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Flag of a flotilla admiral of the German Navy

A flag officer is a naval officer who is authorized to fly his own rank flag and has a higher rank than sea ​​captain , i.e. in an admiral rank or as a commodore .


The term “flag officer” is used - linguistically adapted - in many navies, especially in the English-speaking area. The name is derived from the fact that flag officers at certain posts often use their own flag as a command signal. On ships it is used instead of the commander's flag if the flag officer is embarked as a superior. The ship marked in this way is then often referred to as the flagship ; A flag officer leads a warship from one ship, but only in exceptional cases. Flag officers who exercise command functions ashore often display the flag in front of or on the service building.

German Navy

The German Navy defines a flag officer as a "naval officer in the post of admiral".

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