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Dieter Hein (born October 20, 1951 in Düsseldorf ) is a German historian and since 2002 an adjunct professor of history at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main .


After studying history, German and journalism in Bochum , Berlin and Frankfurt am Main, Hein was a research assistant and research assistant at Lothar Gall's chair from 1979 to 1994 . He received his doctorate in 1983 with a thesis on the formation of the Free Democratic Party (FDP) after 1945 and completed his habilitation in 1995 with a study of the history of the bourgeoisie in Baden , both at the University of Frankfurt. From 1983 to 1988 he worked as an editorial assistant for the historical magazine . He was substitute professor in Frankfurt am Main and Trier . From 1997 to 2010 he was a research associate in various third-party funded research projects. From 2012 to 2016 he was a research assistant at the Center for Teaching Humanities Core Competencies at the University of Frankfurt.

Hein's work focuses on the history of the bourgeoisie and the bourgeois-liberal movement, the revolution of 1848/49 , the history of foundations and patronage as well as the social and cultural history of political ideas.

In 1984 Hein was awarded the Wolf-Erich-Kellner Prize for his dissertation . He is a member of the selection committee for scholarships of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom .


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