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Marynarka Wojenna Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej

POL Marynarka Wojenna.svg

Coat of arms of the Polish Navy
Lineup 1918
Country PolandPoland Poland
Armed forces Polish armed forces
Type Armed forces
structure Logo 3 Flotylli Okrętów.svg 3. Flotilla of ships

8th Coastal Defense Flotilla
Brygada.Lotnictwa.Marynarki.Wojennej.JPG1st Naval Aviation Brigade

Strength 14,300
headquarters Gdynia
Wars World War II
Iraq War
Admiral Tomasz Mathea

Admiral Jozef Unrug

Naval War Flag (Bandera)FIAV 000001.svg
Naval Ensign of Poland2.svg
Naval Jack of Poland.svg
Military flag at sea of ​​the Polish Navy
Galleon Smok , the first Polish warship, built in 1572

The Navy of the Republic of Poland ( Polish: Marynarka Wojenna Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej ) is the naval force of Poland , which played a role especially in World War II .



Even in the Middle Ages there were some river ships that were supposed to protect trade. This fleet was only extended to the open sea in the 15th century when some Polish privateers defeated the Teutonic Order's fleet in 1463 . From 1601 controlled fleet is established, a part of the 1627 Swedish n fleet at convent Oliva defeated. The Polish partitions ended the existence of an independent Polish Navy.

The Duchy of Courland , which was part of the Polish kingdom, had its own navy, with which it was even able to build colonies on the Gambia River ( James Island ) and in America (see Courland colonial history ).

Navy of Independent Poland

The modern navy of independent Poland was established after the First World War . However, their scope was never particularly large due to financial restrictions, including the global economic crisis . In 1939 it consisted of five submarines , four destroyers and a few smaller vehicles. Józef Unrug (Joseph Freiherr von Unruh) was head of the Polish Navy from 1925 until the actual end of the navy's existence due to the defeat by Germany and the Soviet Union in autumn 1939 . The Polish Navy was able to partially get to safety at the beginning of the Second World War ; these ships then formed the core of the navy of the Polish government-in-exile and joined the Allies .

Role in World War II

Shortly before the outbreak of war three Polish destroyers were ORP Błyskawica , Burza and ORP Grom (the commander of the Polish Navy, while Józef Unrug , commanded Peking Plan ) to the UK expires. They were later joined by the submarines ORP Orzeł ("Adler") and ORP Wilk ("Wolf"), which had escaped the German Navy . Like the rest of the Polish armed forces, Józef Unrug was taken prisoner by Germany.

Since 1940 the new Polish Navy has been expanded. For this purpose ships were leased from the Royal Navy. In 1945 it consisted of 4,000 sailors on 15 ships (a light cruiser , six destroyers, three submarines and five speedboats ) with a total of over 18,000 tons . During the war, the Polish Navy deployed 27 ships (two cruisers, nine destroyers, five submarines and eleven speedboats).

Polish ships took part in numerous operations alongside the British and later also the American navy : In May 1940 in the Narvik region as part of the Weser exercise company and during the evacuation of British units from Dunkirk ( Operation Dynamo ); 1941 during the "Hunt for the German battleship Bismarck " ( Operation Rhine Exercise ); but above all in the Battle of the Atlantic , which lasted from 1940 to 1944, in escorting convoys to Murmansk and Malta ; 1944 on landing in Normandy . In total, they took part in 665 battles to protect 787 convoys , sank twelve enemy warships (including five submarines) and 41 other ships, and damaged 24 warships (including eight submarines). In addition, 36 Polish merchant ships, which were on the high seas when the war broke out in 1939 and together had around 117,000 GRT , supported the Allies in transports across the world's seas.

Warsaw Pact

Destroyer Warszawa II

After the war, the remaining ships returned to Poland, where they secured the Baltic Sea for the Warsaw Treaty Organization as part of the Navy of the People's Republic of Poland . In the event of war with NATO, it was planned that the Polish armed forces should occupy Danish islands such as Bornholm , which meant that the Polish Navy owned a considerable number of landing craft .

In 1989 the navy had four submarines, a destroyer of the Kashin Mod class ( ORP Warszawa ), a frigate , four corvettes , twelve guided missile boats , 62 patrol boats (some of which were also under the command of the Coast Guard ), 23 landing craft of the Polnocny class , 19 landing craft, 24 anti-mine ships and 21 auxiliary ships .


Since Poland joined NATO in 1999, the Polish Navy has participated in several NATO operations, such as Operation Active Endeavor , the Second and Third Gulf Wars . The Polish Navy originally ordered seven MEKO A-100 class corvettes , which are to be built at the naval shipyard in Gdynia. Due to the economic crisis , which reduced the armaments budget, the procurement project had to be reduced to two corvettes in 2012. The launch of the first ship, the ORP Ślązak ("Schlesier"), took place in 2015.


The highest military authority in the Polish armed forces is the General Staff of the Polish Army (Sztab Generalny Wojska Polskiego (SG WP)) in Warsaw. Two independent commands are subordinate to the General Staff. The General Command of the Polish Armed Forces (Dowództwo Generalne Rodzajów Sił Zbrojnych (DG RSZ)) is responsible for the readiness of the forces. The Army Inspectorate is subordinate to this authority. The Operations Command of the Polish Armed Forces (Dowództwo Operacyjne Rodzajów Sił Zbrojnych (DO RSZ)) is responsible for military operations, to which the Center for Land Operations reports.

Ministry of National Defense ( Ministerstwa Obrony Narodowej (MON) ) ( Warsaw )

  • General Staff of the Polish Army ( Sztab Generalny Wojska Polskiego (SG WP) ) ( Warsaw )
    • General Command of the Polish Armed Forces ( Dowództwo Generalne Rodzajów Sił Zbrojnych (DG RSZ) )
      • Navy Inspectorate (Inspectorate Marynarki Wojennej)
    • Operations Command of the Polish Armed Forces ( Dowództwo Operacyjne Rodzajów Sił Zbrojnych (DO RSZ) )
      • ( Centrum Operacji Morskich - Dowództwo komponentu Morskiego (COM - DKM) ) ( Gdynia naval base)

The naval units are subordinate to the General Command of the Polish Armed Forces . If necessary, units are subordinated to the operational command of the Polish Armed Forces and integrated into the naval component for operations.

The naval headquarters are in Gdynia . The Armed forces are under two flotillas and naval aviation - Brigade .

Operations Command

Operations Command of the Polish Armed Forces ( Dowództwo Operacyjne Rodzajów Sił Zbrojnych (DO RSZ) )

  • Center for Sea Operations - Naval Component Command ( Centrum Operacji Morskich - Dowództwo komponentu Morskiego (COM - DKM) ) ( Gdynia Naval Base)
  • (individual Polish military contingents ( Polskie Kontyngenty Wojskowe (PKW) ) after operations)

General command

General Command of the Polish Armed Forces ( Dowództwo Generalne Rodzajów Sił Zbrojnych (DG RSZ) ) ( Warsaw )

  • Navy Inspectorate (Inspectorate Marynarki Wojennej)
    • 3rd Flotilla "Kommodore Bolesław Romanowski" (3rd Flotylla Okrętów im. Kmdr Bolesława Romanowskiego) ( Gdynia Naval Base)
      • Submarine Division (Dywizjon Okrętów Podwodnych) ( Gdynia Naval Base)
        • 1 submarine from project 887E "Kilo": ORP 291 "Orzeł"
        • 4 ex-Norwegian submarines of the "Kobben" class: ORP 294 "Sokół", ORP 295 "Sęp", ORP 296 "Bielik", ORP 297 "Kondor"
      • Gdynian Battleship Division (Gdyński Dywizjon Okrętów Bojowych) ( Gdynia Naval Base)
        • 2 ex-US frigates of the "Olivier Hazard Perry" class: ORP 272 "Pułaski" and ORP 273 "Kościuszko"
        • 3 ex-GDR corvettes of the "Sassnitz" class (Project 660): ORP 421 "Orkan", ORP 422 "Piorun", ORP 423 "Grom"
        • 1 corvette of the "Kaszub" class (project 620): ORP 240 "Kaszub"
      • Support Ship Division (Dywizjon Okrętów Wsparcia) ( Gdynia Naval Base)
        • 2 rescue ships from Project 570 - ORP 281 "Piast" and ORP 282 "Lech"
        • 2 lifeboats from project B823 - ORP R-14 “Zbyszko” and R-15 Maćko
        • 1 training ship from Project 888: ORP 251 "Wodnik"
        • Coastal Rescue Group (Brzegowa Grupa Ratownicza)
      • Reconnaissance Ship Group (Grupa Okrętów Rozpoznawczych) ( Gdynia Naval Base)
        • 2 ships for radio-electronic reconnaissance of project 863: ORP 262 "Nawigator" and ORP 263 "Hydrograph"
      • Soul missile unit "Kommodore Zbigniew Przybyszewski" (Morska Jednostka Rakietowa im. Kmdr Zbigniewa Przybyszewskiego) ( Siemirowice )
      • 9th Air Defense Division (9th Dywizjon Przeciwlotniczy) ( Ustka ) - Grom MANPADS anti-aircraft missiles and S-60 anti-aircraft guns
      • 43rd Marine Engineer Battalion (43 Batalion Saperów Marynarki Wojennej) ( Rozewie )
      • Military port command "Brigadier General Stanisława Dąbka" Gdynia (Komenda Portu Wojennego im. Gen. Bryg. Stanisława Dąbka - Gdynia)
        • Basierungspunkt Hel (point Bazowania Hel )
      • Naval Hydrographic Support Division (Dywizjon Zabezpieczenia Hydrograficznego MW) ( Gdynia Naval Base)
        • 2 hydrographic ships from Project 874: ORP 265 "Heweliusz" and ORP 266 "Arctowski"
        • 1 sailing training ship from project B79 / II: ORP 253 "Iskra"
        • Hydrographic boat group (Grupa Kutrów i Motorówek) with K-4 and K-10; M-38, M-39 and M-40 hydrographic boats
      • Sailing Training Point of the Navy (Ośrodek Szkolenia Żeglarskiego Marynarki Wojennej) ( Gdynia Naval Base)
      • Control and surveying station of the Navy (Poligon Kontrolno-Pomiarowy Marynarki Wojennej) ( Gdynia -Oksywie)
      • Naval Club "Riviera" (Club Marynarki Wojennej "Riwiera") ( Gdynia Naval Base)
      • Editorial Publishing House of the Navy (Zespół Redakcyjno-Wydawniczy MW) ( Gdynia Naval Base)
      • Museum ship "Błyskawica" (Okręt-Muzeum ORP "Błyskawica")
    • 8. Coastal Defense Flotilla "Vice Admiral Kazimierz Porębski" (8th Flotylla Obrony Wybrzeża im. Wiceadm. Kazimierza Porębskiego) ( Świnoujście )
      • 2. Transport and Mining Division (2. Dywizjon Okrętów Transportowo-Minowych) ( Świnoujście )
        • 5 tank landing and mine-laying ships from Project 767: ORP 821 “Lublin”, ORP 822 “Gniezno”, ORP 823 “Kraków”, ORP 824 “Poznań”, ORP 825 “Toruń”
        • 1 anti-mine command ship from Project 130-Z: ORP 511 "Kontradmirał Xawery Czernicki"
        • 3 landing craft from Project 716
      • 12th Wolin Minecraft Division (12th Woliński Dywizjon Trałowców) ( Świnoujście )
        • 12 mine clearance boats from project 207P (Gardno): ORP 631 "Gardno", ORP 632 "Bukowo", ORP 633 "Dąbie", ORP 634 "Jamno", ORP 635 "Mielno", ORP 636 "Wicko", ORP 637 "Resko" , ORP 638 "Sarbsko", ORP 639 "Necko", ORP 640 "Nakło", ORP 641 "Drużno", ORP 642 "Hańcza"
        • 2 small mine clearance boats from project B410-IVS: ORP 625 "TR-25" and ORP 626 "TR-26"
        • Mine clearance group (Grupa Płetwonurków-Minerów)
      • 13th minesweeper division "Admiral Andrzej Karwety" (13th Dywizjon Trałowców im.adm floty Andrzeja Karwety) ( Gdynia naval base)
        • 1 minesweeper from Project 258 (Kormoran II): ORP 601 "Kormoran"
        • 3 minesweepers from project 206FM (Mewa): ORP 621 "Flaming", ORP 623 "Mewa", ORP 624 "Czajka"
        • 4 mine clearance boats from project 207M (Mamry): ORP 643 "Mamry", ORP 644 "Wigry", ORP 645 "Śniardwy", ORP 646 "Wdzydze"
        • Mine clearance group (Grupa Płetwonurków-Minerów)
      • 8th Air Defense Division (8th Dywizjon Przeciwlotniczy) ( Dziwnów ) - Grom MANPADS anti-aircraft missiles and S-60 anti-aircraft cannons
      • 8th Kolobrzeski Naval Engineer Battalion (8th Kolobrzeski Batalion Saperów Marynarki Wojennej) ( Dziwnów )
      • Świnoujście Military Port Command (Komenda Portu Wojennego Świnoujście)
        • Basierungspunkt Kołobrzeg (point Bazowania Kołobrzeg)
    • Gdynian Naval Aviation Brigade "Commodore Pilot Karol Trzask-Durski" ( Gdyńska Brygada Lotnictwa Marynarki Wojennej im. Kmdr por. Pil. Karola Trzaska-Durskiego (GBLM) ) ( Gdynia -Babie Doły Naval Air Base)
Polish Navy (Poland)
Gdynia baby
Gdynia baby
Red pog.svgNavy Airfield
Yellow ffff00 pog.svgNavy Heliport
      • 43rd Oksywska Baza Lotnictwa Morskiego im. Kmdr por. Edwarda Stanisława Szystowiskiego) ( Gdynia-Babie Doły Naval Air Base )
        • Fliegergruppe (Grupa Lotnicza)
          • 4 M-28TD Bryza transport aircraft, 4 Kaman SH-2G Super Seasprite anti-submarine helicopters, 6 W-3WA / RM Anaconda sea rescue helicopters, 2 Mi-2 training helicopters
        • Aviation Technical Group (Grupa Techniczna)
        • Support group (Grupa Wsparcia)
        • (Wojskowy Port Lotniczy Gdynia Babie Doły)
      • 44th Kaszubsko-Darłowska Baza Lotnictwa Morskiego - Siemirowice and Darłowo
        • ("Kaszubska" Grupa Lotnicza - Siemirowice)
          • 7 sea patrol and reconnaissance aircraft M-28B Bryza-1R, 1 sea patrol, reconnaissance and anti-submarine aircraft M-28B Bryza-1RM bis, 2 environmental surveillance aircraft M-28B Bryza-1E
        • ("Darłowska" Grupa Lotnicza - Darłowo)
          • 8 submarine defense helicopters Mi-14PŁ, 2 sea rescue helicopters Mi-14PŁ / R, 2 sea rescue helicopters W-3RM Anaconda, 2 training helicopters Mi-2
        • Aviation Technical Group (Grupa Techniczna)
        • Support group (Grupa Wsparcia)
        • Siemirowice Military Air Base (Wojskowy Port Lotniczy Siemirowice)
        • Darłowo Military Airport (Wojskowy Port Lotniczy Darłowo)
    • 6. Oliwischer Radioelectronic Point "Admiral Arendt Dickman" (6. Oliwski Ośrodek Radioelektroniczny im. Adm. Arendta Dickmana) ( Gdynia naval base)
  • Hydrographic Service under the Ministry of Defense:
    • Hydrographic Office of the Navy (Biuro Hydrographiczne MW) ( Gdynia Naval Base)
  • Training institutions under the Ministry of Defense:
    • Naval Academy " Heroes of Westerplatte " (Akademia Marynarki Wojennej im. Bohaterów Westerplatte) ( Gdynia Naval Base)
    • Training Center of the Navy "Vice Admiral Józef Unrug" (Centrum Szkolenia Marynarki Wojennej im. Wiceadm. Józefa Unruga) ( Ustka )
      • Navy NCO School (Szkoła Podoficerska Marynarki Wojennej) ( Ustka )
      • Diver and deep diver training center "Kommodore Stanisław Mielczark" (Ośrodek Szkolenia Nurków i Płetwonurków Wojska Polskiego im. Kmdr Stanisława Mielczarka) ( Gdynia Naval Base)



Ship class origin photo Ships Remarks
Combat units
Oliver-Hazard-Perry United StatesUnited States United States Polish Warship called Pulaski.jpg ORP Gen. K. Pułaski (272)
ORP Gen. T. Kościuszko (273)
Project 620
(Kaszub class)
PolandPoland Poland ORP Kaszub Gdynia.jpg ORP Kaszub (240) corvette
MEKO A-100
(Gawron class)
GermanyGermany Germany / Poland
ORP Ślązak 2015-1.jpg ORP Ślązak (241) Patrol boat
hurricane GermanyGermany Germany / Poland
OPR Grom.jpg ORP Hurricane (421)
ORP Piorun (422)
ORP Grom (423)
Project 877E
(Kilo class)
Soviet UnionSoviet Union Soviet Union ORP Orzeł.JPG ORP Orzeł (291)
Class 207
(Kobben Class)
GermanyGermany Germany ORP Bielik.jpg ORP Sęp (295)
ORP Bielik (296)
Are used by two Swedish boats
of Södermanland class to be replaced.
Anti-mine units
Project 258
(Cormorant 2 Class)
PolandPoland Poland Próby morskie ORP “Cormorant” .jpg ORP cormorant (601) Two further units (ORP Albatros and ORP Mewa )
in equipment or under construction.
Project 206FM
(Krogulec class)
PolandPoland Poland ORP Mewa.JPG ORP Flaming (621)
ORP Mewa (623)
ORP Czajka (624)
Auxiliary ships
Project 767
(Lublin class)
PolandPoland Poland ORP Poznań DN-SD-05-02984.JPEG ORP Lublin (821)
ORP Gniezno (822)
ORP Kraków (823)
ORP Poznań (824)
ORP Toruń (825)
Mine layer and tank landing ship
Project 890 PolandPoland Poland ORP Kontradmirał Xawery Czernicki (1) .jpg ORP Kontradmirał Xawery Czernicki (511) logistic support ship
Project 870
(Piast class)
PolandPoland Poland ORP Lech 5612.JPG ORP Piast (281)
ORP Lech (282)
Salvage ship
Project 888
(Wodnik class)
PolandPoland Poland ORP Wodnik98.JPG ORP Vodnik (251) Training ship
Project B79 / II PolandPoland Poland Widok od dziobu lewej burty 2.jpg ORP Iskra (253) Sail training ship


As of the end of 2018

Aircraft origin photos use version active Ordered Remarks
PZL M-28 Skytruck PolandPoland Poland Bryza - RIAT 2004 (2913721045) .jpg Maritime patrol
Leonardo AW101 ItalyItaly Italy / Poland
AW EH101.png Submarine Hunt (ASW)
Search and Rescue (SAR)
4th Should replace the Mil Mi-14 . There is an option to add four more machines.
Mil Wed-2 Soviet UnionSoviet Union Soviet Union Mil Mi-2 (7790682610) .jpg Multipurpose helicopter 3
Mil Wed-8 Soviet UnionSoviet Union Soviet Union Polish Navy Mil Mi-8MTV-1 Idaszak-1.jpg Multipurpose helicopter Wed-8
Mil Wed-14 Soviet UnionSoviet Union Soviet Union Loty metodyczne 29. Darłowskiej Eskadry Lotniczej (05) .jpg Search and Rescue (SAR) 9 Should be replaced by the AW101 .
Kaman H-2 United StatesUnited States United States Kaman Seasprite.jpg Board helicopter SH-2G 4th
PZL W-3 Sokół PolandPoland Poland PZL W-3T Polish Navy.jpg Multipurpose helicopter 7th

Ranks and Rank Badges


Rank group Marshal Flag officers Staff officers Subaltern officers
Shoulder pieces
POL PMW pagon1 admirał.svg
POL PMW pagon1 admirał floty.svg
POL PMW pagon1 wiceadmirał.svg
POL PMW pagon1 kontradmirał.svg
POL PMW pagon1 komandor.svg
POL PMW pagon1 komandor porucznik.svg
POL PMW pagon1 komandor podporucznik.svg
POL PMW pagon1 kapitan marynarki.svg
POL PMW pagon1 porucznik marynarki.svg
POL PMW pagon1 podporucznik marynarki.svg
Rank Marszałek Polski Admiral Admirał floty Wiceadmirał Kontradmirał Commander Komandor porucznik Komandor podporucznik Kapitan marynarki Porucznik marynarki Podporucznik marynarki
no equivalent admiral Vice admiral Rear admiral Flotilla admiral Sea captain Frigate captain Corvette Captain Lieutenant captain First lieutenant at sea Lieutenant at sea
NATO rank code OF-10 OF-9 OF-8 OF-7 OF-6 OF-5 OF-4 OF-3 OF-2 OF-1

Ensigns, NCOs and men

Rank group Ensigns (Chorąży) NCOs Teams
Shoulder pieces
POL PMW pagon1 starszy chorąży sztabowy marynarki.svg
POL PMW pagon1 starszy chorąży marynarki.svg
POL PMW pagon1 chorąży marynarki.svg
POL PMW pagon1 młodszy chorąży marynarki.svg
POL PMW pagon1 starszy bosman.svg
POL PMW pagon1 bosman.svg
POL PMW pagon1 bosmanmat.svg
POL PMW pagon1 starszy mat.svg
POL PMW pagon1 mat.svg
POL PMW pagon1 starszy marynarz.svg
POL PMW pagon1 marynarz.svg
Rank Starszy chorąży sztabowy marynarki
(Chief Ensign of the Sea)
Starszy chorąży marynarki
(Chief Ensign of the Sea)
Chorąży marynarki
(Ensign of the Sea)
Młodszy chorąży marynarki
(Under Ensign of the Sea)
Starszy Bosman
( Chief Boatswain )
(boatswain's mate)
Starszy mat
(chief mate)
Starszy marynarz
( chief seaman )
Chief of Staff Staff Captain Chief Boatswain Captain /
Chief Mate /
Oberstabsgefreiter /
Hauptgefreiter /
Private sailor
NATO rank code OR-9 OR-8 OR-7 OR-6 OR-5 OR-4 OR-3 OR-2 OR-1


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Web links

Commons : Polish Navy  - collection of pictures, videos and audio files


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