Upper Austrian news

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Upper Austrian news
description Austrian daily newspaper
publishing company OÖN Redaktion GmbH & Co KG
First edition June 11, 1945
Frequency of publication every day except Sunday
Sold edition 105,179 copies
( ÖAK , 1st half of 2017)
Range 0.383 million readers
( MA 13/14)
Editor-in-chief Gerald Mandlbauer
editor Rudolf Andreas Cuturi
Web link www.nachrichten.at
ZDB 1078555-3
Editorial building and headquarters of OÖN on the promenade in Linz
OÖN printing center in Pasching

The sheet Upper Austrian News (OÖN or OÖNachrichten) is a national subscription - daily newspaper based in Linz . It appears in the Berlin format .


The daily was first published on June 11, 1945 on the initiative of the American occupation forces, which were also responsible for the first edition of the Salzburger Nachrichten (June 7, 1945), the Tiroler Tageszeitung (June 21, 1945) and the Wiener Kurier (August 27, 1945) was. Printing took place in the former offices of the Tages-Post , the first managing director was Hans Behrmann. From October 6, 1945, the "Democratic Printing and Publishing Company" acted as the independent publisher of the Upper Austrian News. On October 8, 1945, other newspapers such as the Tagblatt and the Volksblatt were allowed to appear again.

In 1952 the later President of the National Council, Alfred Maleta, emerged as the sole owner of six shareholders in Oberösterreichische Nachrichten . On January 1, 1955, the newspaper merged with the Tages-Post, which had been published since 1865. Alfred Maleta held 26% of the company that was now formed and the descendants of the former Wimmer printer family from Linz held 74% (they had also published the daily mail in 1953/54).

1986 Alfred Maleta sold his shares. Then Rudolf Andreas Cuturi , a descendant of the company's founder Josef Wimmer, ran the newspaper as publisher. At the beginning of 2019, his sons Gino Cuturi, Paolo Cuturi and Lorenz Cuturi took over as managing directors.

The chief editor of the OÖN is Gerald Mandlbauer , his deputies are Wolfgang Braun, Dietmar Mascher and Thomas Arnoldner ( CvD) .

Details of the newspaper

The newspaper has a strong regional focus and appears mainly in five books (Politics, Economy, Sport, Culture & Life, Country & People (with local section)), whereby the local section varies in six different regions of Upper Austria. There are local editions for Linz, Wels , Steyr , the Salzkammergut , the Innviertel and the Mühlviertel , in which local information is offered on three to six pages from Monday to Friday.
The weekend edition contains current editorial topics from the fields of careers & education, motor & technology, real estate & living and magazine & travel. There are no local editions.

Side dishes

During the week, the OÖN have the following supplements: Football Unterhaus (Mondays), Real Estate Magazine (Tuesdays, fortnightly), Health (Wednesdays) and Leisure Magazine (Fridays). The television magazine tele is also included as a supplement on Thursdays .

On January 15, 2009, a combination of OÖN and Braunauer Warte am Inn or Rieder Volkszeitung and Schärdinger Volkszeitung appeared for the first time . This is intended to compensate for the discontinuation of the Oberösterreichische Rundschau, which has only been published on Sundays since January 2009 , in December 2008.

On March 23, 2013, OÖNachrichten included the Pegasus business newspaper for the first time . This special supplement is written several times a year by the OÖN business editor.

On May 3, 2014, the Hoamatland supplement appeared for the first time , a magazine focused on regional lifestyle, enjoyment and tradition that appears four times a year.

The OÖN are cooperative members of the Austria Press Agency .

Circulation and range

The sold circulation averaged 105,179 copies in mid-2017, of which 93,853 copies were subscriptions.

According to the Working Group Media Analyzes MA 13/14 - Daily Newspapers Total , the Upper Austrian News in Austria has 383,000 readers per issue (Mon-Sat). This corresponds to a coverage of 5.3% for the whole of Austria.

According to the Austrian Web Analysis (ÖWA) from January 2019, the OÖN's online offering reached 2.83 million unique clients , 10.54 million visits and 39.54 million page views .

Online and digital

The OÖNachrichten appear online at nachrichten.at . On November 9th, 1995 nachrichten.at went online under the name "OÖ Online" as one of the first Austrian media portals. In 2010 the first iPad app was published, which was one of the first newspapers in Austria to bring the OÖN ePaper and the content of the website to the tablet.

On September 24, 2014 OÖN went online with its own real estate portal, which deals exclusively with the Upper Austrian real estate market. 

In August 2015 the OÖN started with the new online event calendar “wasistlos.at” for all of Upper Austria. Municipalities, associations and natural persons can also publish their events there on wasistlos.at, and for the first time you can enter them yourself using a form. 

wirtrauern.at is the name of the mourning portal of the Upper Austrian News, which was launched on October 6, 2016. On this page you can find bereavements from all over Upper Austria. In addition to the current condolences, there are also dedicated memorial pages for the deceased, the opportunity to express condolences online or to light a candle for someone and thus express sympathy. In addition, there is a guide on what to do after a death and the editorial obituaries that appeared in the print edition of the OÖNachrichten.

Since November 11, 2016 there has been a separate online platform for the area of ​​“Careers & Education” at karriere.nachrichten.at. A new job search engine connects to the editorial content of the OÖN business editorial team.

On May 7th, 2019 nachrichten.at underwent a complete optical and functional relaunch. With "OÖ-Live", a completely new news format for PC, smartphone and tablet went online in Austria - a live ticker that is moderated from the OÖN newsroom and provides readers with quick and chronological information about what is happening in Upper Austria.

Editorial policy

In the imprint of the OÖN it says:

“The Upper Austrian News is a non-partisan and independent daily newspaper. You are committed to the pluralistic social order of parliamentary democracy, to the principles of the social market economy and to the integration of Europe and feel committed to human rights. "

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