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Porutschik / First Lieutenant at Sea
Imperial Russian Army Por 1917 v.png IRN F1SeniorLtNavy 1917.png

Distinction badge
shoulder flap until 1917

Rank group the lieutenants
NATO rank code OF-1 comparable
Rank Army / Air Force Poruchik
Marine rank First lieutenant at sea
Abbreviation (in lists)

Porutschik , German lieutenant ( Czech poručík , Russian поручик , Polish porucznik ), is an officer rank from the group of lieutenants in the Slavic-speaking area .

In the Russian army the rank was introduced in the regiments with a new structure in the middle of the 17th century. A Porutschik was usually an assistant to the company commander and later a platoon leader . In 1798 the rank in guards was replaced by lieutenant , other units followed later. According to the NATO rank code , the Porutschik would currently be comparable to the OF-1 classification .

Rank ascending order
Lower rank:

Lesser Coat of Arms of Russian Empire.svgCoat of arms Kolchak 1919.jpg
Higher Rank:
Staff Captain

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Name origin

The name of the rank is derived from the Russian word "порука" ( guarantee ). Initially, the Porutschik had to accompany commanded soldiers. He guaranteed in writing that the soldiers arrived in full and on time at the place ordered. The rank later developed from this task.

Rank designations in some countries

In the following countries, the spellings for the ranks Podporutschik , Porutschik and Nadporutschik up to the classification in the hierarchy are almost the same or at least very similar.

A possible ascending order of precedence would be:

Porsche ranks in different countries
country language NATO NATO rank OF-1b (junior) NATO NATO rank OF-1a (senior)
rank designation rank designation
CroatiaCroatia Croatia Serbo-Croatian Army-HRV-OF-01b.svg Poručnik Army-HRV-OF-01a.svg Natporučnik
Macedonia 1995Macedonia Macedonia Macedonian Potporucnik-arm.png Подпоручник
Porucnik-arm.png Поручник
PolandPoland Poland Polish Pporucznik m.png Army-POL-OF-01b.svg Rank insignia of podporucznik of the Air Force of Poland.svg Hat badge
  • Podporucznik (Army)
  • Podporucznik (Air Force)
Porucznik m.pngArmy-POL-OF-01a.svg Rank insignia of porucznik of the Air Force of Poland.svg Hat badge
  • Porucznik (army)
  • Porucznik (Air Force)
RussiaRussia Russia
(until 1917)
Russian Imperial Russian Army JunPor 1917 v.png Подпоручик
Imperial Russian Army Por 1917 v.png Поручик
SerbiaSerbia Serbia Serbian 1 kov - potporučnik.png 1 vpvo - potporučnik.png Rf 1 - potporučnik.gif
  • Потпоручник (army)
  • Потпоручник (LV)
  • Потпоручник (river fleet)
2 kov - poručnik.png 2 vpvo - poručnik.png Rf 2 -poručnik korvete.gif
  • Поручник (army)
  • Поручник (LV)
  • Поручник (river fleet)
SlovakiaSlovakia Slovakia Slovak None.svg Poručík None.svg Nadporučík
SloveniaSlovenia Slovenia Slovenian Slovenska vojska cast poroc.jpg Poročnik Slovenska vojska cast nadporoc.jpg Nadporočnik
Czech RepublicCzech Republic Czech Republic Czech CzArmy 2011 OF1b-Poruchik shoulder.svg Poručík
(also until 2011 Podporuchik OF1c)
CzArmy 2011 OF1a-Nadporuchik shoulder.svg Nadporučík
UkraineUkraine Ukraine
( Ukrainian People's Republic ,
until 1921)
Ukrainian 08 УНР 30-03-1920 Пoручник.svg Підпоручник 08 УНР 30-03-1920 Пoручник.svg Підпоручник
Equivalent to GermanyGermanyGermany  DH211-Leutnant.png LD B 41 Lieutenant svg lieutenant
DH221-Oberleutnant.png LD B 42 first lieutenant svg First lieutenant
Equivalent United StatesUnited StatesUnited States  Army-USA-OF-01b.svg Second lieutenant Army-USA-OF-01a.svg First lieutenant

In the armed forces of Macedonia , Poland and Serbia , the Unterporutschik is equivalent to the OF1b ranks Leutnant / Second lieutenant / Lieutenent .

Individual evidence

  1. The abbreviation "OF" used in NATO stands for " English officer / French officier / German  officer / Russian офицер ".