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Sailor as helmsman

Sailor is the functional or professional designation for a sailor in merchant shipping on deck with several years of training (including fully qualified seaman ). In inland navigation , the training ends with a different qualification than in seafaring . Unskilled sailors without training as able seamans have the job titles of ordinary seamen or Ordinary Seamen (OS). In the German navy and the naval armed forces of other countries, the term sailor stands for the lowest crew rank without recognized training ( NATO rank code OR-1).

  • OR - stands for en Other (enlisted) Ranks (OR)

Historical development

The term sailor goes back to the Dutch word matroos , and was probably transformed from the French matelot , via the old French matenot . It probably goes back to the Middle Dutch mattenoot meaning matmate or sleeping companion , from which today's German term sailor arose.

Individual evidence

  1. The abbreviation "OR" stand for "other ranks / sous-officiers et militaires du rang" see: NATO glossary abbreviations used in NATO documents and publications / Glossaire OTAN des abréviations utilisées dans les documents et publications OTAN 2010, p. 237. Archived from the original on May 8, 2010.
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