Alpes Cottiae

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Alpes Cottiae was a Roman province and belonged to the Alpine provinces of the Roman Empire , whose most important task was to secure the connection routes over the Alpine passes . For the Alpes Cottiae this was on the route from Augusta Taurinum ( Turin ) to Brigantio ( Briançon ) and Eburodunum ( Embrun ) to the pass at Matrona Mons ( Col de Montgenèvre , 1850 m).

Roman provinces under Trajan (117 AD)

The province is named after Cottius , a local Ligurian prince whose territory was incorporated into the Roman Empire under Augustus and as a province under Nero. The governors of the province were prefects from the equestrian order .

The main places in the province were:

The province of Alpes Graiae joined to the north and the province of Alpes Maritimae to the south .

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