Crescentius I. Nomentanus

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Coat of arms of the Crescentier

Crescentius I. Nomentanus († April 29, 998 in Rome ), sometimes incorrectly referred to as Johannes I. Crescentius Nomentanus , sometimes called Crescentius II , was an influential Roman patrician and adversary of Emperor Otto III. He was involved in the overthrow of Pope John XIV in 984, whereby Pope Boniface VII was reinstated.


He was the son of Crescentius de Theodora and the Sergia. His brother was John I Crescentius . He himself was married to Stephania. From this marriage a son, John II. Crescentius , was born. The powerful Crescentier family ruled Rome and the Popes in the late 10th and early 11th centuries.

He was - under Pope John XV. (in Rome the real ruler) - leader of the rebellion against the emperor. After Emperor Otto had his cousin Brun (o) of Carinthia elected Pope as Gregory V in Rome , they both sat in court over Crescentius. He was sentenced to death but pardoned by the new Pope . Thereupon Crescentius took the oath of allegiance to the emperor . As Otto III. Left Rome in 997, Crescentius I Nomentanus broke his oath of allegiance and, with the help of the Byzantines, elected the Calabrese Johannes Philagathos as antipope John XVI. Without the presence and thus without the protection of the emperor, Gregory V had to flee to Spoleto . With Otto's support, however, he returned in 998.

After storming Castel Sant'Angelo , Crescentius was captured and sentenced to death for breaking an oath. He was taken to the highest tower of Castel Sant'Angelo and beheaded in front of the cheering crowd . His body was thrown from the walls and ultimately hung upside down on a gallows on Monte Mario .


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