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Gauls was a Roman name for the Celtic tribes on the territory of Gaul (corresponds roughly to today's France , Belgium , Luxembourg and western Switzerland ).

After the Gallic War by Julius Caesar (58–51 BC) a distinction was made between:


The Gauls derived their origin from an unknown god of abundance and the realm of the dead, who was equated with the Roman Dis Pater . Other deities were:

The priests of these cults, the druids , ruled the spiritual life of the Gauls and taught them to believe in Cathubodua , the slaughter crows , as well as in the Matronae ( matrons ), the goddesses of fate and fertility, who mostly appeared in triple shapes. The cult of the dead held a prominent position, and the Gauls believed in life after death in another, otherworldly world. The Gauls were buried by being burned by their high priests.

A Gallic boar standard was found in 1989 on a beach near Soulac-sur-Mer . The boar plays a major role in Gallic mythology, the goddess Arduinna is shown riding on a boar. The Gallic rooster was not popularized until the French Revolution.

Pop Culture

Gauls have achieved international fame in particular through the comic series Asterix by Rene Goscinny and Albert Uderzo .

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