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French Navy
Marine National

Ensign of France.svg

Jack of the French Navy
Lineup 1269/1270 or 1626/1662
Country Flag of France.svg France
Armed forces French armed forces
Type Armed forces
structure Naval Force (Force d'Action Navale)

Submarine fleet (Forces Sous-marines)
Naval aviation ( Aéronautique navale )
Marine infantry (Force maritime des fusiliers marins et commandos)
Coastguard (Gendarmerie maritime)

Strength 37,784 (2019)
motto "Honneur, Patrie, Valeur, Discipline" (Eng. "Honor, Fatherland, Bravery, Discipline")
march Hymn de la Marine
Chief of Staff of the Navy admiral

Christophe Prazuck

Airplane cockade of naval aviators Roundel of the French Fleet Air Arm, svg

The French Navy ( French : Marine nationale française ) is the Navy of the French armed forces ( Forces armées françaises ). It is the second largest Western European Navy after the British Royal Navy . Her motto is: Honor , Patrie, Valeur, Discipline” (Eng. “Honor, Fatherland, Bravery, Discipline”).


The French Navy, which emerged during the late medieval crusades in the 13th century, was the second strongest navy in the world after the British Royal Navy from the 17th century to the beginning of the 20th century. Despite repeated defeats and heavy losses, especially against the Royal Navy, the French Navy remained a first-rate naval power and the British always remained a largely equal rival. The French Navy repeatedly tried to compensate for the deficit to the Royal Navy in terms of number of ships and training drill through structural and technical innovations in shipbuilding.


Since September 2011, Admiral Bernard Rogel has headed the French Navy as Commander-in-Chief and Chief of Staff of the Navy. The most important bases are Brest on the Atlantic and Toulon on the Mediterranean . The Navy is organized into five areas:


Aircraft carrier

Ship class origin photo Ships Remarks
Charles de Gaulle FranceFrance France Gaule96.jpg Charles de Gaulle (R91) Nuclear powered

Destroyers and Frigates

Ship class origin photo Ships Remarks
Horizon FranceFrance France French destroyer Forbin (D620) underway in the Arabian Sea on 31 May 2009 (090531-N-9988F-406) .jpg Forbin (D620)
Chevalier Paul (D621)
Anti-aircraft destroyer
FOREIGN FranceFrance France French frigate Auvergne (D654) underway in the Arabian Gulf on September 19, 2017 (170919-N-WM647-0667) .JPG Aquitaine (D650)
Provence (D652)
Languedoc (D653)
Auvergne (D654)
Brittany (D655)
Normandy (D651)

+ Alsace (D656)

Lorraine (D657)

Anti-submarine destroyer

+ 2 anti-aircraft destroyers

Cassard FranceFrance France French frigate Jean Bart (D615) underway in the Mediterranean Sea on 20 May 2017.JPG Jean Bart (D615) Anti-aircraft destroyer / frigate
Georges-Leygues FranceFrance France French destroyer Latouche-Tréville (D646) underway in the Gulf of Aden on April 12 (2019190412-N-KN684-1117) .JPG Lamotte-Picquet (D645)
Latouche-Treville (D646)
Anti-submarine destroyer / frigate
La-Fayette FranceFrance France FS La Fayette 1.jpg La Fayette (F710)
Surcouf (F711)
Courbet (F712)
Aconit (F713)
Guépratte (F714)
Light frigate

Will be replaced by 5 Amiral Ronarc'h class frigates + 3 frigates will be kept

Floréal FranceFrance France Vendemiaire 2.jpg Floréal (F730)
Prairial (F731)
Nivôse (F732)
Ventôse (F733)
Vendémiaire (F734)
Germinal (F735)
Patrol frigate

Nuclear submarines

Ship class origin photo Ships Remarks
Triomphant FranceFrance France SNLE-NG.jpeg Le Triomphant (S616)
Le Téméraire (S617)
Le Vigilant (S618)
Le Terrible (S619)
Nuclear powered strategic submarine
Rubis FranceFrance France FS Casabianca 01.jpg Rubis (S601)
Casabianca (S602)
Émeraude (S604)
Améthyste (S605)
Pearl (S606)
Nuclear powered hunting submarine

Will be replaced by Suffren class (submarine)

Amphibious units

Ship class origin photo Ships Remarks
mistral FranceFrance France French Naval Ship Tonnerre at Kochi.jpg Mistral (L9013)
Tonnerre (L9014)
Dixmude (L9015)
Helicopter carrier
EDA-R FranceFrance France Flickr - Official US Navy Imagery - A French landing craft comes ashore during the amphibious assault phase of Bold Alligator 2012..jpg 4 units Landing craft

Anti-mine units

Ship class origin photo Ships Remarks
Éridan FranceFrance France Cephee-photo06.jpg Éridan (M641)
Cassiopée (M642)
Andromède (M643)
Pégase (M644)
Orion (M645)
Croix du Sud (M646)
Aigle (M647)
Lyre (M648)
Sagittaire (M650)
Céphée (M652)
Capricorne (M653)
Vulcain FranceFrance France Brest 100 0123.jpg Vulcain (M611)
Achéron (A613)
Styx (M614)
Pluton (M622)
Mine diving boat
Antares FranceFrance France BRS antares.jpg Antarès (M770)
Altaïr (M771)
Aldébaran (M772)

Patrol ships

Ship class origin photo Ships Remarks
FranceFrance France L'Astrolabe e Konk cores 01.jpg L'Astrolabe (P800) Supply and patrol ship for the French Southern and Antarctic Territories ,
operated by the French Navy.
D'Entrecasteaux FranceFrance France AA621 D'Entrecasteaux Woolloomooloo (18 12 16) .jpg D'Entrecasteaux (A621)
Bougainville (A622)
Champlain (A623)
Dumont d'Urville (A624)

More ships

Sea tug A635 Revi

as well as other smaller units

Armaments projects

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