Friedrich III. (Liegnitz)

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Friedrich III. from Liegnitz. Engraving, 1733

Friedrich III. von Liegnitz (born February 22, 1520 , † December 15, 1570 ) was Duke of Haynau from 1545 to 1547 and Duke of Liegnitz from 1547 to 1551 and 1557 to 1559 . After the first deposition in 1547, his son Heinrich XI. appointed as a caretaker , after the second deposition in 1559 he succeeded his father as Duke of Liegnitz.

Origin and family

Friedrich III. was the son of Liegnitz Duke Friedrich II from his second marriage to Sophie von Brandenburg , a daughter of Margrave Friedrich II of Brandenburg .

On March 3, 1538, he married Katharina (April 14, 1518 - November 17, 1581) in Liegnitz , a daughter of Duke Heinrich V of Mecklenburg . The marriage had six children:

  1. Henry XI. , ⚭ 1560 Sophie of Brandenburg-Ansbach
  2. Sophie (April 15, 1541 - August 7, 1542)
  3. Katharina (* February 7, 1542; † September 3, 1569), ⚭ 1563 Duke Friedrich Casimir von Teschen
  4. Friedrich (born August 29, 1543; † before 1551)
  5. Helena (March 1545/47; † September 16, 1583), ⚭ 1568 Sigismund II. Kurzbach , Baron von Militsch and Trachenberg
  6. Friedrich IV. ⚭ 1587 Maria Sidonia († 1587), daughter of Duke Wenceslaus III. Adam of Teschen


After the death of his father in 1547, Friedrich III. the succession in Liegnitz , while his younger brother Georg Brieg took possession.

Friedrich III. did not have the rulership skills of his father. With the beginning of his reign he joined the coalition of the rebelling Protestant princes and entered into an alliance with the long-standing enemy of the Habsburgs , the French King Henry II . His intention to found a university in Goldberg and to install a court of appeal there ( Oberhof ) was not realized. He also went on adventurous journeys through Germany and abroad. Therefore he was deposed in 1551 by the Bohemian ruler Ferdinand I and his brother Georg II was appointed as administrator of Liegnitz. In the same year King Ferdinand I redeemed the Duchy of Münsterberg , which Friedrich's father had acquired as a pledge in 1542 .

After Friedrich III. In 1557 he paid homage to his sovereign Ferdinand I, who in turn installed him in his duchy. Since Friedrich continued to lead a frivolous lifestyle, his Duchy of Liegnitz was denied him permanently in 1559. In the same year his son Heinrich XI. enfeoffed with the Duchy of Liegnitz, but had to accept rather humiliating conditions.

Friedrich III, who was held in permanent custody, died eleven years later.


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