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New music newspaper
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description German music journal
First edition 1952
Frequency of publication ten times a year
Sold edition 23,000 copies
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The new musikzeitung (nmz) is a specialist magazine for music in newspaper format .

History, profile, activities

From 1880 to 1928 Klett Verlag published the bi-monthly magazine Neue Musik-Zeitung , which in 1929 was combined with the bi-monthly magazine Die Musik .

The nmz was in 1952 by Bernhard Bosse and Eckart Rohlfs , entitled Musical Youth - jeunesses musicales founded. The publisher Bernhard Bosse was the publisher and editor-in-chief until 1986. Since 1993 it has been published as an independent publication with a circulation of 23,000 copies by ConBrio-Verlagsgesellschaft , Regensburg. The nmz is published by Theo Geißler (Regensburg), Barbara Haack (Regensburg) and Gerhard Rohde (Wiesbaden). The editors-in-chief are Andreas Kolb (since 2007) and Juan Martin Koch (since 2008). In 1999 nmz was awarded the German Critics' Prize.

The new music newspaper appears ten times a year in Berlin newspaper format . In addition to information from the current music scene (world premieres of new music, but also jazz and pop) as well as reports from the music education sector, it includes reviews , reports and comments on new releases, cultural politics , the music industry , personalities and news from German musical life. Job offers from the music sector and commented link lists are also available. The nmz provides their content since 1997 and completely for free on the Internet. This archive is searchable.

In cooperation with Bayerischer Rundfunk , the new music newspaper has been producing the music magazine "taktlos" every month since 1998 on different facets of musical events. These programs are available as RealAudio archives (until 2005) and as mp3 files (since 2006). In cooperation with the Goethe Forum and Bayerischer Rundfunk, the "European Dialog +++ contrapunkt +++" is produced and broadcast live several times a year. There is also an online audio archive here.

As a daily updated culture information portal, the new musikzeitung is designing the “KIZ” together with the German Cultural Council . In addition, the “PIZ” was a cultural and educational information portal. With nmzMedia, nmz started a video streaming portal in 2005 as a cultural television station. Interviews and video recordings of concerts and discussion events are available free of charge.

The nmz is the official communication organ of the following music associations :

The nmz regularly contains exclusive news from the national youth music competition , the NRW regional music council , the German cultural council, the Bavarian cultural council, the regional music academies and the EMCY (Association of European Youth Music Competitions).

The nmz university magazine appears twice a year in cooperation with eight music academies with rankings, current personal details and tips for music students. Since 2007 the jazz newspaper has been added to the nmz five times a year for subscribers as an independent editorial product.

Music Gordi

In April 2013, nmz, together with the “Musikforum” of the German Music Council , awarded the so-called “ Music Gordi ” for the first time at the International Music Fair in Frankfurt am Main. This " Gordian knot of musical life" is intended as a negative price for people or organizations who have had a particularly negative impact on the cause of music, but at the same time encourage people to break this knot. The award in the form of a knotted recorder was designed by Claus Spies . The first prize winner is Harald Augter , who, as Chairman of the Broadcasting Council of the SWR, is largely responsible for the merger of the Stuttgart Radio Symphony Orchestra and the SWR Symphony Orchestra of Baden-Baden and Freiburg , which was decided in 2012 and will take place in 2016 .

In March 2014 the "Music Gordi" was awarded to the Prime Minister of Baden-Württemberg, Winfried Kretschmann . The reasons given were in particular: "Inaction to resist the merger of two unique orchestras as well as the impotent attempts to realize plans to change the music college landscape in Baden-Württemberg." The 2015 award winner was Mathias Brodkorb , Minister of Education, Science and Culture Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. In 2016, Benjamin-Immanuel Hoff , Minister for Culture, Federal and European Affairs and Head of the State Chancellery of the Free State of Thuringia, was named the winner of the negative prize through an online vote . In 2017, the “Music Gordi” went to Sandra Scheeres , Berlin Senator for Education, Youth and Science.

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