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A private tutor is used to describe people who primarily teach or educate children and young people at home in the private sector instead of in schools . These can be your own parents, but also private tutors who are hired for home tuition .

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Immanuel Kant (1724–1804) and Friedrich Hölderlin (1770–1843) earned their living as private tutors after their years of study.


In earlier times, private tutors who trained and raised the descendants at aristocratic estates were also called court masters or informators . At princely courts , the usually noble educator of the offspring was called the governor . The title also served to designate the educators in princely military educational institutions. Since the early modern period, the position of private tutor has been a common starting point for young academics. The female counterpart of the tutor, the governess, has a specific meaning in cultural history .

Todays situation

Trained private tutors give school lessons for all subjects and for people of all ages. Private tutors are available for pre - and elementary schools as well as for secondary schools . Music pedagogues in particular are conceivable in the domestic sector .

Private tutor in Germany

Since schooling is compulsory in Germany , lessons may only take place outside of school in justified exceptional cases. Nowadays private tutors are mainly needed for tutoring .

Private tutors are often used before exams or to prepare for the Abitur . Domestic tutors can also help with theses by students. Private tutors are sometimes indispensable even for students with long-term illnesses in order not to lose touch with the learning progress of the school class.

Private tutor in Austria

In Austria, the right to attend school by means of home lessons has been retained to this day. This freedom was originally introduced during the monarchy in order not to expect children of "higher classes " to study with the common people, where no appropriate schools were available.


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  1. See also: Law on compulsory schooling in the German Reich v. July 6, 1938, online
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