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John XV († March 996 ) was Pope from 985 to 996.

Before his pontificate , John was a cardinal priest of San Vitale in Rome . He was appointed cardinal by Pope Benedict VII. He was made pope at the instigation of the influential Roman patrician Crescentius I Nomentanus or John I Crescentius , both sons of Crescentius de Theodora . The patrician referred to himself as Lord of Rome from now on with the old imperial title Patricius Romanorum .

Although the Pope, who was subservient to him, was a supporter of the Cluniac reform , this nepotism practiced and made himself generally unpopular through greed for money. He also became enemies with Crescentius I. Nomentanus and therefore had to flee to Tuscany in 995. There Johannes called the German King Otto III. , who in the meantime ruled independently, to Rome for help and for the coronation of the emperor. As Otto III. appeared, the Pope was reconciled with Crescentius. John XV died shortly after his return to Rome before the arrival of the king.

After the reputation of the papacy had sunk sharply in the 10th century due to the turmoil in Rome , he sought authority abroad. So he gave 991 between the English king Aethelred and Duke Richard II. Of the Normandy and took the assignment of Poland to the Holy See by Duke Mieszko I meet. In 993 he made the first canonization of a saint by a Pope with the canonization of Ulrich von Augsburg .


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