Oriens et Occidens

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Oriens et Occidens is a series on ancient history that contains publications on the connections between the Orient (Oriens) and the Occident (Occidens) in ancient culture. It is published by Franz Steiner Verlag (Stuttgart) and was founded in 2000. The series is overseen by an international editorial board made up of Josef Wiesehöfer , Amélie Kuhrt , Fergus Millar , Geoffrey B. Greatrex , Pierre Briant and Robert Rollinger .

On average, one or two titles appear in the series of publications each year, dealing with topics from the ancient Orient and late antiquity to the modern reception of ancient contacts between the Orient and the Mediterranean . Ultimately, most of the volumes deal with the cultural encounters between Orient and Occident , hence the name of the series. In addition to monographs , the series also includes anthologies. Often the published writings are university papers . Well-known authors of the series include Monika Schuol , Udo Hartmann , Henning Börm , Andreas Luther , Josef Wiesehöfer, Mischa Meier , Robert Rollinger, Uwe Walter and Engelbert Winter . The language of publication is generally German, but also English, French and Italian in the context of the font collections.

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