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Zetemata - Monographs on Classical Classical Studies is a series of publications on various topics in Classical Studies, primarily from the field of Classical Philology , but also from ancient history , philosophy and the history of the subject. The term comes from the Greek (Ζητήματα = research, investigation).

The series was founded in 1951 by Erich Burck and Hans Diller with the work Suetonius and the ancient biography of Wolf Steidle . Today it is edited by Eckard Lefèvre and Gustav Adolf Seeck in conjunction with Thomas Baier and Dieter Timpe . As a rule, important monographs (often dissertations and habilitation theses) are published, and recently also anthologies.

The publication series has been published by the CH Beck publishing house from the start . More than 150 volumes had been published by 2018, most of which are still available.

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