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The head of the service , abbreviated as CvD , is the interface between editorial , production and advertising in a journalistic company ( publisher or broadcasting company ) . He is part of the editorial team and usually has the rank of department head , occasionally also at the level of the deputy editor-in-chief .

The head of the service is responsible for coordination between the editorial, production and advertising departments. He is responsible for the organizational tasks that are required for production and guarantees the technically correct delivery of the material on schedule. He monitors the editorial process. As an experienced editor, he can and is allowed to rewrite headings and shorten or lengthen texts.

The creative work of an editorial office can be compared to the development department of a technical industrial company: The CvD then corresponds to a project manager responsible for the broadcast or print edition . Inevitably, he is in contact with the editor-in-chief and the editors. In the case of print media , he is also responsible for creating the structure of the magazine; he discusses the scope of the magazine or newspaper with the editor-in-chief and the publisher. The structure of the magazine must be continuously updated and always be available to everyone. In the case of electronic media , this also applies to compliance with the length of the broadcasts according to the broadcast schedule.

The CvD is not responsible for the visual or content quality, nor is it responsible under press law - this is the editor-in-chief or the department head. In the case of large editorial offices, duty rosters , editing technology or the approval of business trips can also fall within the scope of the CvD. In practice, the boundaries between CvD and deputy editor-in-chief are fluid.


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