Duchy of Lüben

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The Duchy of Lüben was established in 1348 as part of the Duchy of Liegnitz . It existed until 1453 and was used in the 16th century as personal belongings of Brieger Duchesses. The place of residence was the city of the same name Lüben (now Lubin in the Lower Silesian Voivodeship in Poland).


Jadwiga chapel of the former castle in Lüben

The area of ​​Lüben fell to the Duchy of Glogau when the Duchy of Silesia was divided in 1249 and to Duke Johann von Steinau when it was divided in 1323 . Due to lack of money he sold the area of ​​Lüben to the Bohemian King John of Luxembourg , from whom Duke Boleslaw III in 1339 . acquired by Liegnitz . He handed over the indebted Duchy of Liegnitz to his sons Wenzel I and Ludwig , who initially managed it together.

When it was divided in 1348, Ludwig received the Lüben area. He resided in Lüben, where he had the ducal castle, which already existed around 1230, expanded into a palace and expanded with the palace chapel. In 1381, while he was still alive, he transferred Lüben to his only son, Henry VIII. He united Lüben with his Duchy of Brieg , but died a year later. After the death of his son Heinrich IX. In 1419/20 Lüben was for his son Ludwig III. hived off, who died in 1441. The last Duke of Lüben was Johann I. In 1446 he sold Lüben to Heinrich IX. von Glogau , who dedicated it to his unmarried sister Katharina as a personal item. After their death in 1496 it came back to Liegnitz. In the 16th century, the Lübener Land served twice as personal treasures for Brieger duchesses.


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