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Albert of Riga
Albert I of Riga receives Livonia from King Philip of Swabia as a fief.
The oldest picture of Francis of Assisi that was made during his lifetime, wall painting in Sacro Speco in Subiaco
Francis of Assisi renounces his father's inheritance
before Bishop Guido II
1207 in other calendars
Armenian calendar 655/656 (turn of the year July)
Ethiopian calendar 1199/1200
Buddhist calendar 1750/51 (southern Buddhism); 1749/50 (alternative calculation according to Buddhas Parinirvana )
Chinese calendar 65th (66th) cycle

Year of the Fire Rabbit 丁卯 ( at the beginning of the year Fire Tiger 丙寅)

Chula Sakarat (Siam, Myanmar) / Dai calendar (Vietnam) 569/570 (turn of the year April)
Iranian calendar 585/586
Islamic calendar 603/604 (turn of the year July 27-28)
Jewish calendar 4967/68 (23/24 September)
Coptic calendar 923/924
Malayalam calendar 382/383
Seleucid era Babylon: 1517/18 (turn of the year April)

Syria: 1518/19 (turn of the year October)

Spanish era 1245
Vikram Sambat (Nepalese Calendar) 1263/64 (turn of the year April)


Politics and world events

Holy Roman Empire

Fourth crusade

The Bulgarian Empire under Kaloyan
  • The Bulgarian Tsar Kaloyan and Theodor I. Laskaris , Emperor of Nicaea , join forces and begin an offensive against the Latin Empire from two sides. Kalojan invades Thrace again and besieges Adrianople , at the same time Laskaris attacks several Latin castles in Asia Minor, both on land and at sea. With a fleet of Venetian and Pisan ships, Heinrich succeeds in relieving the castle of Ciboto, which is by the sea, and in repulsing Laskaris. In April, Kaloyan abandons the siege of Adrianople and withdraws from Thrace after his Cuman warriors fall from him. In the summer Heinrich and Theodor sign a two-year armistice.
  • In the summer Heinrich meets with his father-in-law Boniface von Montferrat in Cypsela near Adrianople and receives homage from him as his overlord. On the way back to Mosynopolis , Boniface plundered the Sweti Joan Prodrom monastery , shortly afterwards he was ambushed by the Bulgarians. He is captured and beheaded on September 4th , his head sent to Kaloyan.
  • Under the tutelage of his mother Margaret of Hungary, the underage Demetrius von Montferrat succeeds his father Boniface as King of Thessaloniki . This succession arrangement is not without controversy among the followers of Boniface. In particular, a large group of Lombard knights under Oberto II von Biandrate favored the successor to Demetrius' older brother Wilhelm VI. , who succeeds Boniface in the Margraviate of Montferrat , mainly because he is the eldest son of his father and also of the age to lead the fight against Bulgarians and Greeks. The Lombards' revolt, however, was put down by the Latin Emperor Heinrich in favor of Demetrius.
  • Autumn: Kalojan dies in the siege of Thessaloniki , possibly murdered by his own people. His brother Boril is elected as his successor .
Coat of arms of Marco Sanudo as Duke of Archipelagos



First documentary mentions


Old manuscript of the warrior in a tiger skin



Franz gives the clothes back to his father and thus renounces his possession, fresco by Giotto di Bondone , around 1295
  • Spring: Francis of Assisi breaks with the world in a spectacular scene during a court hearing his father has brought against him before the local bishop Guido II .


  • April 20 : A fire that broke out on Good Friday and spread rapidly destroys large parts of Magdeburg , including the Magdeburg Cathedral built under Emperor Otto I , the Mauritius Monastery , the North Church and the Imperial Palace. Archbishop Albrecht I von Käfernburg had the ruins of the cathedral torn down and laid the foundation stone for the new cathedral as early as September, for which the stones and pillars of the old late Romanesque cathedral were reused.


Date of birth saved

Exact date of birth unknown

Born around 1207


Date of death secured

Exact date of death unknown

  • Beginning of the year: Erling Steinvegg , Norwegian King of the Bagler Party
  • Autumn: Kalojan , Tsar of the Bulgarians (* around 1170 )

Died around 1207

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