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Georg Maria Jochner since 1918 Ritter von Jochner (born September 7, 1860 in Wohmbrechts near Lindau ; † May 3, 1923 in Niederaudorf near Rosenheim ) was a German archivist .


Georg Jochner was the son of the general practitioner and surgeon Dr. med. Guido Jochner (1830–1900) and Maria Katharina, b. Steingaß, a granddaughter of Joseph Görres , in Munich . An older brother was the later privy councilor Dr. med. Guido Jochner (1859-1932). In 1879 Georg Maria passed the Abitur examination at the Maximiliansgymnasium in Munich and then studied medicine and classical philology (teaching post) at the University of Munich . In 1883 he passed the teaching examination and in November of that year joined the higher Bavarian archives service as an intern at the Reichsarchiv and Kreisarchiv Munich. Initially on leave, he received his doctorate in 1884. phil. at the University of Tübingen with the dissertation The participation of the Franconian circle in the Turkish war in 1683 and then stayed four months in Rome .

In 1887 he took up the position of district archive secretary at the Amberg district archive, at the beginning of 1889 he switched to the secret state archive (1891 secret secretary) and from July 1895 worked at the secret house archive in Munich. In July 1897 he was promoted to the secret house and state archivist, in January 1905 to the secret archivist and in March 1914 to the secret councilor.

From 1916 to 1922 he was director of the General Reich Archives (from 1921 Bayerisches Hauptstaatsarchiv ) and was director of the Secret State Archives and Secret House Archives (supervisory officer in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and General Director of the state archives with the title of Privy Council until 1920. From 1903 he was co-editor with Franz Binder (1828–1914), from 1914 sole editor of the historical-political papers for Catholic Germany .

In 1918 he was awarded the Order of Merit of the Bavarian Crown , combined with the award of the personal title of nobility. In 1922 he retired as Privy Councilor. In the same year Pope Pius XI paid tribute to him. for his advocacy of the Church's interests by being awarded the Commander-in-Chief of the Order of Gregory .

He was married to Karolina, geb. Fäßler, from Appenzell-St.Gallen; the marriage had four daughters and two sons. In 1923 he suffered a heart attack and died on his country estate in Niederaudorf .

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Individual evidence

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