Wenceslas (Glogau)

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Wenzel von Glogau (* 1389/97, † 1430 /31) was from 1413 to 1418 together with his brothers Henry IX. and Heinrich X. Duke of ( half ) Glogau and from 1418 until his death sole Duke of Crossen and Schwiebus . He came from the Glogau branch of the Silesian Piasts .


Wenceslas parents were Henry VIII and Katharina († 1420), daughter of the Opole Duke Wladislaus II.

When their father died in 1397, Wenzel and his older brothers Johann I , Heinrich IX. and Heinrich X. still underage. Together with their mother, they took over the reign of their father's undivided inheritance, but were initially under the tutelage of their uncle Ruprecht I of Liegnitz. After the eldest brother Johann I came of age in 1403, he also took over the reign for his younger brothers. In 1413, the area of Sagan was spun off for Johann I , but at the same time he had to forego the succession in the Glogau part. From 1413 Wenzel and his two brothers Heinrich X. and Heinrich IX administered it. initially together until 1418. When the inheritance was divided up that year, Wenzel received Crossen and Schwiebus .

In 1413 Wenceslas fought on the Polish side with six other Silesian princes against the Teutonic Order . In 1420 he was present at the coronation of King Sigismund in Prague and paid homage to him together with his brothers in Wroclaw that same year . Like his brother Heinrich X. Wenceslas supported King Sigismund in the fight against the Hussites.

Wenzel died in 1430 or 1431. He was not married and had no children. His brother Heinrich IX inherited his areas of Crossen and Schwiebus.


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