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Siegfried Mauser (born November 3, 1954 in Straubing ) is a German pianist and musicologist . Among other things, he performs as an interpreter of 20th century piano works, particularly by Paul Hindemith , Wilhelm Killmayer and Wolfgang Rihm . Mauser was convicted of sexual offenses in multiple court cases in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019.


Siegfried Mauser studied school music and piano at the Munich University of Music and Theater with Rosl Schmid and Alfons Kontarsky , as well as philosophy and art history at the universities of Munich and Salzburg. In 1981 he received his doctorate in musicology from the University of Salzburg .

From 1983 to 1987 Mauser taught as professor for piano and chamber music at the University of Music in Würzburg . He then moved to the Mozarteum Salzburg as a professor of musicology ; there he founded a research institute for musical hermeneutics in 1989 . In 2002 he was appointed professor of musicology at the University of Music and Performing Arts Munich , which he headed from 2003 to 2014 as rector (from October 1, 2007 with the official title of "President"). In addition, he led a class for song design there and supervised the institute for musicology.

From October 2014 to June 2016, Mauser succeeded Reinhart von Gutzeit as Rector of the Mozarteum University in Salzburg . From 2002 to 2016 he was director of the music department at the Bavarian Academy of Fine Arts .

The list of Mausers CD recordings includes: a. all piano works by Paul Hindemith , Alexander Zemlinsky and Karl Amadeus Hartmann , all piano sonatas by W. A Mozart , piano music by Claude Debussy , Wolfgang Rihm , Wilhelm Killmayer and chamber music by Günter Bialas and Paul Hindemith, as well as songs, e.g. B. by Gustav Mahler (with Siegfried Jerusalem ).

Siegfried Mauser is married to the soprano and actress Amélie Sandmann for the second time , the couple lives in Munich.

On his 65th birthday, the festival publication Understanding Music - Interpreting Music was published by Königshausen & Neumann . She was heavily criticized because the authors did not address Mauser's crimes. The introduction by the editors Dieter Borchmeyer , Susanne Popp and Wolfram Steinbeck was viewed particularly critically , in which it says: “His visions and his irrepressible thirst for action, the contagious spontaneity and inspiring vitality have earned him some criticism - and his sometimes the limits of bienséance transcending earth-embracing eros has had serious legal consequences for him ”, which was interpreted as“ washing the offender clean ”.

Criminal proceedings

On May 13, 2016, Mauser was sentenced by the Munich District Court to sexual assault of a colleague, harpsichordist Christine Schornsheim , to one year and three months' imprisonment and a fine of 25,000 euros. Mauser appealed against the judgment calling for the Munich District Court I one; On April 26, 2017, the second instance confirmed the main features of the district court's judgment, but reduced the prison sentence to nine months, which was suspended. Both the Munich public prosecutor's office and Siegfried Mauser appealed against the appeal judgment ; the latter was rejected by the Munich Higher Regional Court in September 2018. After the public prosecutor's request for revision has been withdrawn, the judgment is final.

In 2017, more legal charges against Mauser came to light, one for rape and one for triple sexual assault. Mauser was acquitted of the rape charge on May 16, 2018, but sentenced to two years and nine months imprisonment in three cases of sexual assault on a woman. The trial at the Regional Court of Munich I lasted 19 days; 32 witnesses were heard as part of the criminal procedure. In the proceedings on the revision requests from the public prosecutor's office, ancillary complaint and defense, the BGH fully confirmed the judgment of the Regional Court of Munich I on October 9, 2019 on the basis of the oral hearing on September 17, 2019, making it legally binding.

Public discussion

The ruling of the Munich District Court in the first trial in 2016 sparked controversy among the German public. In the criminal complaint against Mauser, the writer Hans Magnus Enzensberger identified an act of retaliation for the fact that the former rector of the Munich University of Music did not promote certain female employees in their careers: “Women whose advances are rejected are like treacherous teller mines. You should never underestimate your vengeance. ”In contrast, Patrick Bahners (FAZ) argued that the district court had heard the statements of 16 witnesses; According to Bahners, mere personal acquaintance could hardly give Enzensberger and other friends of Mauser a more solid basis for assessing what was going on at the university. In a speech at the Phil.Cologne philosophy festival on May 21, 2016, Peter Sloterdijk described Mauser's condemnation as an alarming signal of an increasingly hysterical “neo-Puritan” zeitgeist that threatens to undermine the achievements of sexual liberation since the 1960s and 1970s. Alluding to this, Mauser expressed the hope during the appeal hearing that he would not become “a victim of the zeitgeist”.

The charges and convictions of Mauser were also discussed in the music press. In an article for the magazine crescendo, the composer Moritz Eggert compared the artist with the court jester ; although he has the right to at least virtually exhaust mutual consideration and respect, this does not entitle him to commit actual crimes. An alleged “sexual repression” does not exist, although the awareness of injustices and the use of psychological or physical violence has changed. He summed up: “Are artists allowed to do everything? No. Only in art. "

The Munich University of Music and Theater responded to the Mauser case with stricter measures against sexual harassment. In 2018, the incumbent President Bernd Redmann expressly rejected claims by the publicist Nike Wagner that it was a “malicious intrigue” and that Mauser was the victim of a “witch hunt”. Even great art does not protect people from committing criminal acts. Redmann referred to the final conviction of Mauser as a result of sexual offenses and made it clear that attempts of this kind to relativize all victims of sexual harassment and violence discredited.

Siegfried Mauser's wife, Amélie Sandmann- Mauser, publicly stood behind her husband after the conviction in 2018. She disseminated allegations that criminal proceedings are pending against her at the Munich District Court; it is about the offense of "defamation" (§ 186 StGB).

In 2019, the poet and former publisher Michael Krüger moved into the focus of critical perception because of his support for Mauser in the poem How everything is connected .




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