Helga Botermann

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Helga Botermann during a lecture in Marburg in 2012

Helga Botermann (born June 30, 1938 in Bückeburg ) is a German ancient historian .

Helga Botermann studied history and Latin philology in Göttingen and Freiburg. In 1966 she received her doctorate in Göttingen, and in 1967 she passed the second state examination. From 1968 to 2003 she taught as a lecturer (student advisor in higher education, most recently academic senior advisor ) at the Department of Ancient History at the University of Göttingen . In 1998 she completed her habilitation .

Botermann's main research areas are the late Roman Republic , the Roman Empire with the geographical focus on Gaul and Asia Minor, and the Jews and Christians in ancient times.


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