Heinrich X. (Liegnitz-Haynau)

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Heinrich X. (* after 1425; † May 28, 1452 ) was 1441–1452 Duke of Haynau . He came from the Silesian Piast family .


Heinrich's parents were Duke Ludwig III. and Margarete († 1454/55), daughter of the Opole duke Bolko IV.

After his father's death in 1441, Heinrich inherited Haynau and Goldberg , while Lüben and Ohlau fell to his older brother Johann I. At the same time they took over the paternal claim to the inheritance of Duke Ludwig II of Liegnitz and Brieg, who died in 1436 and who was a stepbrother of their grandfather Heinrich IX. was. Due to a lack of money, they sold Lüben to Heinrich IX in 1446 . von Glogau and pledged Haynau. Due to the Liegnitz feudal dispute , which was sparked after the death of Ludwig II in 1436, because the Bohemian sovereign, King Sigismund demanded the reversion of Liegnitz, they could not enforce the inheritance claim.

Heinrich died unmarried and without descendants in 1452. He bequeathed the Duchy of Haynau to his nephew Friedrich I, who did not acquire the Duchy of Liegnitz until 1469 through a renewed grant of fief.


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