Publishing house CH Beck

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Publishing house CH BECK

legal form Open trading company
founding 1763
Seat Munich
management Hans Dieter Beck and Jonathan Beck
Number of employees 650 (publishing house), 400 (printing company)
2000 (publishing group)
sales 204.7 million euros (2018)
Branch Specialist book trade

The CH Beck is a German publisher in the form of a general partnership with headquarters in Munich .


With around 9,000 available works, around 80 specialist journals and an annual production of up to 1,500 publications, the publishing house is one of the largest German book and magazine publishers. Around 650 people are employed in Munich, and a branch with the editorial offices of the majority of legal journals is located in Frankfurt am Main . The C. H. Beck'sche print shop, which also works for other publishers, is located in Nördlingen . The company also has its own delivery facility .

The company is managed in the sixth and seventh generation by Hans Dieter Beck in the areas of law, taxes and economics and - in the successor to his father Wolfgang Beck - by Jonathan Beck in the areas of literature, non-fiction and science.


Carl Gottlob Beck founded the publishing house on September 9, 1763 and expanded his printing house in Nördlingen to include a bookshop . Beck gave u. a. Nördlingen's first newspaper and published compendiums on medicine and natural history, economics and pedagogy, as well as religious education. The publishing house bears its current name after Carl Gottlob's son Carl Heinrich Beck. Under Oscar Beck , the publishing house moved to Munich-Schwabing in 1889, where the headquarters are still located today. The print shop stayed in Nördlingen. In the course of the 19th century the publishing house made a name for itself primarily in the field of theological specialist literature , but then increasingly became a scientific publisher for the fields of antiquity and literary studies as well as history and law . In addition, he always had a literary program. During World War appeared the traveler between both worlds of Walter Flex , a very successful book of 1920 and 1930, which has a circulation of one million copies, the best-selling book of the publishing house and one of the best-selling German-language works of the 20th century.

After Bavaria entered the German Empire in 1871, C. H. Beck became more and more a legal specialist publisher, which published important collections of laws and legal specialist publications, which, however, were mainly related to Bavaria. Heinrich Beck gradually took over the management of the publishing house until Oscar Beck's death in 1924. During this time, the publisher's famous Weimar trio of authors appeared: Oswald Spengler , Albert Schweitzer and Egon Friedell .

During the Nazi era , the publishing house benefited from political developments. In 1933, in the course of Aryanization, Beck-Verlag took over the legal publishing house of the Berlin publisher Otto Liebmann. The Berlin Liebmann-Verlag had everything that Munich Beck-Verlag lacked: access to the Reich ministries in Berlin, a legal newspaper, the DJZ , and a diversified commentary program as well as a publishing house in Berlin. After the NSDAP came to power, Liebmann came under pressure because the National Socialists persecuted him for his “Jewish” origins. He was forced to sell. At first there was no buyer. When Heinrich Beck also hesitated, authors from Liebmann Verlag such as Johannes Popitz and Carl Friedrich Goerdeler urged Heinrich Beck to buy the publisher. Finally, Liebmann and Beck reached an agreement. The publishing house went to Beck. According to a post-war presentation of Liebmann's authorized signatory Ebel who was involved in the sale and who was taken over by Heinrich Beck in the same position at Liebmann's request, the negotiations are said to have taken place “in a fair manner” and as if “honored men”. In a letter to the tax office on January 11, 1934, however, Liebmann stated that he had been “pressured and compelled” to conclude the purchase agreement with Beck. In a letter to Ebel from the same year, Liebmann said: "You are quite right when you say (...) that Dr. Beck is a man of the noblest disposition and will never do or ask for anything wrong. No, Mr. Ebel, my concerns were not directed in any direction against Mr. Beck (…). ” With the Berlin publisher Liebmann, publications such as the Deutsche Juristen-Zeitung and the series of short comments were transferred to CH Beck. One of these comments, the BGB commentary, became very well known after consulting the National Socialist lawyer Otto Palandt and was continued in post-war Germany. This enabled the C. H. Beck'schen publishing bookstore to become a legal monopoly publisher. In the Third Reich, the publisher published text editions and commentaries on National Socialist legislation close to the state ( Willoweit ): In 1936, for example, a commentary on the Blood Protection Act was published by Wilhelm Stuckart and Hans Globke . Even the fascist manifesto Mussolini appeared in German translation in the publishing house. Until 1936, however, C. H. Beck also brought works by Jewish authors onto the market. In 1937, the publisher Heinrich Beck joined the NSDAP, which he later justified by saying "to keep the traditional publishing house alive".

Because of Beck's National Socialist involvement, the publisher initially did not receive a license from the American occupation forces after the war. The problem of involvement in the Nazi regime was circumvented by founding a subsidiary, the Biederstein Verlag . This publisher received a license from the occupying power without any problems . In 1948, Roderich Fick built today's publishing house on Wilhelmstrasse in Schwabing, as the publishing house had been badly damaged in the war. It was not until 1949 that C. H. Beck received a license to publish again. The publishing house is still owned by the Beck family.

Carl Hoeller succeeded the legal editor Walter Mallmann and shaped the development of the content of the legal publisher until his retirement in 1978. From November 1949, C. H. Beck published the Neue Juristische Wochenschrift (NJW), which developed into the central legal publication organ. In 1948/49 the “short legal textbooks” came on the market, which meanwhile include works on the examination material of the two state law exams. In 1958 the first basic delivery of today's five-volume loose-leaf commentary on the Basic Law appeared, edited by Theodor Maunz and Günter Dürig . In 1962 the publishing house expanded its legal journals to include the “German Tax Law” (DStR) magazine.

In 2013, the CH Beck publishing house celebrated its 250th anniversary. On the occasion of this anniversary, the publishing house published documentations by the authors Stefan Rebenich and Uwe Wesel . In a ceremony on September 7, 2013 in the Prinzregententheater in Munich, the publishers Hans Dieter Beck and Wolfgang Beck remembered the past centuries in front of 800 guests and media representatives and gave an outlook on the future of the publishing house.

Also in 2013, CH Beck printed the Catholic prayer and hymn book Praise God in a first edition of 3.6 million copies.

Publishing group

Bookstore "Schweitzer range" on Lenbachplatz in Munich

CH Beck is a partner in the Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag , with whom he also cooperates on the legal text volumes Beck -tex in dtv and the popular advice books Beck-Rechtsberater in dtv , but also with the Beck-Wirtschaftsberater series in dtv .

Today (2013) the publishing group includes:

Publishing programs

The program for law as well as the cultural, historical and literary program aimed at different target groups, respectively. The publications of the two programs are managed independently under the common brand CH Beck: Editing, production, marketing and sales are available twice, and they work almost like independent publishers. The two areas also appear separately at book fairs.

CH Beck: Law, Taxes, Economics

The publishing house owes its preferred position in the market for legal literature, among other things, to the loose-leaf law collections Schönfelder and Sartorius , which were approved for several decades as the only aid in the legal state exams. The publisher publishes around 80 legal journals such as Neue Juristische Wochenschrift or Legal Schulung , as well as a number of economic journals .

Today the publisher has around 7,000 works in its range: including standard legal literature such as the Palandt commentaries on the BGB with subsidiary laws, Fischer on the penal code or Kopp / Schenke or Kopp / Ramsauer in administrative law, Schmidt on the income tax law , Schmidt-Futterer on tenancy law or the Creifelds legal dictionary . From the program of the subsidiary Vahlen, the comment fitting on the Works Constitution Act, which is widespread among works councils, should be mentioned. The Internet portal Beck-Online is also used by judges and public prosecutors as part of a cooperation agreement with some regional justice administrations, alongside competitor Juris .

CH Beck: literature, non-fiction, science

Wolfgang Beck called the branch he had managed for over 40 years as a "cultural studies publisher", and in the media he is described as "committed to a humanistic tradition". A presentation for the 2013 anniversary came to the conclusion: "With traditional educational knowledge, the publisher still achieves high print runs, which is not an easy task." Since February 2015, Wolfgang Beck's son Jonathan Beck has headed the division.

Important non-fiction and fiction authors of the publishing house are and were Peter-André Alt , Günther Anders , Kwame Anthony Appiah , Jan Assmann , Aleida Assmann , Kurt Bayertz , Hans Belting , Hermann Bengtson , Wolfgang Benz , Hartmut Bobzin , Nicholas Boyle , Michael Brenner , Jacob Burckhardt , Werner Busch , Pierre Teilhard de Chardin , Karl Christ , Manfred Clauss , Gordon A. Craig , Ernst-Otto Czempiel , Werner Dahlheim , Ralf Dahrendorf , Alexander Demandt , Heimito von Doderer , Arnold Esch , Kurt Flasch , Johannes Fried , Norbert Frei , Egon Friedell , Saul Friedländer , Horst Fuhrmann , Lothar Gall , Peter Gay , Hans-Dieter Gelfert , Friedrich-Wilhelm Graf , Alfred Grosser , Jacques Le Goff , Luca Giuliani , Heinz Halm , Arnold Hauser , Otfried Höffe , Werner Hofmann , Vittorio Hösle , Norbert Huse , Werner Huss , Ivan Illich , Dirk Kaesler , Sudhir Kakar , Navid Kermani , Walther Killy , Johannes Kunisch , Hermann Kurzke , Hansjörg Küster , Claus Leggewie , Jörn Leonhard , Ne il MacGregor , Hans Maier , Siegfried Mauser , Thomas Nipperdey , Paul Nolte , Érik Orsenna , Jürgen Osterhammel , Ulrich Raulff , Jan Philipp Reemtsma , Ludwig Reiners , Wolfgang Reinhard , Volker Reinhardt , Gerhard A. Ritter , Bernd Roeck , Wolfgang Röd , John CG Röhl , SAID , Willibald Sauerländer , Annemarie Schimmel , Carl Schneider , Günther Schiwy , Albrecht Schöne , Gerhard Schulz , Hagen Schulze , Albert Schweitzer , Amartya Sen , Hilal Sezgin , Wolfgang Sofsky , Oswald Spengler , Peter Sprengel , Fritz Stern , Erich Trunz , Ernst Tugendhat , Michael Theunissen , Gert Ueding , Johannes Volkelt , Hans-Ulrich Wehler , Harald Weinrich , Eberhard Weis , Richard von Weizsäcker , Uwe Wesel , Johannes Willms , Heinrich-August Winkler , Herwig Wolfram , Adam Zamoyski , Paul Zanker and Roberto Zapperi .

CH Beck Paperback

The beginnings of the series can be traced back to 1959, when it was still in black linen cover. From 1965 the paperback series was officially called the "black series". From 1987 this series no longer appeared in black cover and was called the Beck'sche series . Since January 2014 it has been called CH Beck Paperback . To date, more than 2,000 volumes have been published, including first editions and paperback editions of successful hardcover titles. The series contains some “longsellers” - for example, the ecological book In Search of Lost Happiness by Jean Liedloff or the books by folklorist Rolf Wilhelm Brednich have been in the program for decades. This series also includes scientific works and current political or social contributions to the discussion.

CH Beck knowledge

Volumes of the Beck series of knowledge

The CH Beck Wissen series was founded in 1995 as a sub- series of the Beck series . Topics are biographies, history, literature and language, medicine and psychology, music, nature and technology, philosophy, religion and art. In spring and autumn, 18 (initially only a dozen) new volumes are currently being published. Some of them are now in their 8th or 9th edition (for example Roman History by Klaus Bringmann and The Germanen by Herwig Wolfram ). New editions have been revised, supplemented or expanded. So far, more than 500 volumes have appeared in the series, which maintains market leadership in its segment and has a total circulation of more than five million copies. The most successful were:

The field of psychology / medicine is also extensive with 45 titles. In addition, the experiment started in 2003 with art historical titles was continued.

Hans-Ulrich Wehler worked on the topic of nationalism , the two rhetoric volumes are from Gert Ueding , Jutta Limbach wrote about the Federal Constitutional Court , Karl Christ about the Roman Empire and the excavation director in Olympia , Ulrich Sinn , about Olympia .

Historians such as Martin Jehne , Josef Wiesehöfer or Hartwin Brandt , who wrote the new handbook of classical studies , which deals with the Roman Empire and is also published by CH Beck, have started to write for the general public here.

In 2005 the series "The 101 Most Important Questions" followed, in which complex topics are bundled into 101 questions and answers; there are around 40 volumes here.

So far the following titles have appeared in the series (incomplete):

No. title author year Edition ISBN
2002 Colonialism. History, forms, consequences Jürgen Osterhammel 2012 8th edition (2017) 978-3-406-63980-7
2004 The Germans Herwig Wolfram 1995 9th edition (2009) 978-3-406-59004-7
2005 The Thirty-Year War Georg Schmidt 7th edition (2006) 978-3-406-49034-7
2009 Cleopatra Manfred Clauss 4th edition (2010) 978-3-406-39009-8
2012 Roman history. From the beginning to late antiquity Klaus Bringmann 10th edition (2008) 978-3-406-44812-6
2014 Greek history. From the beginning to Hellenism Detlef Lotze 1995 9th edition (2017) 978-3-406-72091-8
2018 Jewish history Kurt Schubert 8th edition (2017) 978-3-406-44918-5
2019 The revolution of 1848/49 Dieter Hein 5th edition (2015) 978-3-406-45119-5
2021 History of the Ottoman Empire Suraiya Faroqhi 6th edition (2014) 978-3-406-46021-0
2025 Carthage Werner Huss 4th edition (2008) 978-3-406-39825-4
2026 The Maya. History, culture, religion Berthold Riese 8th edition (2018) 978-3-406-72724-5
2028 The Medici. Florence in the age of the Renaissance Volker Reinhardt 5th edition (2013) 978-3-406-44028-1
2029 The seven world wonders. Legendary art and buildings of antiquity Kai Brodersen 7th edition (2006) 978-3-406-45329-8
2035 The aztecs Hans J. Prem 5th edition (2011) 978-3-406-45835-4
2040 The Etruscans. History, religion, art Friedhelm Prayon 6th edition (2017) 978-3-406-59812-8
2042 Constantine the great and his time Manfred Clauss 4th edition (2010) 978-3-406-59627-8
2043 Alexander the Great Hans-Joachim Gehrke 5th edition (2013) 978-3-406-41043-7
2044 Caesar Martin Jehne 5th edition (2015) 978-3-406-41044-4
2059 The early days of man. The way to Homo sapiens Friedemann Schrenk 5th edition (2008) 978-3-406-57703-1
2074 Athens in classical times Peter Funke 3rd edition (2007) 978-3-406-44574-3
2081 The Vikings Rudolf Simek 1998 6th edition (2016) 978-3-406-41881-5
2082 Witches. Belief, persecution, marketing Wolfgang Behringer 6th edition (2016) 978-3-406-41882-2
2083 Sparta. History, society, culture Ernst Baltrusch 1998 5th edition (2016) 978-3-406-41883-9
2084 Augustus and his time Werner Eck 5th edition (2009) 978-3-406-41884-6
2085 Byzantium. History of the Eastern Roman Empire Ralph-Johannes Lily 1999 6th edition (2014) 978-3-406-41885-3
2092 Hannibal Pedro Barceló 3rd edition (2007) 978-3-406-43292-7
2097 Marco Polo. Life and legend Marina Münkler 2nd edition (2015) 978-3-406-67682-6
2101 The Celts Alexander Demandt 8th edition (2015) 978-3-406-44798-3
2105 Nero Jürgen Malitz 3rd edition (2016) 978-3-406-65419-0
2106 Mystery Cults of Antiquity. Gods, people, rituals Hans Kloft 1999 4th edition (2010) 978-3-406-44606-1
2111 War of the Spanish Succession. 1701-1713 / 14 Matthias Schnettger 2014 978-3-406-66173-0
2120 Charlemagne Matthias Becher 2007 6th edition (2014) 978-3-406-43320-7
2130 Charles V emperor between the Middle Ages and modern times Luise Schorn-Schütte 3rd edition (2006) 978-3-406-44730-3
2131 The Hanseatic League Rolf Hammel-Kiesow 2008 5th edition (2014) 978-3-406-58352-0
2132 History of Roman Law Ulrich Manthe 5th edition (2016) 978-3-406-44732-7
2133 The Freemasons Helmut Reinalter 7th edition (2016) 978-3-406-44733-4
2136 The Romans in Germania Reinhard Wolters 2000 6th edition (2011) 978-3-406-44736-5
2146 The Ottonians Hagen Keller 5th edition (2017) 978-3-406-44746-4
2148 The 1000 most important dates in world history Klaus-Jürgen Matz 5th edition (2014)
2151 The end of antiquity. History of the late Roman Empire Hartwin Brandt 2001 5th edition (2017) 978-3-406-71842-7
2154 The Habsburgs. Dynasty and empires Heinz-Dieter Heimann 5th edition (2016) 978-3-406-44754-9
2155 The Roman Empire. From Augustus to Diocletian Karl Christ 4th edition (2011) 978-3-406-47052-3
2163 Time calculation. From the Sumerians to the Swatch Thomas Vogtherr 3rd edition (2012) 978-3-406-44763-1
2166 Troy. Archeology, history, myth Dieter Hertel 2001 3rd edition (2008) 978-3-406-44766-2
2169 Nationalism. History, forms, consequences Hans-Ulrich Wehler 4th edition (2016) 978-3-406-69271-0
2179 The Goths and their history Herwig Wolfram 2001 3rd edition (2010) 978-3-406-44779-2
2180 The Great Migration Klaus Rosen 4th edition (2009) 978-3-406-47980-9
2181 The Baiuwaren. From the Great Migration to Tassilo III. Wilhelm Störmer 2002
2184 History of zionism Michael Brenner 4th edition (2016) 978-3-406-47984-7
2185 The early Greek period. 2000 to 500 BC Chr. Karl-Wilhelm Welwei 2002 978-3-406-47985-4
2187 History of anti-Semitism Werner Bergmann 5th edition (2016) 978-3-406-47987-8
2188 The samurai Wolfgang Schwentker 3rd edition (2008) 978-3-406-47988-5
2189 History of africa Franz Ansprenger 4th edition (2016) 978-3-406-61530-6
2191 The renaissance in Italy. History and culture Volker Reinhardt 2006 3rd edition (2012) 978-3-406-47991-5
2193 The 101 most important people in world history Udo Sauter 2015 978-3-406-67947-6
2195 The valley of the kings Erik Hornung 2nd edition (2011) 978-3-406-47995-3
2302 Homer and his time Barbara Patzek 2nd edition (2009) 978-3-406-48002-7
2307 German history in the Middle Ages Andreas Wirsching 4th edition (2018) 978-3-406-72243-1
2308 Athenian democracy Angela Pabst 2nd edition (2010) 978-3-406-48008-9
2318 The Limes. Story of a border Egon Schallmayer 2007 3rd edition (2011) 978-3-406-48018-8
2323 Queen Luise. Life and legend Luise Schorn-Schütte 978-3-406-48023-2
2327 The Pirates Robert Bohn 3rd edition (2007) 978-3-406-48027-0
2328 The Assyrians. History, society, culture Eva Cancik-Cherry Tree 2003 3rd edition (2015) 978-3-406-50828-8
2331 The pyramids. Myth and Archeology Peter Jánosi 2nd edition (2010) 978-3-406-50831-8
2332 Justinian. Rule, empire and religion Mischa Meier 978-3-406-50832-5
2335 Gods and cults of the Teutons Rudolf Simek 2004 4th edition (2016) 978-3-406-50835-6
2336 Athens. History and archeology Ulrich Sinn 978-3-406-50836-3
2338 The crusades Peter Thorau 4th edition (2012) 978-3-406-50838-7
2340 The inquisition. Persecution of heretics in the Middle Ages and modern times Gerd Schwerhoff 3rd edition (2009) 978-3-406-50840-0
2341 Machu Picchu. The mysterious city of the Inca Berthold Riese 3rd edition (2018) 978-3-406-72855-6
2342 The Scythians Hermann Parzinger 3rd edition (2010) 978-3-406-50842-4
2347 The French revolution Hans-Ulrich Thamer 4th edition (2013) 978-3-406-50847-9
2348 Asia Minor in Antiquity. From the Hittites to Constantine Elmar Schwertheim 2nd edition (2011) 978-3-406-50848-6
2349 The Babylonians. History, society, culture Michael Jursa 2004 3rd edition (2015) 978-3-406-50849-3
2351 Mount Athos. History of a monastic republic Andreas Mueller 978-3-406-50851-6
2353 History of Pedagogy. From Plato to the present Winfried Bohm 4th edition (2013) 978-3-406-50853-0
2354 The silk road Thomas Höllmann 4th edition (2018) 978-3-406-72019-2
2356 History of the Balkans Edgar Hösch 4th edition (2017) 978-3-406-50856-1
2362 The Roman Republic. From the foundation to Augustus Martin Jehne 2006 3rd edition (2013) 978-3-406-50862-2
2363 The ice ages. Natural history and human history Hansjürgen Müller-Beck 2nd edition (2010) 978-3-406-50863-9
2364 Constantinople. History and archeology Peter Schreiber 2007 2nd edition (2015) 978-3-406-68420-3
2373 The Neanderthals Friedemann Schrenk u. Stephanie Müller 2nd edition (2010) 978-3-406-50873-8
2374 Sumerians and Akkadians. History, society, culture Gebhard Selz 2005 3rd edition (2016) 978-3-406-50874-5
2377 Stonehenge. Archeology, history, myth Bernhard Maier 2nd edition (2018) 978-3-406-71001-8
2379 The European nobility Walter Demel 2nd edition (2011) 978-3-406-50879-0
2386 Saladin. The Sultan and His Time 1138–1193 Hannes Möhring 2nd edition (2012) 978-3-406-50886-8
2387 Pompeii. Archeology and history Jens-Arne Dickmann 3rd edition (2017) 978-3-406-70267-9
2389 The Aborigines of Australia Gerhard Leitner 2nd edition (2010) 978-3-406-50889-9
2391 The Peloponnesian War Bruno Bleckmann 2nd edition (2016) 978-3-406-69880-4
2392 The Knights. History and culture Joachim Ehlers 2nd edition (2009) 978-3-406-50892-9
2393 The Hohenstaufen. Ruler and empire Goerich, Knut 3rd edition (2011) 978-3-406-53593-2
2394 Way of St. James. History and culture of a pilgrimage Klaus Herbers 3rd edition (2011) 978-3-406-53594-9
2396 Joan of Arc. The story of the Maid of Orleans Gerd Krumeich 2nd edition (2012) 978-3-406-53596-3
2397 The Salians. The first German royal house Johannes Laudage 4th edition (2017) 978-3-406-71606-5
2398 The emperors of the Middle Ages. From Charlemagne to Maximilian I. Bernd Schneidmüller 2006 3rd edition (2012) 978-3-406-53598-7
2399 The Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation. From the end of the Middle Ages to 1806 Barbara Stollberg-Rilinger 6th edition (2018) 978-3-406-72247-9
2403 The Mughal Empire. History and Culture of Muslim India Stephan Conermann 978-3-406-53603-8
2406 School history. From antiquity to the present Franz-Michael Konrad 2007 2nd edition (2012) 978-3-406-55492-6
2407 Ancient Rome. History and archeology Frank Kolb 2007 2nd edition (2010) 978-3-406-53607-6
2418 Ancient Jerusalem. Archeology and history Eckart Otto 2008 978-3-406-56881-7
2424 History of racism Christian Geulen 3rd edition (2017) 978-3-406-67796-0
2425 The Hittites Jörg Klinger 2007 2nd edition (2012) 978-3-406-53625-0
2426 The Hohenzollern Frank-Lothar Kroll 2008 978-3-406-53626-7
2428 The Teutonic Order Jürgen Sarnowsky 2nd edition (2012) 978-3-406-53628-1
2431 Ancient Delphi Michael Maass 2007 978-3-406-53631-1
2433 The Huns Timo Stickler 2007 978-3-406-53633-5
2438 The Sephardi. History and Culture of the Spanish Jews Georg Bossong 2008 2nd edition (2016) 978-3-406-56238-9
2440 Cicero. Orator, statesman, philosopher Wilfried Stroh 3rd edition (2015) 978-3-406-56240-2
2441 Akhenaten Hermann A. Schlögl 2008 978-3-406-56241-9
2444 The Phoenicians. History and culture Michael Sommer 2008 978-3-406-56244-0
2447 Ancient military history Leonhard Burckhardt 2008 2nd edition (2016) 978-3-406-56247-1
2448 German colonial history Sebastian Conrad 2008 3rd edition (2016) 978-3-406-56248-8
2451 The American Civil War Michael Hochgeschwender 2010 2nd edition (2013) 978-3-406-56251-8
2457 The Varus Battle Günther Moosbauer 2009 2nd edition (2010) 978-3-406-56257-0
2458 The Wittelsbachers. From the Middle Ages to the present Hans-Michael Körner 2nd edition (2015) 978-3-406-56258-7
2461 The Windsors. History of a dynasty Peter Alter 2009 978-3-406-56261-7
2463 Women's movement and feminism. A story since 1789 Ute Gerhard 3rd edition (2018) 978-3-406-71841-0
2466 The druids Bernhard Maier 2009 978-3-406-56266-2
2467 Imperium Romanum: History of the Roman Provinces Eckhard Meyer-Zwiffelhoffer 2009 2nd edition (2017) 978-3-406-56267-9
2469 John Calvin. Life and work of the reformer Christoph Strohm 2009 978-3-406-56269-3
2472 The Templars Jürgen Sarnowsky 2nd edition (2018) 978-3-406-71005-6
2475 The Hundred Years War Joachim Ehlers 2009 2nd edition (2012) 978-3-406-56275-4
2476 Bismarck Eberhard Kolb 2009 2nd edition (2014) 978-3-406-56276-1
2481 History of Istanbul. From antiquity to the present Klaus Kreiser 2010 978-3-406-58781-8
2484 Metternich. Statesman between restoration and modernity Wolfram Siemann 2010 2nd edition (2013) 978-3-406-58784-9
2485 The seven wise men. Life, Lessons and Legends Johannes Engels 2010 978-3-406-58785-6
2487 Freiherr vom Stein. Prussia's reformer and his time Heinz Duchhardt 2010 978-3-406-58787-0
2491 Hiroshima. History and post-history Florian Coulmas 2010 978-3-406-58791-7
2492 Pope Gregory VII. Church reform and investiture dispute Rudolf Schieffer 2010 978-3-406-58792-4
2495 The German Confederation. 1815-1866 Wolf D. Gruner 2012 978-3-406-58795-5
2703 History of Latin America. From the earliest cultures to the present day Stefan Rinke 2nd edition (2014) 978-3-406-60693-9
2704 The Seven Years War. A world war in the 18th century Marian Füssel 2nd edition (2013) 978-3-406-60695-3
2705 The Persian Wars Wolfgang Will 2010 978-3-406-60696-0
2707 Sinti and Roma. History of a minority Karola Fings 2016 978-3-406-69848-4
2708 Gods and Myths of the Ancient Orient Manfred Krebernik 2012 978-3-406-60522-2
2709 The Piasts. Poland in the Middle Ages Eduard Mühle 2011 978-3-406-61137-7
2710 The Stuarts. History of a dynasty Ronald G. Asch 2011 978-3-406-61189-6
2713 Occultism. Secret doctrines, belief in spirits, magical practices Sabine Doering-Manteuffel 2011 978-3-406-61220-6
2715 Dracula. Life and legend Heiko Haumann 2011 978-3-406-61214-5
2718 History of alchemy Claus Priesner 2011 978-3-406-61601-3
2719 Ludwig II of Bavaria Hermann Rumschöttel 2011 978-3-406-61216-9
2722 History of seafaring Robert Bohn 2011 978-3-406-62375-2
2728 The Anglo-Saxons Harald Kleinschmidt 2011 978-3-406-62137-6
2730 The Mongols. From Genghis Khan to today Karénina Kollmar-Paulenz 2011 978-3-406-62133-8
2731 Frederick the Great Johannes Kunisch 2011 2nd edition (2012) 978-3-406-62141-3
2737 The johanniter. A religious order of knights in the Middle Ages and modern times Jürgen Sarnowsky 2011 978-3-406-62239-7
2740 Pergamon. History, culture, archeology Martin Zimmermann 2011 978-3-406-62139-0
2741 The Borgia. Story of a scary family Volker Reinhardt 2011 3rd edition (2013) 978-3-406-62665-4
2745 The feudal system Steffen Patzold 2012 978-3-406-63235-8
2746 The Merovingians Martina Hartmann 2012 978-3-406-63307-2
2751 Numbers. History, laws, secrets Albrecht Beutelspacher 2013 2nd edition (2015) 978-3-406-64871-7
2755 The Normans Hubert Houben 2012
2756 History of Venice Arne Karsten 2012 978-3-406-63815-2
2757 The Red Cross. History of a world humanitarian movement Daniel-Erasmus Khan 2013 978-3-406-64712-3
2760 Early Modern History Thomas Maissen 2nd edition (2018) 978-3-406-72092-5
2761 Global migration. History and present Jochen Oltmer 3rd edition (2016) 978-3-406-69890-3
2762 Emperor Friedrich II. Olaf B. Rader 2012 978-3-406-64050-6
2763 Nefertiti. The truth about the beautiful queen Hermann A. Schlögl 2012 2nd edition (2013) 978-3-406-63725-4
2767 Robin Hood. Story of a legend Andrew James Johnston 2013 978-3-406-64541-9
2768 The Cossacks. History and legends Andreas Kappeler 2013 978-3-406-64676-8
2773 History of Florence Volker Reinhardt 2013 978-3-406-64511-2
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2829 Sisi. Life and legend of an empress Michaela u. Karl Vocelka 2014 978-3-406-66089-4
2830 The Guelphs. From the Middle Ages to the present Thomas Vogtherr 2014 978-3-406-66177-8
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2877 Mesopotamia. The early civilizations on the Euphrates and Tigris Karen Radner 2017 978-3-406-71406-1
2881 The vandals Konrad Vössing 2018 978-3-406-71881-6


The publisher has had a program of contemporary literature since 1999. It thus ties in with an older program tradition that was previously maintained by the Biederstein Verlag. Martin Hielscher has headed the program since 2001 . The authors of the program include a. Gilbert Adair , Aravind Adiga , Ernst Augustin , Nico Bleutge , Kurt Drawert , Catalin Dorian Florescu , David Foenkinos , Paula Fox , Sabine Gruber , Thomas Lang , Jonas Lüscher , Michael Maar , Adolf Muschg , Dirk von Petersdorff , Hans Pleschinski , Norbert Scheuer , Jochen Schmidt , Charles Simmons , Michael Stavarič , Benjamin Stein and Tina Uebel .


In the literature - non-fiction - science publishing section, a number of magazines appear, including "Kultur & Technik", the in-house magazine of the Deutsches Museum , " Gnomon ", the "Journal of Modern European History" and the " Zeitschrift für die Ideengeschichte ".

Internet offer is the German online bookstore of the C.-H.-Beck-Verlag, which specializes in the subjects of law, taxes and economics. Books, CDs, DVDs and magazines from all publishers are also available for delivery. Customer service consists of specialist booksellers. The program is supplemented by additional services such as B. a new publication service, thematic compilations of new publications and new editions, information about newly published books as well as special prices and subscriptions.

In 2012, the Mittelstand initiative awarded the IT innovation prize “Best of 2012” in the eCommerce category. The online shop is also one of the top 5 booksellers with the greatest customer satisfaction. This was the result of a survey of over 10,000 customers carried out by the Institute for Retail Research in 2011 and published in 2012.

In addition, Beck-Blog is offered as a scientifically oriented legal blog .

Beck Academy

Since the beginning of the 1990s, CH Beck has been offering seminars for basic, advanced and advanced training for lawyers and tax consultants. Several providers specializing in one topic operate under the umbrella brand BeckAkademie:

  • BeckAkademie AWS: Founding member of the BeckAkademie. AWS has been active in the field of training, further education and training in tax law since the 1980s.
  • BeckAkademie Seminars: Founding member of the BeckAkademie and provider of legal training measures for lawyers, auditors, tax consultants and management
  • BeckAkademie correspondence courses: certified correspondence course for club / professional support
  • BeckAkademie legal courses: revision course for students and trainees
  • BeckAkademie Taxnews: Seminars for tax and business law


  • Publishing catalog of the C. H. Beckschen publishing bookstore Oskar Beck in Munich. 1763-1913. With a historical introduction. Published to celebrate the company's 150th anniversary . CH Beck'sche Verlagsbuchhandlung, Munich 1913.
  • The aqueduct. A yearbook published in the 175th year of the C. H. Beck'schen Verlagsbuchhandlung 1763/1938. Beck, Munich / Berlin 1938.
  • The aqueduct: 1763–1988. An almanac from C. H. Beck in the 225th year of its existence. Beck, Munich 1988, ISBN 3-406-33197-1 .
  • The world in the book. Small chronicle of the publishing house C. H. Beck. 1763-2013 . CH Beck, Munich 2013.
  • Albert Heinrich: Bibliography Verlag CH Beck 1913–1988. For the 225th anniversary of the CH Beck publishing house. Biederstein-Verlag 1946–1988, Verlag Franz Vahlen 1970–1988. Beck, Munich 1988, ISBN 3-406-33198-X .
  • Portrait of lawyers. Publisher and authors in 4 decades. Festschrift for the 225th anniversary of the CH Beck publishing house . CH Beck, Munich 1088.
  • Stefan Rebenich : C. H. BECK 1763-2013. The cultural studies publisher and its history. Beck, Munich 2013, ISBN 978-3-406-65400-8 .
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  • Uwe Wesel : 250 years of legal publishing C. H. Beck. 1763-2013. Beck, Munich 2013, ISBN 978-3-406-65634-7 .
  • Dietmar Willoweit (Ed.): Law and legal literature in the 20th century. With contributions to the development of the CH Beck publishing house. Beck, Munich 2007, ISBN 978-3-406-55820-7 .

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