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Franz Binder (born November 7, 1828 in Erlingen , today part of the market Meitingen ; † September 5, 1914 in Munich ) was a German journalist , publicist and historian .


Franz Binder devoted himself to the study of theology at the University of Tübingen , before he turned to the study of history , literature and art studies at the University of Munich in 1848 , which he obtained with a doctorate to Dr. phil. completed.

Franz Binder subsequently received a position as private tutor for the Leo von Klenzes family . In 1857 Edmund Jörg hired him to the editorial office of the " Historisch -politische Blätter für das Catholic Deutschland " ( Historical-Political Papers for Catholic Germany ). From 1903 he was co-editor of the magazine with Georg Jochner . His journalistic and literary work includes in particular short stories and biographical works.

Publications (selection)

  • Field Marshal Pappenheim "the Schrammhanns". A picture of life from the Thirty Years' War presented for old and young. F. Hurter, Schaffhausen 1856
  • Charitas Pirkheimer, abbess of St. Clara in Nuremberg (= collection of historical portraits , 2nd series, 2). Herder, Freiburg im Breisgau 1873
  • (Ed.): Joseph von Görres ' letters . 2 volumes. In commission of the literary-artistic establishment, Munich, 1874
  • Memories of Emilie Binder: 1797-1867: on the secular memory of her birth. Lentner, Munich 1897
  • Luise Hensel . A picture of life based on printed and unprinted sources. Herder, Freiburg im Breisgau 1885 (1904).


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