List of Celtic tribes

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The list of Celtic tribes is a listing of the tribal groups of the Celts known by name through the ancient authors, the archaeological finds and the modern Celtology .

The Celts were not a single people, but a group of peoples related in language , religion , mythology , art and culture , but not necessarily genetically. The main division of the Celtic peoples differentiates between mainland Celts and island Celts. In addition to this division, the ancient Celts were also divided into larger tribal groups or tribal leagues as well as into smaller sub-tribes (Gaue) and client groups .

Tribal list

Abbreviations in "position":

Tribal name location Settlement area
Abrincatuer FK Gallic tribe, capital Ingena / Abrincatae ( Avranches )
Acitavones FK only mentioned in the Tropaeum Alpium strain in the Alps
Alums FK in Noricum , lower Saalachtal to the Chiemsee
Allobroger FK between the Rhone and Isère to Lake Geneva
Ambarrer FK on both sides of the Arar ( Saône )
Ambians FK Belger tribe around today's Amiens on the Somme
Ambidraver FK in Noricum, in the Upper and Lower Drautal , Mölltal and Liesertal
Ambiliates FK Gallic tribe, south of the Loire estuary in the Atlantic
Ambiliner FK in Noricum, in the entire Gailtal and Lesachtal
Ambiguous FK in Noricum, between Salzach and Saalach as well as Salzkammergut
Ambivaretes FK in Gaul north of the Haeduer area, of which they were clients
Ambivarites FK in the Gallia Belgica , west of the Meuse
Ambrons FK according to Rufus Festus, Celtic, but perhaps Germanic; North Sea coast
Andecaver FK on the lower Loire (Liger)
Aresaken FK Tribe of the Treveri , in today's Rheinhessen and around Mainz
Arevaker FK Celtiberian tribe, in the Iberian Meseta , main town Numantia
Arverner FK in what is now the Auvergne region , the main town in Gergovia
Atrebaten EGG Tribe of the Belgians , in the area around Atrebatae, today's Arras ; later also southern Britain
Aulerker FK in northwest Gaul between the Loire and Seine
Auscer FK on the Adour river in Gallia Aquitania , capital Augusta Auscorum ( Auch )
Baiokassen FK also Bodiokassen, in Aremorica (today's Normandy and today's Brittany ), capital Civitas Baiocassium ( Bayeux )
Belger EGG partly Celtic, partly Germanic tribes, between the Seine and the Rhine , later also the coast of Britain
Bellovaker FK Tribe of the Belgians, in the entire present-day Oise department
Bibroker IK in the valley of the Thames
Bigerrions FK in the Roman province of Gallia Aquitania , capital Bigorra ( Saint-Lézer )
Biturigen FK in the Roman province of Gallia Aquitania (today's Aquitaine )
Boier FK first in the Rhine / Main / Danube area , then Boiohaemum ( Bohemia and Northern Italy ), capital Bononia ( Bologna )
Brannoviken FK between the Loire and the Seine, in the Mâcon area
Brigands IK between the rivers Humber and Tyne , main town Isurium Brigantum ( Aldborough , North Yorkshire )
Brigantier FK Tribe of the Vindeliker , around Brigantium (Bregenz) in today's Vorarlberg
Caerenians IK in Northern Scotland , on the west coast of what is now Sutherland
Caletes FK Celtic / Germanic tribe of the Belgians in today's Normandy , main town Caracotinum ( Harfleur )
Cantiaker IK in present-day Kent and the South Downs , capital Durovernum Cantiacorum ( Canterbury )
Carnonacer IK in Northern Scotland, on the west coast of today's Ross-shire
Carpetaner FK Celtiberian people, south of the Iberian Scheidegebirge , capital was today's Toledo
Carvetier IK in the present counties of Cumbria and North Lancashire , capital Luguvalium ( Carlisle )
Catenates FK also Clautonatii, probably in the Roman province of Raetia
Caturiger FK in the Cottian Alps , in the valley of the Druentia ( Durance ), capital Eburodunum ( Embrun )
Catuvian moods IK Belger tribe , north of the Thames, main town near today's Wheathampstead ( Hertfordshire )
Cenomaniac FK Aulerker tribe , in the lower Seine and Loire region
Ceutrons FK in the later Roman province of Alpes Graiae , around the Little Saint Bernard
Coconut FK in Gallia Aquitania in the west of the Landes department
Condruser FK Celtic-Germanic tribe, in the Middle Rhine area on the left bank of the Rhine
Cornovier IK in Northern Scotland, in what is now the county of Caithness
Cosuanetes FK Tribe of the Raeter or Vindeliker in the Roman province of Raetia
Creons IK on the west coast of northern Scotland, south of the Skye and north of the Isle of Mull
Curiosolites FK around the present-day Breton towns of Kersaout (main town), Cancale , Saint-Brieuc and Saint-Malo
Decanter IK in Scotland, on the west coast of the Moray Firth on the Cromarty Firth
Deceanglier IK in north-east Wales , now the counties of Flintshire and Denbighshire
Demeter IK in what is now the counties of Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire , namesake of Dyfed
Diablinten FK Gallic tribe, capital Noviodunum ( Jublains , Mayenne department )
Dobunner IK in the north of Somerset , County of Avon and Gloucestershire , capital Corinium Dobunnorum ( Cirencester )
Dumnonians IK in today's Cornwall and Devon , main town Isca Dumnoniorum ( Exeter )
Durotigen IK in South West England , main towns South Cadbury and Maiden Castle
Eburoviken FK Aulerker tribe , in the lower Seine and Loire region
Eleuteten FK Sub- tribe of the Kadurker , on the Aveyron in Gallia Aquitania (today's Aveyron department )
Elusates FK in the northeast of Gallia Aquitania , capital Elusa ( Eauze )
Epidians IK in north-west Scotland, on the Kintyre peninsula and the islands of Arran , Islay and Jura
Eravisker FK in Hungary, main town Oppidum on Gellért Hill in Budapest ( Buda district )
Esuvians FK around their main town Sées on the Orne ( Orne department )
Gabalier FK in Aquitaine , at the origin of Oltis ( Lot ) and Elaver ( Allier )
Galatians E / G originally Volker , emigrated to Galatia , capitals Gordion and Ancyra ( Ankara )
Gallaeker FK in today's Galicia , Asturias and León , as well as in northern Portugal to the Douro
Garumner FK in the Gallia Aquitania, in the Val d'Aran , the high valley of the Garumna ( Garonne )
Gater FK in Gallia Aquitania, near Vic-Fezensac or Mirande (both Département Gers )
Haeduer FK in central Gaul between the Saône and Loire to the Lyon area
Helvetier FK in what is now the Swiss Central Plateau and in southwest Germany
Iapods FK northeast of Istria , in the karst on the upper Sava , capital Arupium ( Prozor-Rama )
Icener IK in the area of ​​today's Norfolk and Suffolk , capital Venta Icenorum
Insubr FK in Gaul the north Po , the west by the Ticino , on the east by Serio limited
Kadurker FK in the Quercy between Dordogne and Aveyron , capital Uxellodunum
Carnutes FK between Liger (Loire) and Sequana (Seine), main towns Autricum ( Chartres ) and Cenabum ( Orléans )
Laiancer FK Noric Celtic tribe in the Drautal ( East Tyrol ), main town Aguntum (near Lienz )
Latobics FK in today's southern Baden , neighbors of the Helvetii
Lemoviken FK around Civitas Lemovicum (today's Limoges ) in Aquitaine
Lepontier FK between the Gotthard massif and Lake Maggiore
Leuker FK in what is now eastern France , the main towns are Tullum ( Toul ) and Nasium (Naix-aux-Forges)
Lexovier FK on the west bank of the Seine in its estuary, main town Noviomagus Lexoviorum ( Lisieux )
Likatier FK Tribe of the Vindeliker , in the Allgäu , on the bank and near the river Lech
Lingons FK on the upper Seine, Marne and Saône , main town Andematunnum (now Langres )
Lugier IK in Northern Scotland , on the west coast of the Moray Firth (see Germanic Lugier in Silesia )
Mandubier FK in what is now Burgundy and the Jura department
Mediomatrician FK in what is now Eastern France, Saarland and Rhineland-Palatinate , capital Divodorum Mediomatricum ( Metz )
Meduller FK in Maurienne between Tarentaise ( Savoy ) and the Aosta Valley
Detector FK Belger tribe , on the lower reaches of the Matrona ( Marne ) in what is now Île-de-France
Menapier FK Gallic / Germanic tribe of the Belgians, on the Lower Rhine in what is now Flanders
Moriner FK Belger tribe, in the coastal area between today's Dunkirk and Le Touquet-Paris-Plage
Namneten FK between Angers and the Loire estuary
Nantuates FK in the Roman province of Alpes Graiae near Lake Geneva , in today's canton of Valais
Nemeter FK partly Celtic, partly Germanic tribes, in the area of ​​the Rhine between the Palatinate and Lake Constance
Nervous FK Gallic / Germanic tribe of the Belgians, in the area between the Meuse and Scheldt in the Gallia Belgica
Nitiobrogen FK Gallic tribe, in today's Agenais in southern France , capital Aginnum ( Agen )
Noriker FK large tribe in the Kingdom of Noricum ( Lower Carinthia ), main places Noreia and Virunum
Novanter IK in present-day Galloway and Carrick in southwestern Scotland
Ordovicer IK in what is now Wales , the capital of Bravonium in Herefordshire
Osismier FK around today's Huelgoat and Carhaix-Plouguer (both in the Finistère department )
Parisians EGG on the banks of the Seine, main town Lutetia Parisiorum , also in East Yorkshire and Humberside
Petrocorier FK Gallic tribe in today's Dordogne department , capital Vesunna Petrucoriorum ( Périgueux )
Picts IK Scotland
Pictons FK Gallic tribe south of the lower Loire, main town Lemonium or Limonium ( Poitiers )
Ptianians FK probably a Celtiberian tribe in Gallia Aquitania
Rauriker FK in the area of ​​today's Basel , Jura and Alsace on the southern Upper Rhine
Redone FK in what is now Brittany at the confluence of the Ille and Vilaine rivers to the mouth of the Loire in the Atlantic
Remer FK Belger tribe, between Aisne and Matrona ( Marne ) (today's Champagne )
Rutener FK Client base of the Arverni , in the Massif Central in today's France, capital Segodunum ( Rodez )
Saevaten FK Noric Celtic tribe in the Puster Valley ( South Tyrol )
Salasser FK Ligurian tribe , in the valley of the Dora Baltea (Duria)
Salluvier FK between the Rhone and the Maritime Alps near the Luberon and the Verdon Gorge , main town Entremont
Santons FK in the area of ​​the lower Charente on the Bay of Biscay , main town Mediolanum Santonum ( Saintes )
Seduner FK in the area of ​​today's Swiss canton of Valais , main town: Sedunum ( Sitten / Sion)
Segusiaver FK Gallic tribe near Lugdunum ( Lyon )
Senones FK in today's departments of Seine-et-Marne , Loiret and Yonne , main town Agendicum (Senonus, Sens )
Sequaner FK between the Saône , Rhône and the Jura Mountains , main town Vesontio
Sibusaten FK Proto- Basque / Celtic tribe in Gallia Aquitania , in the Soule region
Silurians IK in the Welsh counties of Monmouthshire , Brecon and Glamorgan , main town Venta Silurum ( Caerwent )
Scordisker FK east of Sirmium , at the confluence of the Danube and Sava , capital is today's Belgrade
Scots IK originally Ireland , later Northern Britain (namesake for Scotland)
Smertrier IK in Northern Scotland, in what is now Sutherland
Suessions EGG Belger tribe, around Augusta Suessionum (today Soissons ), later also in southeastern Britain
Taexalians IK on the north-east coast of Scotland, at Cape Buchan ( Aberdeenshire )
Tarbeller FK in the coastal region of the Biscay to the Pyrenees
Tarusaten FK in Gallia Aquitania , main towns Taro ( Tartas ) and Atura ( Aire-sur-l'Adour ), both in the Landes department
Taurine FK Ligurian - Celtic tribe , on the southern edge of the Alps in today's Piedmont , main town Castra Taurinorum ( Turin )
Taurisker FK on the eastern edge of the Alps , in today's Carinthia and Slovenia
Tecto legends E / G Tribe of Volker to tolose ( Toulouse ) and the Galatians to Ancyra ( Ankara )
Tiguriner FK Tribe of the Helvetii , around Aventicum (Avenches) in what is now western Switzerland (Romandie)
Tolistobogier E / G also Tolistoagians, tribe of the Galatians, in northwest Phrygia in Galatia , capital Gordion
Tougener FK Tribe of the Helvetii , west around Lake Constance (unsafe)
Treverer FK in northeast Gaul , in the Moselle valley and on the right bank of the Rhine , capital during Roman times Augusta Treverorum
Tricassen FK in north-east Gaul, on the upper Seine and Aube , capital during Roman times Augustobona ( Troyes )
Tricorii FK from the Gallia Narbonensis in the valley of the Drac
Trinovants IK north of the Thames estuary in what is now Essex and Suffolk , capital Camulodunum ( Colchester )
Trokmer E / G Tribe of the Galatians , in Galatia in Asia Minor , capital Tavium
Trumpiliner FK in Val Trompia , named after them , one of the three main valleys of the province of Brescia
Uberer FK in the upper part of the Rhone Valley (today's Swiss canton of Valais )
Vacomagier IK on the Scottish north coast, on the River Spey in what is now Moray
Varcians FK in the upper part of the Savetal in the south of Pannonia , main town Varceia (not localized)
Vasaten FK in Gallia Aquitania , in the southeast of the Gironde , capital probably Civitas basatica ( Bazas )
Veliocasser FK in northern Gaul, in the Sequana ( Seine ) valley and in the Vexin , main town Rotomagus ( Rouen )
Veneller FK on the Cotentin Peninsula
Veneter FK in what is now the Morbihan department in Brittany
Venicons IK on the Scottish northeast coast, on the Firth of Tay
Vennonetes FK in the Roman province of Raetia , in today's Vinschgau
Venosten FK in the Roman province of Raetia, in today's Vinschgau
Veragrer FK in the area where the Dranse flows into the Rhone (today's Swiss canton of Valais )
Verbigener FK Tribe of the Helvetii, in southwest Germany (uncertain)
Viducassen FK Gallic tribe, in today's Calvados department , capital Aregenua ( Vieux )
Vindeliker FK in the foothills of the Alps between Lake Constance and Inn
Viromanduer FK Belger tribe, in northeastern France in today's Vermandois
Vocontier FK between Rhone, Isère , Alps and Durance , main town Dea Augusta Vocontiorium ( Die , Département Drôme )
People E / G first between the Rhine, Leine and Main and in the Thuringian Forest , later in Aquitaine and as a Galatian in Galatia
Votadini IK later Gododdin, in what is now north-east England and south-east Scotland at the upper end of the Firth of Forth