Journal of Librarianship and Bibliography

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Journal of Librarianship and Bibliography

description German library journal
First edition 1954
Frequency of publication bi-monthly
ISSN (print)

The Journal for Libraries and Bibliography (ZfBB) is a specialist library journal and the organ of academic librarianship . It contains notifications from the Association of German Librarians (formerly also from the Association of Diploma Librarians at Scientific Libraries).

It is published by the Vittorio Klostermann publishing house. The first volume appeared in 1954 as a continuation of the news for academic libraries , which had been created in 1948 as a West German replacement for the traditional Zentralblatt für Bibliothekswesen (originally: Centralblatt ). The Leipziger Zentralblatt , founded in 1884, ceased its publication in 1944 and was re-established in 1947 in the former Soviet zone of occupation. After the German reunification, the Zentralblatt ceased its publication in 1990 and was included in the ZfBB.

The ZfBB is currently published every two months.

In addition to specialist articles and conference reports, the contents include, in particular, reviews (the full text is available online from today until around 2003), reports on library law and personalities.

From 1933 to 1944 z. B. Johannes Pohl , Wilhelm Grau , Peter-Heinz Seraphim , Joris Vorstius, Gustav Abb , Paul Wahl, Rudolf Buttmann , Georg Leyh political, ideological and "scientific" articles in the Zentralblatt. In the issues from 1940, the journal is therefore also a source for the NS - art theft in the books being.

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