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Hermes (Subtitle: Journal for Classical Philology; originally: Hermes. Journal for Classical Philology ) is the title of one of the oldest still appearing journals in the field of classical studies . The articles deal mainly with classical philology , but the Hermes also traditionally publishes essays on ancient history , which is why one of the editors is always an ancient historian . Accepted languages ​​of publication are German , English , French , Italian and Latin .

The magazine first appeared in 1866. The first editor was the Latinist Emil Huebner ; Furthermore, the Graecist Adolf Kirchhoff and the ancient historian Theodor Mommsen were involved in the establishment. Current editors are the Latinist Marcus Deufert , the ancient historians Hans Beck and Karl-Joachim Hölkeskamp and the Graecist Martin Hose .

The original publisher was Weidmann in Berlin. Today the magazine is published by Franz Steiner Verlag , Stuttgart, which also publishes a series of supplements called “individual publications ” in the form of monographs .


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