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Narbonensis in the Roman Empire .

Gallia Narbonensis is the new name of the 27 BC. The province of Gallia transalpina, which was renamed in the years 125 to 118 BC. Was established as a Roman province . The Narbonensis is located in what is now southern France . Its designation as a province meant that part of the landscape is still called Provence today.

The province was originally set up as Gallia transalpina , the "Gaul beyond the Alps", to separate it from the Gallia cisalpina (or Gallia for short ) in northern Italy , ie the "Gaul this side of the Alps". The names Gallia ulterior for the more distant province and Gallia citerior for the nearer Gaul in the Po Valley were also used to differentiate . The province of Gallia transalpina , sometimes also called provincia for short , was soon after its renaming to Gallia Narbonensis, finally referred to only as Narbonensis .

As consul of the year 125 BC . Was BC Marcus Fulvius Flaccus the Senate been instructed Massilia against the looting of salyes support. Flaccus used this commission to conquer large parts of the country, which is why he was honored with a triumphal procession on his return to Rome (123 BC) . The capital was initially the 120 BC. Built fortress Aquae Sextiae ( Aix-en-Provence ), later in 118 BC. First civil colony Colonia Narbo Martius ( Narbonne ) founded.

Through the administrative reform of Diocletian , Narbonensis was reduced to its northern part, which was named Viennensis . A little later the province was divided, with the names Narbonensis I (west of the Rhone ) and Narbonensis II (east of the Rhône) were given. Together with Aquitania I , Aquitania II , Novempopulana (the extreme southwest of Gaul) and Alpes Maritimae , a diocese was formed , which was given the number XIV and the name Septem Provinciarum (seven provinces).

The main cities in the province were (alphabetically):


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