Heidelberg contributions to ancient history and epigraphic studies

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The Heidelberg Ancient History Contributions and Epigraphic Studies (HABES) are a series of scientific publications in the field of ancient history that has been published by Franz Steiner Verlag in Stuttgart since 1986 . Her focus is on the area of Roman history and epigraphy .

The series was founded by Géza Alföldy on the occasion of the 600th anniversary of the Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg and the hundredth anniversary of the subject of Ancient History at the university. Until his death in 2011, Alföldy was the (co-) editor of the “Heidelberg Ancient History Contributions and Epigraphic Studies”. The current editors are the ancient historians Angelos Chaniotis and Christian Witschel . They are supported by an international advisory board that includes Anthony R. Birley , Kostas Buraselis, Lucas de Blois, Ségolène Demougin, Elio Lo Cascio, Mischa Meier , Silvio Panciera, Michael Peachin and Martin Zimmermann , who also act as reviewers.

Until 2010, the internationally renowned series only published works that were connected to the University of Heidelberg; however, since 2011 it has been open to all authors whose studies are thematically related to the Heidelberg focus. Since then, submitted manuscripts have also been examined and selected using a complex peer review process.

Currently (2019) the series comprises 60 volumes.

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