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A photo of the approximately 70 published Vestigia volumes, on a bookcase, spread over three shelves
The Vestigia volumes published up to 2016

Vestigia. Contributions to Ancient History is a series of ancient historical publications. Since 1959 appeared in her more than 70 monographs, in addition to ancient history and epigraphic , numismatic , papyrological treat and historical-topographical issues.

The series is published by the Commission for Ancient History and Epigraphy of the German Archaeological Institute . It is published by Verlag CHBeck , up to volume four by Quelle & Meyer in Heidelberg. The commission decides on the publication of manuscripts in its series at its regular annual meetings. In addition to the Clio-booklets and Historia individual writings which is Vestigia the most renowned ancient history Series in Germany.

The series is currently edited by Christof Schuler , Rudolf Haensch and Isabelle Mossong , and the advisory board includes Bruno Bleckmann , Pierre Fröhlich , Anne Kolb , Andrea Jördens , Karen Radner , Sebastian Schmidt-Hofner , Claudia Tiersch , Hans-Ulrich Wiemer , Johannes Wienand and Christian Witschel on.


tape Author
title year ISBN Publication form Remarks
1 Franz Georg Maier Greek wall inscriptions. Part 1: Texts and Comments 1959
2 Franz Georg Maier Greek wall inscriptions. Part 2: Investigations 1960
3 Karl Christ Antique coin finds from southwest Germany. Coin finds, money economy, etc. History in the area of ​​Baden-Württemberg from Celtic to Alemannic times 1960
4th Hans-Georg Kolbe The governors of Numidia from Gaul to Constantine (268-320) 1962 dissertation
5 Franz Kiechle Laconia and Sparta. Investigations into the ethnic structure and the political development of Laconia and Sparta until the end of the archaic period 1963 Habilitation
6th Jürgen Deininger The provincial diets of the Roman Empire from Augustus to the end of the third century AD. 1965 dissertation University of Tübingen 1961
7th Hans-Werner Ritter Diadem and royal rule. Investigations into ceremonies and legal bases of the assumption of power with the Persians, with Alexander the great and in Hellenism 1965 dissertation
8th Werner Dahlheim Structure and development of Roman international law in the third and second centuries BC Chr. 1968 dissertation
9 Karl-Ernst Petzold Studies on the method of Polybius and their historical evaluation 1969 Habilitation
10 Eckhard Meise Investigations into the history of the Julian-Claudian dynasty 1969 dissertation
11 Jürgen von Ungern-Sternberg Studies on the late republican emergency law. Senatusconsultum ultimum and hostis declaration 1970 ISBN 3-406-03094-7 dissertation
12 Diederich Behrend Attic leases. A contribution to the description of the misthōsis according to the Greek inscriptions 1970 ISBN 3-406-03095-5 dissertation
13 Werner Eck Senators from Vespasian to Hadrian. Prosopographical investigations including the annual and provincial fasts of the governors 1970 ISBN 3-406-03096-3 dissertation
14th Michael Zahrnt Olynthus and the Chalcidians. Studies on the formation of states on the Chalcidian Peninsula in the 5th and 4th centuries BC Chr. 1971 ISBN 3-406-03097-1 dissertation
15th Michael Maass The Prohedry of the Theater of Dionysus in Athens 1972 ISBN 3-406-03098-X dissertation
16 Peter Siewert The oath of Plataiai 1972 ISBN 3-406-03099-8 dissertation
17th Files of the VI. International Congress of Greek and Latin Epigraphy. Munich 1972 1973 ISBN 3-406-04787-4 Congress tape
18th Jörg A. Schlumberger The Epitome de Caesaribus. Investigations into pagan historiography of the 4th century AD 1974 ISBN 3-406-04788-2 dissertation
19th Thomas Schwertfeger The Achaean Covenant from 146 to 27 BC Chr. 1974 ISBN 3-406-04789-0 dissertation
20th Kurt Raaflaub Dignitatis contentio. Studies on motivation and political tactics in the civil war between Caesar and Pompey 1974 ISBN 3-406-04790-4 dissertation
21st Dieter Hennig L. Aelius Seianus. Investigations into the government of Tiberius 1975 ISBN 3-406-04791-2
22nd Wilfried Gawantka Isopolitics. A contribution to the history of international relations in ancient Greece 1975 ISBN 3-406-04792-0 dissertation
23 Jürgen von Ungern-Sternberg Capua in the Second Punic War. Studies on Roman annals 1975 ISBN 3-406-04793-9 Habilitation
24 Rolf Rilinger The influence of the election officer in the Roman consul elections from 366 to 50 BC Chr. 1976 ISBN 3-406-04794-7 dissertation
25th Joachim Hopp Investigations into the history of the last Attalids 1977 ISBN 3-406-04795-5 dissertation
26th Bernhard Schleussner The legates of the Roman Republic. Decem legati and permanent auxiliaries 1978 ISBN 3-406-04796-3 dissertation
27 Alfred S. Bradford A prosopography of Lacedaemonians from the death of Alexander the Great 323 BC, to the sack of Sparta by Alaric, AD 396 1977 ISBN 3-406-04797-1 English
28 Werner Eck The state organization of Italy in the high imperial era 1979 ISBN 3-406-04798-X Habilitation
29 Karlheinz Dietz Senatus contra principem. Investigations into the senatorial opposition to Emperor Maximinus Thrax 1980 ISBN 3-406-04799-8 dissertation
30th Christian Habicht Investigations into the political history of Athens in the 3rd century BC Chr. 1979 ISBN 3-406-04800-5
31 Ingemar König The Gallic usurpers from Postumus to Tetricus 1981 ISBN 3-406-04801-3
32 Manfred Clauss The magister officiorum in late antiquity (4th - 6th [fourth to sixth] centuries). The office and its influence on imperial politics 1980 ISBN 3-406-04802-1 Habilitation
33 Peter Siewert The Trittyen of Attica and the army reform of Kleisthenes 1982 ISBN 3-406-08063-4 Habilitation
34 Theodora Hantos The Roman alliance system in Italy 1983 ISBN 3-406-08064-2 dissertation
35 Hans-Joachim Gehrke Stasis. Investigations into the internal wars in the Greek states of the 5th and 4th centuries BC Chr. 1985 ISBN 3-406-08065-0 Habilitation
36 Thomas Spitzl Lex municipii malacitani 1984 ISBN 3-406-30152-5 dissertation
37 Kurt Raaflaub The discovery of freedom. On the historical semantics and social history of a basic political concept of the Greeks 1985 ISBN 3-406-30552-0
38 Jens-Uwe Krause Late antique forms of patronage in the west of the Roman Empire 1987 ISBN 3-406-32356-1 dissertation
39 Michael Wörrle City and festival in imperial Asia Minor. Studies on an agonist foundation from Oinoanda 1988 ISBN 3-406-32357-X
40 Hartwin Brandt Criticism of time in late antiquity. Investigations into the reform proposals of Anonymus De rebus bellicis 1988 ISBN 3-406-33003-7 dissertation
41 Ernst Baltrusch Regimen morum. The regulation of the private life of senators and knights in the Roman Republic and early Imperial times 1989 ISBN 3-406-33384-2
42 Ruprecht Ziegler Coins of Cilicia from smaller German collections 1989 ISBN 3-406-33635-3
43 Christoph Ulf The Homeric Society. Materials for analytical description and historical localization 1990 ISBN 3-406-34409-7 Habilitation
44 Maria H. Dettenhofer Perdita iuventus. Between the generations of Caesar and Augustus 1992 ISBN 3-406-35856-X dissertation
45 Walter Ameling Carthage. Studies on the military, the state and society 1993 ISBN 3-406-37490-5 Habilitation
46 Hans-Ulrich Wiemer Libanios and Julian. Studies on the relationship between rhetoric and politics in the fourth century AD 1995 ISBN 3-406-39335-7 dissertation
47 Michael Wörrle , Paul Zanker Cityscape and citizenship in Hellenism. Colloquium, Munich, June 24 to 26, 1993. Organized by the Commission for Research into Ancient Cities of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences and the Commission for Ancient History and Epigraphy of the German Archaeological Institute 1995 ISBN 3-406-39036-6 Colloquium volume
48 Werner Eck , Antonio Caballos , Fernando Fernández The Senatus consultum de Cn. Pisone patre 1996 ISBN 3-406-41400-1
49 Reinhard Wolters Nummi signati. Studies on Roman coinage and money economy 1999 ISBN 3-406-42923-8 Habilitation
50 Christof Schuler Rural settlements and communities in Hellenistic and Roman Asia Minor 1998 ISBN 3-406-42924-6 dissertation
51 Klaus Zimmermann Libya. The country south of the Mediterranean in the worldview of the Greeks 1999 ISBN 3-406-44556-X dissertation
52 Martin Zimmermann Emperor and event. Studies on the historical work of Herodian 1999 ISBN 3-406-45162-4 Habilitation
53 Wolfgang Habermann For the water supply of a metropolis in imperial Egypt. New edition by P. Lond. III 1177. Text - Translation - Commentary 2000 ISBN 3-406-44557-8 dissertation
54 Timo Stickler Aetius. Scope of design for an army master in the late Western Roman Empire 2002 ISBN 3-406-48853-6 dissertation
55 Christian Marek The inscriptions of Kaunos 2006 ISBN 3-406-55074-6 Collection of inscriptions
56 Matthias Haake The philosopher in the city. Studies on public speech on philosophers and philosophy in the Hellenistic poleis 2007 ISBN 978-3-406-55856-6 dissertation
57 Johannes Nollé Asian Losoracles. Astragalus and alphabetic remologies of the high imperial oracle renaissance 2007 ISBN 978-3-406-56210-5 Collection of inscriptions
58 Sebastian Schmidt-Hofner React and shape. The style of government of the late Roman emperor using the example of the legislation of Valentinian I. 2008 ISBN 978-3-406-57268-5 dissertation
59 Andreas Victor Walser Peasants and interest takers. Politics, Law and Economics in the Early Hellenistic Ephesus 2008 ISBN 978-3-406-57568-6 dissertation
60 Ann-Cathrin Harders Suavissima soror. Investigations into brother-sister relationships in the Roman Republic 2008 ISBN 978-3-406-57777-2 dissertation
61 Rudolf Haensch Self-expression and communication. The publication of state documents in stone and bronze in the Roman world. International colloquium at the Commission for Ancient History and Epigraphy in Munich (July 1st to 3rd, 2006) 2009 ISBN 978-3-406-58287-5 Colloquium volume
62 Stephen Mitchell , David French The Greek and Latin inscriptions of Ankara (Ancyra). Vol. I: From August to the end of the third century AD 2012 ISBN 978-3-406-62190-1 Collection of inscriptions English
63 Nathan Badoud Le temps de Rhodes. A chronology of the inscriptions de la cité fondée sur l'étude de ses institutions 2015 ISBN 978-3-406-64035-3 dissertation French
64 Sandra Scheuble-Reiter The Katok Riders in Ptolemaic Egypt 2012 ISBN 978-3-406-64135-0 dissertation
65 Felix K. Maier “Expect the unexpected everywhere”. The contingency of historical processes in Polybios 2012 ISBN 978-3-406-64171-8 dissertation
66 Roberta Fabiani I decreti onorari di Iasos. Cronologia e storia 2015 ISBN 978-3-406-64843-4 dissertation Italian
67 Sebastian Prignitz Building documents and building program of Epidaurus (400-350). Temple of Asclepius, Tholos, cult image, fountain house 2014 ISBN 978-3-406-65820-4 dissertation
68 Roland Färber Roman places of judgment. Spatial Dynamics of Jurisdiction in the Imperium Romanum 2014 ISBN 978-3-406-66669-8 dissertation
69 Alexander Free Historiography as Paideia. Lukian's book “How to write history” in the educational culture of the 2nd century. A.D. 2015 ISBN 978-3-406-68606-1 dissertation
70 Emanuel Zingg The creation of the pseudo-historical western Peloponnesian early history. An attempt at reconstruction 2016 ISBN 978-3-406-69998-6 dissertation
71 Christoph Begass The Senate Aristocracy of the Eastern Roman Empire, ca 457-518. Prosopographical and socio-historical studies 2018 ISBN 978-3-406-71632-4 dissertation
72 Stephen Mitchell , David French The Greek and Latin inscriptions of Ankara (Ancyra). Vol. II: Late Roman, Byzantine and other texts 2019 ISBN 978-3-406-73234-8 Collection of inscriptions English
  1. In the case of anthologies, congress, conference and colloquia volumes, the editors are indicated.

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