to discussions, including tangible ones, about the freshness of his goods (“My fish doesn't stink!”) . However, the album Asterix in Spain shows that he occasionally goes out in his boat to fish. He always has his supplies from last year ready when he needs projectiles for arguments. In principle, however, he is not ready to lend his fish because they are often brought back to him in a bad condition. Verleihnix ensures a hearty fish fight already with its first appearance in the fourteenth volume Asterix in Spain .


Automatix (French: Cétautomatix , "it is automatic") is the blacksmith in the small village. He often has disagreements with Troubadix, whose timbre he is not enthusiastic about, and Verleihnix, whose business methods stink and whose goods seem disreputable to him. At least his quarrels with the fishmonger often appear as an idiosyncratic expression of mutual respect. From the first story on, the village blacksmith was called Cétautomatix, translated with Automatix in the German first publication in Lupo, but the figure only found its final form in the ninth volume Asterix and the Normans . In the Ehapa editions, the translation Automatix was first inserted in Tour de Gaule and also there in later editions of the first issue. In the first appearances of Asterix the Gauls he was still called Armanix and worked the swords with his fists, which changed later.


Methusalix (French Agecanonix , " canonical age ", that is, "ancient") is a veteran of the battles of Gergovia and Alesia and, as evidenced by the short stories, has long been the village eldest , which does not prevent him from fighting with the villagers or the Romans : Methusalix exists on his right to participate in such fights and likes to use his wooden walking stick. He is married to the very good-looking village beauty, who has no name in the comic, whose first name in Parc Astérix is ​​given as “Taillefine” (pun from taille fine , “slim figure”). Not only is she half a meter taller than her husband, but she is also at least sixty years younger. Methusalix, who was not exactly open-minded towards strangers, made his debut in the twelfth volume Asterix at the Olympic Games , where his age is given as 93, but the then unnamed figure already appeared in Asterix as a gladiator and Asterix and the Normans .


Falbala (French for “ frill ”), who studied in Condate , is the daughter of the villager Quantaplanckix. In Asterix as a legionnaire , Tragicomix from Condate is her fiancé, in Asterix and Latraviata her husband. This creates an indissoluble historical contradiction in the plot of the Asterix series, as the band plays with the engaged couple at the time of the Battle of Thapsus , when Pompey was already dead, while he still appears in the latter volume, i.e. after the marriage. The slim, blonde beauty plays an important supporting role in both volumes and two short stories, and she also has a brief appearance in Obelix on a cruise . It was not actually intended to appear more than once. It was only drawn again after the readership had requested more appearances from Falbala. Obelix has fallen for her, but the beauty remains out of reach for him. In the difference z. B. to Ms. Methusalix she is always portrayed very ladylike, which creates a special contrast to the very rustic Obelix. According to Uderzo, Falbala's appearance is inspired by his wife Ada.


The pirates appear on almost every (ship) trip from Asterix and Obelix and are repeatedly their victims. The only exceptions are their appearance in the volume Der Kupferkessel , in which the pirates are initially beaten up, but in the end they make considerable booty, as well as in Asterix in Spain , The Odyssey and Asterix and Latraviata . The pirates do not appear in person in eight volumes, but are mentioned in two of these volumes. The various attempts to raid the Roman, Egyptian or Phoenician galleys on which the two heroes are traveling usually end with the pirates' ship being sunk. In the book Asterix by the Belgians , it is accidentally sunk when Obelix throws back a stone hurled by a Roman catapult so that it hits the pirate ship cruising far beyond the Roman camp off the coast. Fearing Asterix and Obelix, the pirates sometimes sink themselves, much to Obelix's chagrin, who sees himself cheated out of a fight. In The Great Crossing the ship is not sunk because of the captain's birthday at his request; in return, however, the pirates have to accept that the Gauls steal the richly decorated birthday table. Asterix only gives them a small sausage with the ironic remark “Have a nice party!”. They try to avoid the Gallic waters, which is of little use to them. In Caesar's laurels , they are taken as prisoners in Caesar's triumphal procession in Rome. The most important pirates are the red-bearded captain with the eye patch ( Barbe-Rouge , Eng .: Enternix ), the older buccaneer with the wooden leg, who likes to knock Latin sayings ( triple flap or tripod ) and the Numid in the lookout, the one Creole Accent cultivates ( Baba ). All three are caricatures of the characters from the French comic series Barbe-Rouge ( The Red Corsair ), which appeared like Asterix in Pilote . The pirates were first seen in the chronologically fourth album Asterix as a gladiator . In the volume The Daughter of Vercingetorix , the pirate captain only confesses the right to the Gauls to sink them, no one else.

Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar has already incorporated all of Gaul into the Roman Empire . “All of Gaul? No! A village of stubborn backwoodsmen populated by indomitable Gauls prefers their Gallic barbarism to Roman civilization and thus persecutes them into their nightmares . But Caesar always has new strategies at hand against Asterix and his friends.

Although they are actually enemies, the Gauls repeatedly uncover conspiracies against Caesar, which often involve possession of the magic potion ( Asterix the Gauls , The Odyssey or Obelix on a cruise ). In The Son of Asterix, the Gauls protect Caesar and Cleopatra's son from Caesar's adoptive son Brutus. In gratitude, Caesar has the Gauls' village rebuilt, which Brutus had burned down.

His pictorial representation in the comics is flattered - the Emperor was already (almost) bald at the time. In addition, he rarely resided in Rome, most of the time he was on campaigns. The time of his sole rule was only a few years. The character of Rome as a magnificent imperial residence alludes to numerous period films and reflects the status of the second and third centuries AD - hundreds of years after Caesar's lifetime.

In an ironic allusion to the right to constantly wear the laurel wreath and the robe of a triumphant , which was bestowed on him almost a year before his murder and which suited his tendency to self-expression, Caesar wears this honorary decoration in the Asterix albums even in completely inappropriate situations .


The following list contains further minor characters in alphabetical order.

Abba is the daughter of the Viking chief Maulaf in the movie Asterix and the Vikings . She marries the son of Ozeanix, Grautvornix.
Adrenaline (French: Adrénaline ) is the daughter of Vercingetorix and the main character of the band of the same name.
Aerobus, Caius
The Roman centurion Caius Aerobus is the camp commandant of Aquarium in the band Streit um Asterix . He also appears in the film Asterix - Victory over Caesar . The French actor Lino Ventura was his godfather.
The prefect of Gaul Alavacomgetepus (French: “à la va comme je te pousse!” - “On the fly (do it)”) has Troubadix kidnapped in the volume Asterix as a gladiator in order to be able to give Caesar an extraordinary gift. Alavacomgetepus is a caricature by the journalist Georges Fronval , who co-founded the comic magazine Pilote , in which Asterix appeared for many years.
Alkoholix (fr. Alambix , alambic = Alembic) is Arverni and lives in Gergovia , where he sells wines and coals. Already at the time of the defeat at Alesia he had run an inn and so came into possession of the shield of Vercingetorix , which he gave to Majestix shortly afterwards. In Asterix and the Arvernerschild he supports Asterix and Obelix. In Asterix on Corsica he visits the Gallic village for the annual festival of Gergovia.
Amnesix (onomatopoeic for amnesia ) is a druid who specializes in the healing of mental illnesses. The villagers call him to help because Miraculix lost his memory and mind after being accidentally pelted with a menhir by Obelix. Amnesix suffers the same fate when Obelix reconstructs the course of the accident on him. He has an assistant named Gibtermine (in previous editions: Bufilter).
see Augenblix.
Aspix (French: Blinix ) is the son of Verleihnix in the band The Daughter of Vercingetorix , initially an intern with his father, but would rather learn blacksmithing with his rival Automatix, the father of his friend Selfix.
Astronomix is ​​Asterix's father. His son inherited his small stature and cleverness from him. He is also the best friend and future business partner of Obelix's father Obelodalix.
Blink of an eye
Augenblix is ​​the Roman-Gallic chief of the village of Serum, who, at the suggestion of the centurion Lacmus Majestix, is to call for a fight between the chiefs . Initially unscrupulous, brutal and ambitious, Augenblix becomes the most polite chief in all of Gaul after being pelted with a menhir by Obelix. In the older German translation as well as in the French original his name is Aplusbégalix , which in French corresponds to the equation A + B = X.
Autogenix (French: Cétaubofix , c'est au beau fixe - it's going wonderfully) is the father of Automatix and likes to fight Verliernix, the father of Verleihnix, over spoiled fish. This constant quarrel is passed on from fathers to sons. Its name is an allusion to a process in steel processing, so-called oxy - fuel welding .

Berlix is ​​professor for living languages ​​at the school in Serum, named after the American M. D. Berlitz , the founder of foreign-language private schools.
Nothing looks
Blicktnix (French Simplebasix ) is a resident of the Gallic village who receives a baseball cap- like helmet from Selfix . As a night watch, it should prevent Adrenaline from running away again (see: The daughter of Vercingetorix ).
Bockschus, Claudius
Claudius Bockschus (French: Claudius Nonpossumus , Latin: non possumus - we cannot, the church's refusal to respect secular orders) is a Roman centurion and responsible for guarding the Spanish chief's son Pericles, known as Pepe, who was kidnapped by Caesar. When trying to kidnap the man who had been freed from Asterix and Obelix again, he pretends to be a Spaniard "Arrividerci y Roma" (French: Dansonsurlepon y Davignon , allusion to the French folk song "Sur le pont d'Avignon, l'on y danse ... ") out. Its German name is an allusion to the phrase " shoot a buck ".
Bonus, Gaius
Gaius Bonus is the centurion in the first volume who has Miraculix kidnapped in order to get possession of the magic potion.
Bravo, Costa Y
Costa Y Bravo (French: Soupalognon y Crouton , soupe à l'oignon et croutons - onion soup with croutons) is the tribal chief of the one village in Hispania that alone stands up to the conqueror Caesar. To bring him to his knees, Caesar kidnaps his son Pepe, who is then brought back by Asterix and Obelix. Its name is a reference to the Costa Brava .
Brutus is Julius Caesar's adoptive son and he considers him unspeakable for nothing. The model is the murderer of the Caesars, Marcus Junius Brutus .

Cactus, primus
Primus Cactus (French Julius Épinedecactus , épine de cactus - cactus spike) is in the volume The Son of Asterix a Roman who, under the pseudonym "Vaseline" (French Rosaépine ) and disguised as a wet nurse , looks for the Gaulish son Asterix ' holds.
Name of the Roman charioteer in the German band Asterix in Italy ; In the French original edition ( Astérix et la Transitalique ) it is called Coronavirus , which is why the 37th volume caused a sensation in the 2020 Corona pandemic .
Cholerik (French: Téléféric , téléférique - cable car) is the chief boss of the Goths. He loves bloody executions.

Daisayah (French: Kiwoàlàh , qui voilà? - who is there?) Is a guru in the story of Asterix in the Orient . He wants to sacrifice the beautiful princess Orandschade because of a persistent drought under the pretext of appeasing the god of rain in order to come to the throne of the maharajah. According to his own statements, Daisayah is the cousin of Grand Vizier Isnogud , from whom he got his nose.
Destructive, Tullius
Tullius Destruktivus (French: Tullius Détritus , détritus - apostasy) is an intriguer who, in the volume Streit um Asterix, is commissioned by Caesar to bring arguments to the village of the indomitable Gauls and thus undermine their legendary cohesion beaten at his own arms.
The Normanne Dompfaf (French Batdaf , Bat d'Af, abbreviation for Bataillons d'Afrique - Afrika-Bataillone) is an adjutant to Chief Olaf Maulaf and is used to explore the country and for other tasks.
Duplikata (French: Duplicatha ) is the Numidian chief slave in the construction of the satellite town .

The Menapier Egmontix (French: Vanendfaillevesix , from English "one and five six" - (1 + 5 = 6)) is a Belgian chief who competes with the Gauls in destroying Roman camps. The name is an allusion to Lamoral by Egmond , who already inspired Goethe to his tragedy Egmont .
Elektrik (French Electric ) is a Gothic street sweeper. In Asterix and the Goths he proclaims himself - after whispers and the addition of magic potions by Asterix and Miraculix - to be General Electric (an allusion to the US company General Electric ) and head of all Goths in order to overthrow the government.
is the captain of the pirates that Asterix encounters every time he is out at sea. His name appears the only time in the volume Asterix and the copper cauldron .
Epidemic corn
Epidemais is a Phoenician trader who offers Asterix and Obelix the opportunity to travel on his ship on various adventures. His name stands for the French "  épi de maïs  " (German: "Maiskolben").
Erik the blonde
Erik the Blonde (French Kerøsen ) is the prevented explorer of America in The Great Crossing . See Erik the Red .
Erindjah (French: Kiçàh , "qui ça?" - "who?") Is the brave savior of Orandschade. In a 20-day flight on his magic carpet, he makes the journey from the Orient to the small Gallic village. Its name is a reference to the airline Air India .

Faulus, Gaius
Gaius Faulus (French: Caius Joligibus , joli gibus - pretty folding cylinder ) is a Roman legionnaire with the principle of not exerting yourself under any circumstances. He likes to drink a lot of wine and is otherwise lazy. When he is used as a spy in search of the Arvernerschild , he reveals information about the secret search to the Gauls. The fact that he is the only one not to get dirty helps him to be promoted to centurion.
Firlefanzus, Tullius (French Fanfrelus )
Caesar's special envoy, who is to look for the shield of Vercingetorix in the volume Asterix and the shield of Arverni, which turns out to be the shield of Majestix.
Flocircus is the educator ( Papas ) of Ludwikamadeus and commander of a Roman battleship. It is supposed to prevent Adrenaline from fleeing the republic by sea (see: The Daughter of Vercingetorix ).
Gallic fisherman who was unlucky enough to meet the Vikings of Ivar the Terrible on a raid and lives with them as a slave. He helps Asterix and Obelix in the volume The Great Crossing to Escape and Miraculix to fresh fish for the magic potion.
Francocampus (French Guilus , after the showmaster Guy Lux) moderates a promotional event for the satellite town . His name in the German edition translates as " Frankenfeld ".

Galantine is the wife of Homöopathix, Gutemine's brother, called gelatine in a slip of the tongue by Majestix .
Gelatine (French: Angine - Angina) is the wife of Orthopädix and, like this one with Majestix, is related to his wife Gutemine. She drives her husband to run against Majestix for the office of chief, whereupon the village almost splits during the election campaign . In the French original, the name Gélatine was later chosen for Obelix's mother, so another German name had to be found for her ( poplin ).
Grautvornix (French: Goudurix , goût du risque - willingness to take risks) is the son of Ozeanix, the brother of Majestix who lives in Lutetia . He is supposed to spend his vacation in the small Gaulish village, as his father is right to worry that he might effeminate. He is valued by the Normans as an expert on fear.
Greulix (French Acidenitrix , acid nitrique - nitric acid) is the right hand of Chief Grobianix . As a real creep, he has the features of a herring with vampire teeth, smells of herring and, moreover, Greulix wears a scaly robe. In the end, this schemer ends up as a slave in the Roman camp, thanks to Grünix.
Grienoline (French: Fanzine ) is the daughter of Grobianix and in love with Grünix .
Curry mix
Griesgramix (French Tournedix , tourne disque - record player) is the chief of the left half of the village in the band Der große Graben . He also fought with Majestix in front of Gergovia .
Grobianix (French: Ségrégationnix, ségrégationniste - proponent of racial segregation) is the chief of the right half of the village in the band The Great Ditch . Unfortunately he is very easily influenced by his right hand, Greulix .
Grünix (French: Comix ) is the son of Griesgramix , the boss of the left half of the village from the volume Der große Graben . In the end he frees his beloved Grienoline from Greulix's hands, leads her in front of the wedding altar and ultimately becomes the chief of the entire village.

Legionnaire Handzumgrus scouts in the tape The battle of the chiefs in a tree hides the Gallic village. In the older translation, as in the French original, it is called Plutoqueprévus , from fr. “  Plus tôt que prévu  ” (German: “earlier than planned”).
Heuchlerix (French Quatrédeusix , "quatre et deux font six" - "4 + 2 = 6") reveals Asterix and Obelix to the Romans in the Tour de France book . Unfortunately, they only catch Asterix, so Obelix takes Heuchlerix to his chest first.
Great pleasure, Claudis
Legionnaire and comrade of no decision in the volume The Gift of Caesar . When released, he is given a plot of land in the Nicea area where he plans to grow lettuce. But it doesn’t last long there and is committed as an option for another 20 years. In the Laudanum camp, he again met with no decision. Since he supports him in his request to get the village back, anyone who merges will be demoted to a second-rate legionnaire.
Holperik (French: Cloridric , chlorhydrique - salty) is the translator in Cholerik's tribe. However, he is never particularly strict with his translations. With the help of Asterix, Obelix and Miraculix, Holperik temporarily becomes the chief of all Goths.
Homöopatix (French: Homéopatix ) is the brother of Gutemine and successful as a businessman in Lutetia . The relationship with his brother-in-law Majestix is ​​strained.
Hotel term
(French terminus - terminus ): → See Nixalsverdrus
Hydrochloridix, Acidix
Acidix Hydrochloridix is ​​a Roman spy who, as legionnaire Asterix, helps Asterix and Obelix to find the Scipios camp in the war of Caesar against Scipio , in which Tragicomix is ​​suspected. Its name stands for hydrogen chloride , i.e. hydrogen chloride (hydrochloric acid); its code name "HCL" corresponds to the chemical formula (HCl) of the substance.

In the volume Asterix bei der Schweizern , Quaestor Claudius Incorruptus (French: Claudius Malosinus , "mal aux sinus" - "painful sinuses") is sent from Rome to Aremorica to check the questionable balance of tax revenues from this province, for the decadent governor Aggripus Virus is cheating the Treasury in Rome out of the bulk of its revenue to finance its lavish luxury. Before Incorruptus can go about his work, he is, true to his name, incorruptible, poisoned by the governor and kept alive by the druid Miraculix with great difficulty. Meanwhile, he finds refuge in the Gallic village and is the first Roman who was allowed to attend the final Gallic banquet as a guest.
Ivar the terrible
Head of the Viking tribe from which Erik the blonde set out to discover the new world. Believes something is fishy in his state because the alleged natives from the New World turn out to be Gauls. After a “nice fight” he reconciles with Erik.

Jello submarine
Jellosubmarine (French: Iélosubmarine ) is the wife of Verleihnix and is as ambitious as Gutemine, with whom she is often in dispute. Her name is an allusion to the song Yellow Submarine of the Beatles .

The canteen is the wife of Stellartoix, the Nervier. It is a caricature by the Belgian actress and singer Annie Cordy .
No decision
Keinentschlus (French: Roméomontaigus ) is an always drunk veteran of the Roman legion, who in the volume The Gift of Caesar is given the Gaulish village as a gift from Julius Caesar when he leaves the legion after twenty years of service. He has a second appearance as a drunk legionnaire in Asterix and Latraviata . In the volume The Daughter of Vercingetorix he appears as a drunk member of the pirates.
Cleopatra is the Queen of Egypt , feared as much for her temper as she is for her beautiful nose. The Gauls get to know her when they help the architect Numerobis to build her a palace for Caesar. After that she appears several times, among other things the Gauls save her and Caesar's son, Caesarion, from the intrigues of his enemies.
Kneipix, Caesar
Cäsar Kneipix (French: César Labeldecadix ) runs a ship tavern in Massilia in the Tour de France band . His first name causes confusion among Asterix and Obelix when they enter his pub to buy a bouillabaisse . He and some guests stop the Roman legions who want to arrest Asterix and Obelix by playing a game of boules. Caesar Kneipix appears in the volume Asterix on Corsica , together with Captain Numalfix and Schönfix , as a guest in the Gallic village. Caesar Kneipix is ​​a caricature by the French actor Raimu . His guests have the features of Paul Dulac , Fernand Charpins and Robert Vattiers , his wife those of Orane Demazis , all French actors.
Kokolorix is ​​the cock of the Gaulish village. In a short story with his name and in which his name is mentioned for the first time, he takes on an eagle, which he can defeat thanks to Idefix and the magic potion. Kokolorix's wife is the hen Rosaline .
is in the film Asterix and the Vikings the druid in the village of Maulaf. His expressions, which he passes off as the words of the gods , are repeatedly misinterpreted by the Vikings and taken literally.

Centurion Lacmus (in the older translation Langélus as in the French original for "the Angelus ") is the constantly roaring commander of the Babaorum camp, who initiates the battle of the chiefs . His name alludes to his temperament: the chemical indicator litmus turns red in an acidic environment. Centurion Lacmus is a caricature of the Italian dictator Benito Mussolini .
In the tape Asterix, Decurio Lapsus follows the British Asterix and Obelix in order to arrest them. In the early Asterix stories, Goscinny wrongly referred to the lowest ranks of the Legion as “Decurio”, analogous to the Centurio for a hundred, which was the name for the leader of a cavalry unit in the late Republican times. The term “Optio” was then correctly used in later volumes.
Latraviata is a Roman actress and agent and is smuggled into the Gauls village disguised as Falbala. At the end she receives the "golden Caesar". The name is an allusion to the opera La traviata by Giuseppe Verdi , the name of the award on the French film award César .
Letitbix is ​​the captain and owner of a ship with which Adrenaline tries to reach the island of Thule (see: The Daughter of Vercingetorix ). His name is a reference to the song Let it be or the Beatles' last studio album of the same name .
Ludwikamadeus is the Gothic foster son of Flocircus and tin drummer (see: The daughter of Vercingetorix ).
Lügfix (French Prolix , prolixe - long-winded) is the main character in the Asterix band The Seer and has a key role in the film Asterix - Operation Menhir . He is an old, very thin man who walks through the country as a seer dressed in wolf's fur . Although he can only predict the most obvious things, the naive villagers believe him.

Mac Teefurzweifix
Mac Teefürzweifix is ​​part of the Asterix band with the British and is one of Sebigbos' closest circle of trust, as is Teefax and O'F Fünfuhrteefix. He is a Caledonian, a Scot, under Sebigbos' parish.
Maestria is a bard who, in Asterix and Maestria, causes unrest in the village by turning women against men, who then leave the village temporarily. She is very interested in Asterix and loves him, although he finds it rather annoying. It is a caricature by Édith Cresson , a French politician who, at the time the story was written, was heading for the height of her political career in France.
Maulaf, Olaf
Olaf Maulaf (French: Olaf Grossebaf , “big baffe” - “big mouth ring”) is the chief of the Normans who, believing that fear gives wings , comes to Gaul in order to learn how to fear and how to fly.
Mouse click
Mausklix (French: Ipocalorix ) is a chief of the Gallic tribe of the Averner, who received the order from Alesia von Vercingetorix together with Monolitix to look after his daughter Adrenaline (see: The daughter of Vercingetorix ).
In the dispute over Asterix, Microcosmus is a small-grown Roman legionnaire who pretends to have gained enormous powers through a supposed magic potion.
Middelsix is ​​in The Son of Asterix, the guardian of the Gaulish village. Its name is a reference to the British county of Middlesex .
Miesetrix (French Adictosérix ) is a treacherous Gaul from the Biturigen tribe who tries to sell the daughter of Vercingetorix to the Romans.
Minus, Caligula
Caligula Minus is a Roman legionnaire who, in the first volume, is supposed to spy on the secret of the strength of the inhabitants of the Gallic village. Caligula means "soldier's boot", so it is already a diminutive. Minus means 'less', so reduced even further.
A chief of the Gallic tribe of the Averner, who received the order from Alesia von Vercingetorix together with Mausklix to look after his daughter Adrenaline (see: The daughter of Vercingetorix ).
Moral elastic
The Gallic chief Moralelastix entrusts Majestix with a copper kettle with evaded sesterces out of fear of the quaestor, has it stolen by his own people and tries to hold Asterix and the indomitable Gauls responsible for it.
Musculus is a Roman legionnaire from Babaorum who is slated to take part in the Olympic Games. Since Asterix and Obelix easily outstrip him, he turns to sweeping.
Musencus, Cajus
Cajus Musencus is the head of the secret police in the band The Odyssey , caricatures the French actor Bernard Blier , who played an intelligence officer in the film The Big Blonde with the Black Shoe . The name refers to "kissed by the muses".

Don't worry, Lucius
Lucius Nichtalsverdrus is Julius Caesar's special representative with the rank of prefect, whose palisade around the village of Asterix and Obelix prompted their Tour de France and thus caused “nothing but annoyance”. → See Nixalsverdrus
The Maharajah Nihamavasah ( We never have water ; French Cékouhaçà - C'est quoi, ça? ) Is the father of Orandschade in the album Asterix in the Orient . He is forced by the evil guru Daisayah to sacrifice his daughter to summon rain, since the monsoons are absent.
Nixal frustration
Nixalsverdrus and hotel terminus are centurions and the trainers of Asterix and Obelix are legionaries . → See Nonsense
Nizahle, Saul
Saul Nizahle is an assistant to the Jewish trader Samson Himmelschorus, with whom René Goscinny is caricatured.
Nosferatus is the horse of the traitor Miesetrix (see: The daughter of Vercingetorix ).
Zero zero six
Nullnullsix is ​​a spy for the Roman secret service and a druid at the same time. The figure is a caricature by James Bond and is modeled after the Bond actor Sean Connery . His name alludes to Bond's service number 007, but is traced back to the fact that Nullnullsix failed the druid exam six times. Like James Bond , he is equipped with the latest technology.
Numalfix met a captain from Gesocribate ( Le Conquet ), Asterix and Obelix in Burdigala ( Bordeaux ) in the Tour de France band . He takes them back to Aremorica after Obelix helped him get a load of menhirs off board. Numalfix appears in the volume Asterix in Corsica as a guest in the Gallic village.
Numerobis (French Numérobis ) is an Egyptian architect who was commissioned by Cleopatra to build a palace so that she could prove to Caesar that her people were not decadent. Afraid of failure, he turns to his old friend Miraculix for help. His name ("number two", secondary, secondary) alludes to his professional incapacity.

In the short story of the same name, Obelisc'h is a descendant of Obelix, whom Albert Uderzo and René Goscinny meet in a little Breton port town. With the combination c'h the dark ch-sound is written in Breton (e.g. in German Bach ).
Obelodalix is ​​the father of Obelix, seen in Asterix chatting from school and Asterix and Latraviata . Its name is made up of obelix and odalisque .
Obtus, Gaius
Gaius Obtus is a Roman gladiator trainer who eventually lands on the Phoenician ship of the Epidemais. “Obtus” stands for “dull in concept” in both Latin and French.
Octopus, Tullius
Roman legionnaire who in the first volume both succeeds in catching Miraculix in a pitfall and in getting the strawberries he needs for the magic potion. He gets special leave for both and is allowed to go to the circus in Rome, which makes him particularly happy.
Odalix, an innkeeper in Tour de France , tries to render Asterix and Obelix harmless with the help of wild boars prepared with sleeping pills and to deliver them to the Romans. However, Asterix sees through his exaggerated friendliness and forces him to try the wild boars himself. Obelix cannot harm the sleeping pill.
O'Five Tea Fix
O'F Fünfuhrteefix is a close confidante of Sebigbos in the band Asterix with the British . Its name is a reference to the British five o'clock tea . O'F Fünfuhrteefix is ​​a Hiberner , an Irishman in Sebigbos' village.
Orandschade (Fr. Rahàzade ) is the daughter of the Maharajah Nihamavasah and is said to be sacrificed by the Guru Daisayah in Asterix in the Orient . Its name refers to the lemonade drink Orangeade, which is particularly popular in France .
Orthopädix (French: Orthopédix ) is an innkeeper and runs an inn with his wife Gelatine and daughter Zechine on the edge of Römerstrasse VII in Arausio . There he meets the veteran, no decision, with whom he exchanges the Gallic village for wine and a meal, which he received as a gift from Caesar when he was released from the Legion. There he aspires to the post of village chief very soon, since he is under the thumb of his wife. A memorial was erected here to the French actor André Alerme .
Osolemirnix (French: Ocatarinetabellatchitchix ; an allusion to the hit song O Caterinetta bella tchi ​​tchi ) is a Corsican chief who was captured by the Romans at the beginning of Asterix in Corsica , but then freed by the Gauls and together with Asterix and Obelix in his Home. Like all other Corsicans, Osolemirnix is ​​reserved, taciturn, hospitable, attached to home and easily insulted. The name is an allusion to 'O sole mio , a hit also sung by the Corsican Tino Rossi .
Ozeanix (French Océanonix ) is the brother of Majestix and the father of Grautvornix. He lives in Lutetia and is only mentioned in Asterix and the Normans . In the film Asterix and the Vikings, however, he appears as a character.

Centurion of the Babaorum camp in the Asterix band in Corsica . It's a caricature by screenwriter Pierre Tchernia .
Penatus, Pontius
Pontius Penatus (French Ponce Pénates ) is the Roman procurator of the province of Judea ( The Odyssey ) . There is a threefold allusion here. On the one hand to Pontius Pilate , known from the New Testament , then to the French actor Jean Gabin caricatured in Penatus (who played Pilate in one of his films) and finally to the name of Roman household deities .
Pepe, actually Perikles (French: Pépé or Périclès Soupalognon y Crouton ), is the son of the chief Costa y Bravo in Asterix in Spain . With his whims he drives Asterix and Obelix almost insane and always reaches his goal by holding his breath.
Operator of a Gaulish tavern in Rome who helps Asterix and Obelix find Troubadix. Plaintcontrix is ​​a string of the French words "plainte contre X", which means "report against unknown people".
Popeline (French: Gélatine ) is the mother of Obelix.
Praline is the mother of Asterix.
Pupus, Gaius
Gaius Pupus from the film Asterix conquers Rome is supposed to be the companion commissioned by Caesar to ensure that Asterix and Obelix carry out all tasks assigned to them. His looks are like those of an accurate bookkeeper: he has a nose like a pencil and walks in a comical, bent-forward walk with his head bobbing back and forth.
Pyradonis (French: Amonbofis ) is an Egyptian architect who wants to harm his competitor Numerobis.

Quadratus (French Anglaigus ) is a Roman architect and inventor of the "Fahr-Rein" and the Kauf-Domus . He was commissioned by Caesar to build a satellite town right next to the Gallic village in order to assimilate the stubborn Gauls.
Quantaplanckix (French: Plantaquatix , plante aquatique - water plant) is the father of Falbala, Obelix 'big swarm. The name is an allusion to Planck's quantum of action .

Raclettus, Feistus
In the band ( Asterix in Switzerland ) Feistus is Raclettus (fr. Caius Diplodocus ) governor of Geneva and his friend Agrippus virus is a fan of orgies will be punished, especially a game in which, if one piece of bread in cheese fondue loses. His name, on the other hand, refers to another Swiss national dish , raclette , and his French name refers to his substantial body.
Redeflus, Tullius
Centurion Tullius Redeflus is the superior and manager of Musculus and hopes his nomination for the Olympic Games will give him a boost in his own career.
Head of the command that is supposed to catch the best Gaulish druid in the Karnutenwald in order to use his magic to prepare the invasion of Gaul and Rome, and kidnap Miraculix to Germania.
Rohrpostix is ​​the village's postman .

Salamix is the only Corsican in the band Asterix in Corsica to volunteer in the Roman army. The reason for this is a severe head injury he suffered.
Shandadh (French: Mercikhi, merci qui? - "Whom do you say thank you?") Is the henchman of Guru Daisayah and an opponent of Erindjah. In the final there is a duel between him and Erindjah, but he loses it. As his name suggests, he lets himself into all atrocities.
Schönfix (French: Beaufix ) is the leader of the underground movement of Lugdunum ( Lyon ) in the Tour de France band . He leads the troops of the Prefect Unnutzus astray in the alleys of Lugdunum in order to help Asterix and Obelix with their bet. To say goodbye, he gives them both sausages and meatballs. Schönfix also appears in the volume Asterix in Corsica as a guest in the Gallic village.
Sebigbos (French Zebigbos - "The Big Boss") is the boss of the last defending British village. He sends Teefax to find help with Asterix and the other Gauls. Sebigbos is believed to be a caricature of British Prime Minister Winston Churchill , but he has the features of British Prime Minister Harold Wilson . A resident of Sebigbos' village is a caricature by British actor John Cleese who can be seen in line at the potion or tea kettle. See Asterix with the British , page 45.
Selfix is ​​the son of Automatix in the band Vercingetorix's daughter , initially an intern with his father and inventor of a baseball cap- like helmet, but would prefer to learn a fishmonger from his rival Verleihnix, the father of his friend Aspix.
Siegalapyrrhus (Pyrrhic Victory) is the driver of the rowing slave crew of the ship that Tullius Destructivus is supposed to bring to Gaul in the band Streit um Asterix .
Spartakis ( Obelix on a cruise ) is an allusion to Spartacus and resembles Kirk Douglas , who embodied the slave and gladiator in the Kubrick film of the same name .
The centurion's adjutant in The Battle of the Chiefs bears the traits of the Florentine philosopher and poet Niccolò Machiavelli .
The Belgian druid Spürnix (French: Septantesix - Belgian variant of the number "76") invented a magic potion that makes you insensitive to pain and which he demonstrates at the druid meeting in the Karnutenwald by "using his bare hands to pull the fries out of the hot oil" takes ( Asterix and the Goths ) .
The Nervier Stellartoix (French: Gueuselambix ) is a Belgian chief who argues with Majestix about Caesar's remark that the Belgians are the bravest Gauls. Caesar is said to be the referee in their competition. Stellartoix first came up with the idea of ​​deep-frying potatoes. Its name is an allusion to the Belgian beer brand Stella Artois (as the original name alludes to gueuze lambic ).
Submersus, Aquis Gracchus
Aquis Submersus (French: Gracchus Cétinconsensus ) is a Roman admiral in Obelix on a cruise . He was "stolen the most beautiful boat in the fleet", namely Caesar's galley. His name means "submerged in the water" and alludes to the title of Theodor Storm 's novel of the same name . His appearance bears a certain resemblance to Leonid Brezhnev (especially in the last picture on p. 16, which deals with a possible ransom of mutineers).
Surimix the younger brother of Aspix and also son of Verleihnix in The Daughter of Vercingetorix .

Talentix (French: Amérix ) is the cousin of Obelix, manufacturer of golden sickles in Lutetia.
Taubenus is a physically strong but mentally immobile Roman legionnaire who instead of a pilum wears a club, no shield and usually no helmet. He is enthusiastic about psychological warfare .
Technokratus is a graduate of the FAZ (freedmen's school for applied time criticism) . His idea, after many unsuccessful attempts to defeat the indomitable Gauls militarily, is to try the temptations of wealth based on the ideas of Keynes . He therefore works as a menhir buyer. At first his plan succeeds, after Obelix almost all the other villagers get into the menhir business. However, the meniscus flood caused by the acquisitions triggered an economic crisis in Rome , and very soon everything was back to normal in Gaul. The figure is a caricature of the then Prime Minister and later French President Jacques Chirac .
Tea fax
The Briton Teefax (French: Jolitorax ) is the cousin of Asterix, who brought him to Britain in order to be able to withstand the Romans.
Tennis court
Tennisplatzis (French Courdeténis ) is an Egyptian comrade of Asterix and Obelix as legionnaires who thinks the legion is a holiday camp.
Cake gus, Tullius
Centurion of the Roman camp near the village separated by the large moat . He had a formative experience with two magic potions brewed by Miraculix.
Tragicomix is ​​Falbala's fiancé and as such a rival to Obelix. He is forcibly drafted as a legionnaire and must be rescued by Asterix and Obelix. The jealous Obelix calls him a "handsome boy". It's a caricature by the young Jean Marais .

Weariness, Gracchus
Gracchus Überdrus (French: Gracchus Pleindastus , plein d'astuces - tricky) is the Roman prefect in Lutetia and at the same time head of the gold sickle slider gang. The actor Charles Laughton was the godfather of this character .

Vampus, Crassus
Crassus Vampus (French: Suelburnus ) is the greedy praetor of Corsica . His looks are very reminiscent of the actor Sydney Greenstreet .
→ See Cactus, Primus
No loss
Verliernix (French: Oftalmologix ) is the father of Verleihnix. See Asterix chatting from school
Virus, Agrippus
In the volume ( Asterix with the Swiss ) Agrippus Virus (French: Gracchus Garovirus , “gare aux virus” - “Beware of the viruses”) is the governor of Condate and famous for his orgies , which he has the great Fellinius staged. He poisons the quaestor Claudius Incorruptus when he surprises him in an orgy to conduct a tax audit .
Vluglodsah (French: Seurhàne ) is the valet of Princess Orandschade in the comic Asterix in the Orient . She is constantly posted on the tallest tower of the castle - a nod to the Taj Mahal - looking for Erindyah. Her name and behavior are an allusion to the profession of air traffic controller .
Vreneli is a Swiss banker. He hides the Asterix and Obelix that the Romans are looking for in one of his safes . Its name is an allusion to the Goldvreneli , the most famous Swiss gold coin.

Washupdah (French: Pourkoipàh , "pourquois pas" - "why not") is an elephant leader in the volume Asterix in the Orient . He leads Asterix, Obelix and Idefix through the Indian jungle to rescue the kidnapped troubadix and to find a stolen elephant. His name means something like “What is honking?” As an allusion to the elephants' trumpeting.

Zechine is the daughter of Orthopädix, a young girl who, in order to bring him to Orthopädix's side, is supposed to make Obelix beautiful eyes so that Obelix falls in love with her. But like all country life, she finds Obelix horrific and would like to return to Lutetia. The only one she finds attractive, and falls in love with, is Asterix.
Centurion of the Laudanum camp in the volume The Gift of Caesar . The attempt to capture the village with newly developed weapons fails. He has another appearance in the band Asterix & Obelix celebrate their birthday .

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