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Hartwin Brandt (born June 29, 1959 in Flensburg ) is a German ancient historian .

Hartwin Brandt studied history, German and Latin philology at the Christian Albrechts University in Kiel from 1979 to 1985 . After the first state examination in 1985, he received his doctorate in 1986 in Kiel with Frank Kolb . He completed his habilitation in 1991 at the University of Tübingen , where he was a research assistant from 1986 to 1992. In 1992/93 Brandt was a substitute professor at the University of Leipzig . Hartwin Brandt has been a full professor of ancient history since 1993, first at the Technical University of Chemnitz , and since 2002 at the Otto Friedrich University of Bamberg .

In 2003/04 Brandt was visiting professor at the University of Exeter and from 2000 to 2006 a member of the board of the Association of Historians . In 2006/07 he was a Henkel Fellow and Visiting Professor at the Department of Classics at Brown University in Providence (USA). Hartwin Brandt has also been the spokesperson for the Graduate School Generational Awareness and Generation Conflicts in Antiquity and Medieval Times since October 2004 .

Research and projects

Brandt's main areas of work are late antiquity , historiography in late antiquity (especially the Historia Augusta ), research into particular groups in antiquity (e.g. the area of ​​old people) and the history of the Roman colonies in Asia Minor .


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