Alpes Graiae

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The Roman provinces in the Alpine region during the imperial era around 150 AD.

Alpes Graiae was the name of a Roman province . It was named after the Little Saint Bernard , whom the Romans called Alpis Graia . The area around the Little Saint Bernard is still called Alpes Grées ( Graian Alps ) today . The center of the province was Axima in Latin also Forum Claudii Ceutronum , today's Aime- en-Tarentaise. The most important Celtic tribe in the area were the Ceutrons .

Alpes Graiae was administered by Emperor Claudius imperial province under a procurator , and often together with Alpes Poeninae , today's Valais (the Great Saint Bernard was then Alpis Poeninae , the valley north of it called Vallis Poeninae ). From the end of the 2nd century to the end of the 3rd century, the province was then referred to as Alpes Atrectionae (after a mountain range in the south of the province). The province essentially comprised the eastern part of today's French. Department of Savoie . Its main task was to protect the roads from Eporedia ( Ivrea ) via the Little Saint Bernard to the Isère valley .


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