Henry VIII (Glogau)

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Heinrich VIII. Von Glogau (also Heinrich VIII. "The sparrow" ; * 1357/63 ; † 14 March 1397 in Sprottau ) was from 1369 to 1378 ( together with his brothers ) Duke of Sagan and ( ducal ) Glogau and from 1378 until 1397 duke of Freystadt , Grünberg and Sprottau and from 1394 until his death in 1397 duke of Sagan and ducal Glogau.

Origin and family

Henry VIII came from the Glogau branch of the Silesian Piasts . His parents were Heinrich V "the Iron" († 1369) and Anna († 1363), daughter of Duke Wacław von Płock . Between 1382 and 1388 he married Katharina († 1420), daughter of the Opole Duke Wladislaus II. The marriage resulted in the children:


When his father Henry V died in 1369, Henry VIII and his older brothers Heinrich VI. d. Ä. and Heinrich VII. "Rampold" not yet of legal age. Therefore they were placed under the guardianship of Duke Ruprecht I of Liegnitz, who married her already widowed sister Hedwig in 1372. The Liegnitz Duke Ludwig played a mediator role in the inheritance disputes that arose . He was a brother-in-law of her late father and managed to avoid dividing the territory he had left behind. A division took place in 1378, but since Henry VIII's brothers died in 1393 or 1394 without heirs, the entire property, except for half of Guhrau , which had to be given to Oels, was united under Henry VIII from 1394.

Through his marriage to Katharina von Oppeln, Henry VIII was entitled to Oberglogau and Prudnik . Although he was enfeoffed with these, he did not come into permanent possession.

Heinrich died in 1397 as a result of an accident at a knight tournament. Since his sons were not yet of legal age, they, like their father, were placed under the guardianship of their uncle Ruprecht I of Liegnitz.


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