Henry IX. (Glogau)

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Henry IX. von Glogau (also Heinrich IX. the Elder von Glogau ; * 1389/90; † November 11, 1467 in Crossen ) was 1413-1418 together with his brothers Heinrich X. and Wenzel Duke of ( half ) Glogau . Then he was together with Heinrich X. and then sole ruling Duke of Freystadt and ( half ) Glogau until 1423 and also Duke of Crossen from 1430/31 .

Origin and family

Heinrich came from the Glogau branch of the Silesian Piasts . His parents were Heinrich VIII. And Katharina († 1420), daughter of the Opole Duke Wladislaus II. Between 1423 and 1430 he married Hedwig, a daughter of Duke Conrad III. from Oels . Children came from marriage


When their father died in 1397, Heinrich and his brothers Johann I , Heinrich X. "Rumpold" and Wenzel († 1430/31) were still underage. Together with their mother, they took over the reign of their father's undivided inheritance, but were initially under the tutelage of their uncle Ruprecht I of Liegnitz. After the eldest brother Johann I came of age in 1403, he also took over the reign for his younger brothers. In 1413, the area of Sagan was spun off for Johann I , but at the same time he had to forego the succession in the Glogau part. This administered from 1413 Heinrich IX. and his younger brothers Heinrich X. and Wenzel initially together until 1418. In the division of the inheritance that took place this year, Heinrich IX. and Heinrich X. the area of ​​( half or ducal ) Glogau and Freystadt , while Wenzel received next to Glogau also Crossen and Schwiebus . Since Heinrich X. died in 1423 and Wenceslaus in 1430/31, all areas, except Sagan, were in Heinrich IX. Hand united. Therefore, he was attacked by his eldest brother Johann I, who however finally had to come to terms with Sagan and died in 1439. The hostility of John I, however, led his son John II against Heinrich IX. away.

Henry IX. was concerned about the welfare of his subjects. In 1429 he obliged the city of Grünberg to build a fortified city wall. Together with Duke Wilhelm from Münsterberg , Duke Nikolaus V of Ratibor-Jägerndorf and Primislaus II of Teschen, he fought against the robber barons. In 1446 he acquired the Duchy of Lüben from Johann I von Liegnitz , which he dedicated to his unmarried sister Katharina as a personal property. Johann's brother Heinrich X pledged the Duchy of Haynau to him in the same year .

On April 19, 1458, Heinrich IX. a union, which, in addition to the Breslau bishop Jost II. von Rosenberg and his cathedral chapter, also the hereditary principalities of Breslau and Schweidnitz-Jauer , the dukes Konrad X. von Oels and the Saganer brothers Balthasar and Johann II. as well as Hedwig, the widow of the Liegnitz duke Johann I. belonged to. The federation was directed against the Bohemian electoral kingdom of George of Podebrady , which they also rejected as a non-orthodox king. A year later he paid homage to him along with other Silesian dukes.

Henry IX. died in 1467. His only living son, Heinrich XI, was heir . , with which the direct line Glogau of the Silesian Piasts became extinct.


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