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Salzburg news
description Austrian daily newspaper
publishing company Salzburger Nachrichten Verlagsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG
First edition June 7, 1945
Frequency of publication daily except Sunday and public holidays
Sold edition 67,245 copies
( ÖAK , annual average 2017)
Range 0.263 million readers
( MA 2017)
Editor-in-chief Manfred Perterer
editor Max Dasch
Web link
Article archive until 1948
ISSN (print)
ISSN (online)
Aerial view of the Salzburg press center

The Salzburger Nachrichten (SN) is an Austrian daily newspaper . They appear on weekdays in the Berlin format . The SN are based in the Salzburg press center, which they operate with mediaprint and the Kronen Zeitung .


The beginnings

The "Salzburger Nachrichten" appeared for the first time on June 7, 1945 as one of the first daily newspapers in Austria after the Second World War . The SN were published by the Information Service Branch (ISB) of General Eisenhower's 12th Army Corps. At this point in time they had the subtitle "Published by the 12th Army Group for the Austrian population". The first issues only consisted of two pages because of the paper allocation and the price at that time was 15  pfennigs .

On October 20, Max Dasch , at that time director of the Salzburger Druckerei (since 1937), and Gustav Canaval received Permit S1, the license to publish the newspaper, and on Tuesday, October 23, 1945, the “Salzburger Nachrichten” appeared for the first time as an independent Austrian daily newspaper with an average length of four pages.

The American press officers had stipulated that 50% of the newspaper's net income would be used for reconstruction and cultural purposes, 25% for company staff, and another 25% for building financial reserves. To control independent, democratically oriented reporting and to determine the recipients of the funding, the association “Kuratorium Salzburger Nachrichten” was created in 1946, a committee of twelve people chaired by Governor Albert Hochleitner . The board of trustees was only active until about 1948 and was dissolved in 1954. After the end of the occupation in 1956, the regulation was canceled, according to which 50% of the profit should be used for charitable purposes; this money was only distributed until 1948. Profit sharing for employees ended in 1956.

Construction and technological developments

In 1983 the changeover from lead to light typesetting takes place. The title of “Salzburger Nachrichten” has been published in blue since February 1983. In 1987 the conversion to the in-house typesetting system followed. The print preparation or printing remains with the Salzburg printing company.

On March 1, 1989, the SN appeared with its own Austria edition and local reporting for Salzburg was expanded. From this point on, the SN (as well as the “ Kleine Zeitung ”, the “ Oberösterreichische Nachrichten ”, the “ Neue Vorarlberger Tageszeitung ”, the “ Tiroler Tageszeitung ”, the “ Vorarlberger Nachrichten ” and the weekly newspaper “ Niederösterreichische Nachrichten ”) had the television and radio magazine “tele”, which was also published by the carrier media.

In October 1991 the printing center on Karolingerstrasse was completed. The printing center is run by an operating company, 50% of which are owned by the publishing companies of SN and Mediaprint. The new publishing house was completed on August 12, 1994 and the SN moved from Bergstrasse in Salzburg's old town to Karolingerstrasse.

From 1995 the “Salzburger Nachrichten” appeared in two formats: The Austria edition (again with the subtitle “Independent Newspaper for Austria”) remains in the familiar Berlin format. The newly designed local section for Salzburg appears in half-Berlin format. This is included in the main edition in the state of Salzburg and in the neighboring districts in Upper Austria and has been expanded to include the areas of culture, business and sport from the city and the country.

On March 5, 1997, the Internet offer at went live. In 1999 the SN introduced the " Computer to Plate " technology. With this, finished newspaper pages are played directly on the printing plate , the time-consuming preparation and exposure of the printing plates is no longer an intermediate step. This enabled even more up-to-date information due to a later editorial deadline.

Together with the Cuban Mario Garcia , who by that time had already advised 410 newspapers around the world, the SN underwent a major relaunch in 2008. The sequence of pages with more space for reporting on Austria has been restructured and the appearance, legibility and clarity have been improved and modernized.

In 2012, a new printing press was installed, the KBA Commander from König & Bauer . The new dimension in web offset technology opened up space for new products, for the local section to be printed in half-Berlin format and thus for deliveries to all of Austria in the same topicality as the main edition in Berlin format. With a height of 12 m, a length of 16 m and a width of 8 m, it was more economical in terms of space and could manage up to 45,000 copies per hour.

Maximilian Dasch , the publisher's son of the same name, joined the management team on September 2, 2013, where he had been an assistant for four years.

In 2017 became the new web portal All offers are thus united under the umbrella brand “Salzburger Nachrichten”. The change of address is also used to revise the content, technology and appearance. The page should reflect the SN's catalog of values: clear, relevant, profound, analytical, serious, valuable in terms of content. The website uses a self-learning system from, which works with neural networks and artificial intelligence . With "SN Plus" the paid offer was further developed.

Details of the newspaper

The Salzburger Nachrichten is a national Austrian daily newspaper with a distribution focus in the state of Salzburg . According to an Austrian media analysis , two thirds of SN readers are in the state of Salzburg. For this readership, the SN are the primary providers of information, analysis and commentary. For the readership outside Salzburg, that is around 100,000 people, the Salzburger Nachrichten has an important function as a medium that presents alternative and complementary points of view, especially in the areas of politics, business, science and culture. Above all, the undisputed regional information competence is also increasingly being used in the internet portal .

During the week, the daily newspaper consists of four national books and a small-format local section for Salzburg. The first book is the politics part. The following large-format sections of the newspaper open with the topics of culture, business and sport. Further sections are Austria Chronicle, Media, World Chronicle and Knowledge / Health. In the Saturday edition there is the supplement “Weekend” with background reports (“Cause & Effect”) as well as key topics such as tourism , “ Climate Change ”, “Spirit & World” as well as culinary art and the “Citizens” page. The weekend also features career, real estate and mobility reports and ads. Reports under the title SNuppi are aimed specifically at children and are printed in larger font for better readability.

The newspaper maintains its own Vienna editorial team under the direction of Andreas Koller , who is also the deputy editor-in-chief . Thomas Wizany acts as the newspaper's cartoonist .

Circulation and range

The sold circulation in 2017 was 67,245 copies, of which 62,356 were subscriptions. According to an Austrian media analysis, it has 263,000 readers (3.6 percent reach) and reaches 166,000 in the state of Salzburg. This results in a range of 35.7 percent in the state of Salzburg. According to Austrian web analysis (ÖWA), the online offer of the “Salzburger Nachrichten” (“SN Online Network”) reached an average of 1,235,000 unique clients , 4.6 million visits and over 42.3 million page views per month in 2017 .

Editorial policy

In the legal notice of the SN it says about the editorial policy :

“The 'Salzburger Nachrichten' is a politically independent daily newspaper, committed to the Christian worldview, and is indispensable for the freedom of the individual. The 'Salzburger Nachrichten' is against any totalitarian form of rule, respects the human rights declared by the UN and is committed to a neutral, democratic Austria, the rule of law and the system of social market economy. The 'Salzburger Nachrichten' see the fulfillment of their task of providing information and control as an essential contribution to a democratic society. The freedom of journalists to work to the best of their knowledge and belief is guaranteed by the publisher. "

In general, the newspaper is perceived as Christian - liberal .


Further periodical products from the SN media group

  • “Salzburg Week”. The “Salzburg Week” forms a ring of weekly newspapers in the state of Salzburg. This consists of the titles “Stadt Nachrichten”, “Flachgauer Nachrichten”, “Tennengauer Nachrichten”, “Pongauer Nachrichten”, “Pinzgauer Nachrichten” and “Lungauer Nachrichten”. It is distributed every Thursday as a supplement in the respective daily edition of the “Salzburger Nachrichten”. It is delivered to every household once a month.
  • "Salzburg Window". The “Salzburg Window” is a free weekly newspaper in the city of Salzburg, Flachgau and Tennengau.
  • "Hello Neighbor!". This regional weekly newspaper appears free of charge and is usually delivered every fortnight to households in the Bavarian border area with Salzburg.
  • "Immo Extra": appears ten times a year as a supplement to the "Salzburger Nachrichten" in Salzburg and Upper Austria.
  • "Dahoam" is a magazine with a homeland reference that appears throughout Austria as a supplement to the "Salzburger Nachrichten". It appears four times a year.
  • “Auf da Roas” is a magazine for leisure and travel that appears throughout Austria as a supplement to “Salzburger Nachrichten” and appears four times a year.
  • “Salome” is a glossy magazine for fashion, interiors and travel that is included in the “Salzburger Nachrichten” in the state of Salzburg. It appears four times a year.
  • "Salzburg 100" is a glossy magazine for leisure and lifestyle in the central area of ​​Salzburg (city, Flachgau, Tennengau). It appears twice a year.


Salzburger Nachrichten Verlagsgesellschaft mbH & Co KG holds shares in the following media companies:

  • Tele Zeitungsverlagsgesellschaft mbH & Co KG, Vienna, at 9.3%. The object of the company is the publication of the television magazine " tele ".
  • APA Austria Press Agency , Vienna, at 2.9%. The object of the company is the creation and dissemination of news of all kinds, in particular news services.

Dasch Vermögensverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH, Kaindl-Hönig Vermögensverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH and Salzburger Nachrichten Verlagsgesellschaft mbH hold 55.4% and 43.6% and 1% shares in MEDIEN Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG.

MEDIEN Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH & Co KG is in turn involved in the following media companies:

  • Salzburger Verlagshaus GmbH, Salzburg, 100%. Object of the company: Publication of the weekly newspapers "Stadtnachrichten", "Flachgauer Nachrichten", "Tennengauer Nachrichten", "Pongauer Nachrichten", "Pinzgauer Nachrichten" and the "Lungauer Nachrichten"
  • Salzburg Digital GmbH, Salzburg, 100%. Digital agency in the area of ​​online marketing, digital classifieds and the operation of the platform
  • Media Service Bavaria GmbH, 100%. Object of the company: Marketing of print products from SVH ("Salzburger Verlagshaus GmbH") in Bavaria.
  • Conova communications GmbH, jointly 50% each with Salzburg AG for energy, traffic and telecommunications. Object of operation: IT service.
  • Salzburg Logistik Gesellschaft mbH & Co. KG, jointly 50% each with Mediaprint Zeitungs- und Zeitschriftenverlag GmbH & Co KG. Object of operation: home delivery of daily newspapers. In addition to the main titles Salzburger Nachrichten, Salzburg-Krone and Kurier, Salzburg Logistik also delivers third-party publications such as Oberösterreichische Nachrichten, Die Presse, Der Standard, Neues Volksblatt Linz, Tiroler Tageszeitung, Profil, Format and Trend, but also foreign daily newspapers such as the Süddeutsche Zeitung .
  • Druckzentrum Salzburg Betriebsgesellschaft mbH, 50% each together with Mediaprint Zeitungs- und Zeitschriftenverlag GmbH & Co KG. Object of the company: Printing of newspapers in large and small formats, newspaper supplements and special formats.

Dasch Vermögensverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH holds 55.4%, Kaindl-Hönig Vermögensverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH holds 43.6% and Salzburger Nachrichten Verlagsgesellschaft mbH holds 1% of Salzburger Nachrichten Immobilien- und Dienstleistungsgesellschaft mbH & Co KG.

Events and SN events

At the SN’s annual Leonidas Sports Gala, Salzburg’s top athletes and celebrities from sport, politics, business and culture meet at the SN’s invitation to vote for Salzburg’s Sportsman of the Year. Athletes, trainers and rookies of the year are elected. The SN also award a Leonidas for life's work in sport. The SN sports gala has been held since 1985, as Leonidas sports gala since 2007.

Business run: together with partners, the SN organize the country's largest business event once a year. 4000 participants run together in company teams. The first business run took place in 2007 in Rif near Salzburg. In 2017, the race was set in the old town of Salzburg for the first time.

Once a year, the SN network employers and jobseekers with the all-day SN career forums in Salzburg and Linz as well as the “career forum for teaching” in Salzburg.

The SN-Saal is used as an event hall for an extensive series of discussions, editorial theme evenings, health lectures and events. There are also in-house fairs such as Readers' Travel Day or Volunteer Day.

SN advantage club

The SN Advantage Club was opened on November 30, 2011. With the “SNCard”, members receive offers and discounts from a wide variety of areas. Subscribers who have a paid, unlimited subscription are automatically and free of charge members of the benefits club.


The brand family consists of the print product “Salzburger Nachrichten” and its digital platforms, the online portal and the SN app for smartphones and tablets. This presence is supplemented by the social media presence on Facebook , Twitter , Instagram and YouTube as well as various themed supplements and guides.


The journalists of the “Salzburger Nachrichten” have received numerous prestigious awards in the past.

The print medium itself also received many awards. The newspaper has already received the “Europe's Best Designed Newspaper Award” in various categories several times.

Journalists' awards since 1994

year Award
1994 Martin Behr : Domestic Critics' Prize ("Styrian Autumn")
1997 Veronika Canaval and Gertraud Leimüller : Hartmann Prize (from the VAÖ Association of Austrian Trade Journalists)
1999 Josef Bruckmoser : Leopold Kunschak Press Prize
2000 Andreas Koller : Kurt Vorhofer Prize (journalists' union, PSK, Kleine Zeitung)
Gerhard Schwischei : Hans Kronberg Environmental Journalist Award (EU MP Hans Kronberger)
2001 Gerhard Steininger receives the Leopold Kunschak Press Prize and the René Marcic Prize in the same year
2005 Andreas Koller is represented by the specialist magazine “Der Österr. Journalist ”was voted“ best domestic journalist ”of the year for the first time
2006 Gertraud Leimüller: "MedienLÖWIN 2006" for print reports 2005, proclaimed by Congress initiator Maria Schaumayer, Minister for Women Maria Rauch-Kallat and the Federation of Industrialists
Inge Baldinger receives the main prize for journalistic achievements in the interests of families - family 2006 (Ministry of Social Affairs, Austrian family associations)
Sylvia Wörgetter and Inge Baldinger are awarded the Austrian State Prize for Journalistic Achievements in the Interest of Young People (Federal Ministry)
2007 SN cartoonist Thomas Wizany receives the René Marcic Prize
Inge Baldinger receives the recognition award for outstanding reporting on people with disabilities in working life and in the economy (Austrian Civil Invalids Association)
Andreas Koller receives the first recognition award of the Austrian Constitutional Prize (Independent Constitutional Forum) for his "critical and constructive reporting on the subject of fundamental rights and freedoms in Austria"
Gudrun Doringer is chosen as the best local journalist in Salzburg ("The Eastern Journalist")
Andreas Koller: best domestic political journalist in Austria ("The Eastern Journalist")
2008 Fritz Peßl is awarded the Alfred Worm Prize
Sylvia Wörgetter receives the Valentin-Ladenbauer-Journalistenpreis of the Upper Austrian Chamber of Pharmacists
Barbara Morawec : "Medal of Merit" for special services to nature and environmental protection (International Lions Movement)
2009 Andreas Koller: best domestic political journalist in Austria ("The Eastern Journalist")
Inge Baldinger: Leopold-Ungar-Acknowledgment Prize (Caritas and Raiffeisen)
2010 Tanja Warter : Press award from the Austrian Veterinary Chamber
Trude Kaindl-Hönig : Honorary Promenteus for tireless commitment to people in mental and social emergencies (ProMente and Children's Soul Aid)
Karl Heinz Ritschel : Recognition Prize for Lifetime Achievement (Cultural Fund of the City of Salzburg)
Andreas Koller: Journalist of the Year and Best Domestic Political Journalist of the Year ("The Eastern Journalist")
2011 Stefan Veigl : "Journalism Prize from Below" (poverty conference)
2012 Christian Resch : best local journalist in Salzburg ("The Eastern Journalist")
Andreas Koller: René Marcic Prize (State of Salzburg)
Franz Mayrhofer and Werner Thuswaldner are awarded the city seal in silver for services to the city of Salzburg (City of Salzburg)
2013 Andreas Koller: best domestic political journalist in Austria ("The Eastern Journalist")
Heidi Huber : best local journalist in Salzburg ("The Eastern Journalist")
Christian Resch: best local journalist in Salzburg ("The Eastern Journalist")
2014 Andreas Koller: best domestic political journalist in Austria ("The Eastern Journalist")
Karin Portenkirchner : best local journalist in Salzburg ("The Eastern Journalist")
2015 Hedwig Kainberger : Bank Austria Art Prize for Cultural Journalism (Bank Austria)
Karin Zauner : best local journalist in Salzburg ("The Eastern Journalist")
2016 Alexander Purger : IRE Journalist Prize (Institute of the Regions of Europe)
Hedwig Kainberger: René Marcic Prize (State of Salzburg)
2017 Ronald Barazon : Julius Raab Medal in Gold (Austrian Chamber of Commerce)
Andreas Koller: best domestic journalist of the year 2016 ("The Eastern Journalist")
Sylvia Wörgetter: best local journalist in Salzburg ("The Eastern Journalist")
2018 Andreas Koller: First place for the eighth time as "best domestic journalist of the year 2017" ("The Eastern Journalist")

Awards of the print edition of the "Salzburger Nachrichten"

year Award
2001 The SN-Sport is awarded for the "best ski coverage in Europe" (from Club 5, IV of the 10 largest World Cup organizers)
2007 SN weekend: Award of Excellence (European Newspaper Awards)
2008 SN weekend: Award of Excellence (European Newspaper Awards)
SN overall concept and SN weekend: 4 Awards of Excellence (European Newspaper Awards)
2011 "Salzburg Pur": 3 Awards of Excellence in the Magazine category (European Newspaper Awards)
SN weekend: 2 Awards of Excellence (European Newspaper Awards)
2012 "Salzburg Pur": 3 Awards of Excellence in the Magazine category (European Newspaper Awards)
SN Christmas supplement and SN weekend: 4 Awards of Excellence (European Newspaper Awards)
2013 "Salzburg Pur": Award of Excellence Magazine category (European Newspaper Awards)
SN weekend: 2 Awards of Excellence (European Newspaper Awards)
2014 "Salzburg Pur": Award of Excellence Magazine category (European Newspaper Awards)
Weekend supplement at the turn of the year, SN weekend: 8 Awards of Excellence (European Newspaper Awards)
2015 SN and SN supplements: 9 Awards of Excellence (European Newspaper Awards)
2017 SN weekend: 4 Awards of Excellence (European Newspaper Awards)
SN special supplement "Aufbruch": Award of Excellence (European Newspaper Awards)
SN platform "Real Estate" nomination for "Immo Award 2017" ("Real Estate Platform of the Year")
2018 SN weekend, SN special supplement "On the Net" and SN series "What if ...": 7 Awards of Excellence (European Newspaper Awards)

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