Friedrich I. (Liegnitz)

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Friedrich I (born May 3, 1446 in Brieg ; † May 9, 1488 in Liegnitz ) was 1455–1488 Duke of Liegnitz and 1471–1488 Duke of Brieg . In addition, he was 1471-1475 Governor of Upper Lusatia and in his death in 1488 Upper governor of Silesia .

Origin and family

Friedrich came from the Liegnitz branch of the Silesian Piasts . His parents were Johann I von Lüben († 1453) and Hedwig († 1471), daughter of Duke Ludwig II of Liegnitz and Brieg and Elisabeth of Brandenburg .

On September 5, 1474, Frederick married Ludmilla , a daughter of the Bohemian King George of Podebrady . The marriage had three sons:

  1. John II , (1477-1495)
  2. Friedrich II. († 1547), Duke of Liegnitz, Brieg and Wohlau
  3. George I († 1521), Duke of Brieg


When his father Johann I died in 1453, Friedrich, who was to succeed him as Duke of Liegnitz, was only seven years old. Already when Frederick's father took over the Duchy of Liegnitz in 1449, there were inheritance disputes caused by the Liegnitz feudal dispute that arose in 1436 and was not resolved until 1469. After the death of John I in 1453, the city council recognized the seven-year-old Friedrich I as Duke of Liegnitz, but the Bohemian King Ladislaus Postumus and his governor Georg von Podiebrad intended to seize the duchy. Therefore, Friedrich did not come to the government of his duchy until 1455.

After Matthias Corvinus was elected (against) King of Bohemia on May 3, 1469 and exercised rule over Silesia, he enfeoffed Frederick I with the Duchy of Liegnitz, to which almost all of the areas pledged to Opole were returned. The feudal dispute, which had lasted for decades, was only ended with this enfeoffment. Although Friedrich had a good relationship with the Bohemian Podiebraden who were married , he was also in the favor of King Matthias Corvinus. He intended to transfer the office of governor for Silesia to Friedrich I, but initially could not prevail against the princes and estates. After he had given him the office of Governor of Upper Lusatia in 1471, it was not until 1488 that he succeeded in appointing Frederick I as governor of Silesia. A few months later, Friedrich I died at the age of only 42. The guardianship of the underage sons Friedrich and Georg took over until 1499 Friedrich's widow Ludmilla.

Friedrich's body was buried in the Liegnitz Charterhouse , founded in 1423 , which, however, under Friedrich III. was demolished. The remains of the Liegnitz Piast buried there were transferred to the former St. John's Church, which now served as the castle church.


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