Calliope network

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founding 1966: ZKA / 2001: Kalliope
Library type Network system / catalog
place Berlin
ISIL DE-611 (Berlin ZKA / Kalliope)
operator Berlin State Library

The Kalliope network (named after the wisest muse Kalliope ; initially "Kalliope Portal") is an information system for personal papers and autographs in libraries, archives and museums. It is funded as a project by the German Research Foundation (DFG) and operated by the Berlin State Library .


The Kalliope union catalog is the digital continuation of the "Central Index of Autographs" (ZKA) founded in West Berlin in 1966 with around 1.2 million records. The ZKA was administered as a supplement to West German estate registers by the manuscript department of the Berlin State Library ( Haus Potsdamer Strasse ) and from 1969 served as a continuation of Ludwig Denecke's printed estate directory .

The "ZKA online" database was developed between 2001 and 2003. The basic inventory of the card catalog has been researchable online since October 2004. The portal was named after Calliope, the muse of epic poetry. This points to the origin of the portal in the library sector.


A total of around 500 libraries, archives and museums from Germany and various other countries are listed as owning institutions. At the end of 2010, the database comprised 1,530,600 autographs, 25,300 stocks and 491,000 people and in January 2012 1,610,156 autographs, 28,178 stocks and 512,713 people. In February 2015, the catalog contained 2.35 million records from over 590,000 people.

In 2014 the presentation was fundamentally revised and expanded to include options for visualization. This implementation is currently still in the test phase.

Three search points enable the user to search for autographs (e.g. for the names of the correspondent, for letter dates, places and countries of origin and for the autograph holdings of individual institutions), for persons (e.g. to search for persons and biographical ones Dates or by institutions) and by holdings (ie by entire estates and collections).

The focus of the legacies documented in Kalliope is currently still on the library sector. Legacies in archives are documented primarily by the Central Database Legacies (ZDN) operated by the German Federal Archives . The data are linked to the German biography .


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