George I (Brieg)

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George I of Brieg (also George I of Legnica and Brzeg * 1481/ 1483 , † 1521 ) was Duke of Legnica and Brzeg . He came from the Liegnitz branch of the Silesian Piasts .


His parents were Duke Friedrich I († 1488) and Ludmilla († 1503), a daughter of the Bohemian King George of Podebrady .

After the early death of their father, Georg and his older brothers Johann II and Friedrich II grew up under the tutelage of their mother, who ruled until 1499. Since the eldest brother Johann died in 1495, the second-born Friedrich II took over the administration of the inherited areas from 1499. After Georg reached the age of majority in 1505, he independently ruled the Brieger share, which also included Lüben , while Friedrich II kept the Duchy of Liegnitz.

In 1516 Georg married Anna († 1550), a daughter of Duke Bogislaw X. of Pomerania. Since the marriage remained childless, Georg's brother Friedrich II inherited the Duchy of Brieg, which he in turn united with Liegnitz. Georg's widow Anna von Pomerania received Lüben as a personal asset , which she kept until her death in 1550.


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