Alpes Maritimae

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Alpes Maritimae ( Latin forAlps near the sea ”) was a Roman province .

It stretched far inland from the Mediterranean coast between what is now Nice and Monaco . The lower reaches of the Varus ( Var ) was a border river in the west, the sources of the Po were also included in the north, as well as the eastern slope of Caenia Mons ( Mont Pelat , 3,053 m) and the southern slope of Vesulus Mons ( Monte Viso , 3841 m). Alpes Maritimae was founded after the Roman subjugation of Ligurian tribes in the summer of 14 BC. BC under the administration of a knightly prefect . In 63 AD the province was given Latin law . From then on, a procurator ( praeses ) exercised administrative power. Under Diocletian , the area was expanded to include parts of Gallia Narbonensis and Alpes Cottiae and the Dioecesis Septem Provinciarum was assigned.

The main places in the province were: