Library of Classical Antiquities

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The Library of Classical Classical Studies is a series of scientific publications on Classical Classical Studies . It publishes monographs and anthologies on literary studies , linguistics and cultural studies of antiquity . It has been published by the Winter University Press in Heidelberg since its inception .

The library of classical antiquity was founded in 1911 by Johannes Geffcken , who was teaching as a professor at the University of Rostock at the time. Under his editorship, mainly manual-like works appeared on various topics of classical antiquity, including classical archaeological and ancient historical titles. After the death of Geffcken, the Winter publishing house took over the publishing house itself. After the Second World War , the library of classical studies was continued with a new volume count, initially in two rows, and since 1977 only in one row. In 1986 Hubert Petersmann , at that time professor at the Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg , took over the editorial office; since his death in 2001, the series has been continued by his colleague Jürgen Paul Schwindt .

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