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Peoples on the Italian Peninsula at the beginning of the Iron Age
  • Ligurians
  • Veneter
  • Etruscan
  • Picener
  • Umbrian
  • Latins
  • Oscar
  • Messapaper
  • Greeks
  • The Ligurians , also called Ligyer or Ligurians ( Latin: Ligures , ancient Greek Λίγυες Ligyes ), were the pre-Roman population of the western Alpine region , in particular the Upper Rhine , western Switzerland , the Rhône region , the Po Valley , the French and Italian Riviera and Corsica . Ligurians were also based in western Spain.


    They are traditionally counted among the old European peoples and were probably the bearers of the Terramare culture , a Bronze Age culture in northern Italy . Not much is known about their language prior to mixing with Celtic, except for a few place names. No inscriptions have been found so far. Accordingly, all statements on the relationship between the Ligurians are speculative in linguistic terms.

    A main town of the Ligurians was the coastal town of Albingaunum or Album Ingaunum (now Albenga ) of the Ligurian tribe of the Ingauni.

    Ligurian tribes were u. a. the


    Since 700 BC The Celts pushed the Ligurians back from most of their residential areas to the coastal area known today as Liguria , but they formed a mixed population with Celtic tribes , especially in the Rhone Valley, comparable to the Celtiberians . From 238/236 BC. They came under the rule of the Romans after they had already placed auxiliary troops in the Roman legions . 187 to 175 BC They waged bitter wars of resistance against the Romans, who suffered various setbacks. The consuls Marcus Baebius Tamphilus and Publius Cornelius Cethegus succeeded in subjugating the Ligurian tribe of the Apuans , who were resettled to Samnium and have since been called Ligures Baebiani and Ligures Corneliani , only one year after their consulate (180 BC) . 173/172 BC The Romans fought against the Ligurian people of the Statielli , whom they defeated and enslaved. 154 BC The Consul Quintus Opimius, who was summoned by the Massaliots to support them, defeated the Ligurian tribes of the Decietes (Latin Deciates ) and Oxybians .



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