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The May 3 is the 123rd day of the Gregorian calendar (124th in leap years ), thus remain 242 days by year end. Even the Roman and the Julian calendar to know May 3 (or Maius ). Dates prior to the Gregorian calendar reform are usually given in the Julian calendar.

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Politics and world events

1494: The second voyage of Christopher Columbus
1660: Treaty of Oliva
1791: Adoption of the May constitution
1808: The insurgents are shot
1815: Map of the Free City of Krakow
1945: The sinking point of the Cap Arcona
1946: International Military Tribunal for the Far East
1947: Tennō Hirohito
1971: Erich Honecker and Leonid Brezhnev


1913: Map of the exhibition
1933: Nellie Tayloe Ross

science and technology

Animation of the solar eclipse of 1715
1746: Messier 3
1837: King Otto I.


1915: In Flanders Fields
2009: Logo Telewizja Polska


2000: Geocaching logo
  • 2000 : In Portland (Oregon) Dave Ulmer starts the GPS scavenger hunt geocaching by hiding the first container.
  • 2007 : The Gumball 3000 car race was prematurely terminated by the organizers for the first time since it began in 1999 after one of the participants in Macedonia had caused an accident with two fatalities the day before .
  • 2007 : The British girl Madeleine McCann disappeared from a holiday apartment in Luz, Portugal . The criminal case, which became known worldwide through the search activities of the parents, is unsolved.


996: Otto II and Gregor V.


  • 1887 : 150 miners die in a mining disaster in Nanaimo , British Columbia , and only seven survive. The Nanaimo mine disaster is the worst man-made explosion in Canada until 1917.
  • 1901 : A fire breaks out in a mattress factory in Jacksonville , Florida, which one believes can be mastered with a few buckets of water. The flames spread faster than expected, an eight-hour fire finally destroyed 2,368 houses in the city and made around 10,000 residents homeless.
1999: Oklahoma Tornado Outbreak
2008: Precipitation from Cyclone Nargis
  • 2008 : Cyclone Nargis is weakening over Myanmar . According to official information, 84,537 people were killed by the cyclone and 53,836 people are missing. Hundreds of thousands are losing their homes. Around 24 million people are affected by the disaster. As a result, the military regime refused entry to foreign disaster relief teams and confiscated relief supplies.

Minor accidents are listed in the sub-articles of Catastrophe .

nature and environment

2003: The "old man of the mountain" shortly before it collapsed


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The list of days of remembrance and action contains further entries .

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