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Title page of the first year from 1838

Historical-political papers for Catholic Germany were a magazine published from 1838 to 1923. Because of their cover, they were also called yellow notebooks . You were considered the most influential organ of the conservative direction within the Catholic milieu in Germany.


The impetus to found the company came from Joseph Görres in 1838 . Then there were Karl Ernst Jarcke and Georg Phillips . The magazine was initially jointly owned by the Görres and Phillips families. From 1859 it belonged to the Görres family alone.

Circulation and frequency of publication

The frequency of publication was fortnightly. Combined in half-yearly volumes, 171 volumes appeared between 1838 and 1923. The volume of a volume could be 900 pages.

The edition was between 1500 and 2000 copies. However, its range was far greater, as it was held in libraries, seminaries or other Catholic institutions. It was ultimately the leading paper of the educated Catholic elite.

Editors and authors

The editors were Georg P. Phillips and Guido Görres until 1849 . Görres was the sole editor until 1852. Josef Edmund Jörg took over the position for a long time together with Franz Binder . Since 1903 Georg von Jochner was co-editor and from 1914 sole editor. The respective editors have strongly influenced the content of the magazine. Jarcke was one of the most important authors alongside Joseph Görres in the early years. He mainly wrote about current issues. Johann Theodor Rottels also appeared as an author in the early years . In addition to the editors, leading Catholic journalists, politicians and scientists such as Joseph Görres, Ignaz von Döllinger , Georg von Hertling , Matthias Erzberger and Romano Guardini wrote for the magazine . There were connections to the Catholic Bavarian Patriot Party and later to the center .

Content and profile

The articles covered a wide variety of areas, but focused on cultural, historical, and political issues. Social policy issues were also discussed. The relationship between state and church played a particularly important role. At the time Jörg was published, the magazine was Catholic, Greater German and federalist . In his columns he condemned Protestantism, the small German nation-state idea , liberalism and socialism alike. At the time of Jochner it was both Catholic and national-monarchical.

The End

With its conservative orientation, the magazine did not succeed in adapting to the changes after the revolution of 1918/1919 , which did not stop at the Catholic milieu either. The magazine increasingly lost its influence and was discontinued after the death of the publisher Jochner in 1923.

The Yellow Booklets , founded by Max Buchner in 1924 and published until 1941, can only be regarded as successors to a limited extent due to their close proximity to a national Catholicism oriented towards the Hohenzollern Empire .


Almost all volumes are listed online in Wikisource. These digital copies were created by Google as part of Google Book Search .


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