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Historical magazine
Title page of the first volume of the HZ, Munich 1859
description Trade journal
Area of ​​Expertise history
language German
publishing company De Gruyter Oldenbourg ( Germany )
Headquarters Berlin
First edition 1859
Frequency of publication bi-monthly
Sold edition 1600 copies
Impact Factor 0.00 (2018)
Editors-in-chief Jürgen Müller , Eckhardt Treichel
editor Andreas Fahrmeir , Hartmut Leppin
Web link historical-zeitschrift.de
Article archive Tables of Contents 1999–2010 ,
JSTOR 1859–1999 (fee required )
ISSN (print)
ISSN (online)

The historical journal (abbreviation HZ ) is a bi-monthly German-language specialist journal for history in general with special consideration of methodological and scientific-historical aspects.

The HZ is currently being edited by Hartmut Leppin and Andreas Fahrmeir ; Jürgen Müller and Eckhardt Treichel are co-editors. The Scientific Advisory Board of the HZ includes Johannes Fried , Birthe Kundrus , Werner Plumpe , Susanne Rau , Frank Rexroth , Andreas Rödder , Karl Ubl , Uwe Walter and Gerrit Walther .


The historical-political journal Leopold von Rankes from 1832 to 1836 and, in particular, the Zeitschrift für Geschichtswwissenschaft published by Wilhelm Adolf Schmidt from 1844–1848 are the forerunners of the historical journal as a general historical scientific organ .

The historical magazine was founded in 1859 by Heinrich von Sybel . In the early phase up to the end of the First World War, it was an organ with a predominantly Protestant-denominational orientation in the Prussian sense, which represented the Prussian claim to leadership of the German Reich . Therefore, Catholic authors were rarely represented. During the Kulturkampf , attacks on the Catholic view of history were not uncommon, especially in connection with Martin Luther and Protestantism . Conversely, Catholic journalism published periodicals with political and historical content with a clearly anti-Prussian tendency, such as the historical-political papers for Catholic Germany and the Historical Yearbook . Today the denominational point of view has become meaningless.

According to the research results of Ursula Wiggershaus-Müller, the historical science represented in the historical journal “did not function entirely, but to a large extent as a science of legitimation” for the Nazi regime.

The authors of the historical journal included a number of famous scholars, for example Heinrich von Treitschke , Heinrich von Sybel himself, Hermann Baumgarten , Friedrich Meinecke , Wilhelm Maurenbrecher , Georg Voigt , Alfred Heuss and Johann Gustav Droysen . After Heinrich von Sybel (1859–1895), the editors of the historical journal were Heinrich von Treitschke (1895–1896), Friedrich Meinecke (1896–1935), Karl Alexander von Müller (1935–1943), Ludwig Dehio (1949–1956), Walther Kienast (1949–1968), Theodor Schieder (1956–1984), Theodor Schieffer (1968–1975), Lothar Gall (1975–2015) and Andreas Fahrmeir and Hartmut Leppin (each since 2015).

On March 3, 2009, the 150th birthday of the historical magazine was celebrated in the Kaulbach villa of the historical college in Munich with a short presentation by the editorial team.

Subject areas

In addition to essays especially modern themes, but also the history of antiquity and the Middle Ages, has an extensive review section on new releases of historical scientific literature published since its establishment of the Prehistory , the Antiquity , the Middle Ages , the Early Modern and Modern and latest history taken into account. The Historical Journal applies in the German historiography remains as the leading history journal ; In contrast to other specialist journals, the authors of the articles are usually established researchers and usually at least qualified as a professor.


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