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Coat of arms of the Bourbon-Sicily royal family

The House of Bourbon-Sicily is an Italian branch of the Spanish Bourbons . This line goes to Ferdinand (1751–1825), the third son of the Spanish King Charles III. (1716–1788) back.

The transfer of the kingdoms of Naples and Sicily to the Spanish Bourbons took place in 1735 as a result of the Vienna Preliminary Peace , which ended the War of the Polish Succession (1733-1735 / 38). The Spanish Infante Karl, third son of King Philip V (1683–1746) and eldest son of his second wife Elisabetta Farnese (1692–1766), ruled from 1735 to 1759 as Charles VII in the Kingdom of Naples and as Charles V in the Kingdom of Sicily, before he succeeded his half-brother Ferdinand VI in 1759 . (1713–1759) as King of Spain with the name Karl III. started.

His successor in Naples and Sicily was his son Ferdinand , who was named Ferdinand IV, King of Naples (1759-1806), Ferdinand III, King of Sicily (1759-1815) and Ferdinand I, King of the Two Sicilies (1815 / 16-1825) ruled. In 1768 he married Maria Karolina of Austria , a daughter of Maria Theresa , who exercised strong political influence, especially in the fight against Napoleon , until her death in 1814 .

By decree, King Ferdinand abolished the personal union between Sicily and Naples ( Regno di Sicilia ulteriore ) in 1816 and united both kingdoms in a real union. The newly created state was called the “ Kingdom of the Two Sicilies ”, and Ferdinand remained head of state.

Coat of arms of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, svg
Kings of the House of Bourbon-Sicily
Ferdinand IV at age nine.jpg Ferdinand I. 1816-1825 Since 1768 married to Maria Karolina of Austria , after her death in 1814 morganatic marriage to Lucia Migliaccio
Francis I of the Two Sicilies.jpg Franz I. 1825-1830 Son of the predecessor In 1797 married to Maria Klementine of Austria (1777–1801) , in 1802 to Maria Isabel of Spain
Fernando II de las Dos Sicilias 2.jpg Ferdinand II. 1830-1859 Son of the predecessor 1832 married to Maria Christina of Savoy (1812–1836), 1837 to Maria Theresia of Austria (1816–1867)
Franz2Sicilien.jpg Francis II 1859-1860 Son of the predecessor 1859 married to Marie in Bavaria (1841–1925)

The House of Bourbon-Sicily had the following members, among others:

King Ferdinand I and his first wife Maria Karolina of Austria with their children; Painting by Angelika Kauffmann

With the unification of Italy (1860/61) and the establishment of the Kingdom of Italy (1861-1946) , the kings of the two Sicilies lost their throne. Alfons Maria of Naples-Sicily (1841-1934), a half-brother of the last King Francis II, followed him as head of the family and pretender to the throne. Towards the end of his life he was reconciled with the now ruling Italian royal house of Savoy , but died in exile in Cannes.

He was followed as head of the family by his eldest son Ferdinand of Bourbon-Sicily (1869–1960), Duke of Calabria, while the next younger, Carlos Maria de Bourbon (1870–1949), 1901 the sister of King Alfonso XIII. of Spain married Princess María de las Mercedes de Borbón (1880-1904), at the time her brother's heir to the throne. Because of Charles III. In 1759, in a pragmatic sanction decreed separation of the Spanish from the Sicilian crown, Carlos Maria then renounced his claim to the Sicilian throne, acquired Spanish citizenship and accepted the title of Infante of Spain as "Don Carlos". After his brother-in-law King Alfonso XIII. However, he was the father of seven children and also lost his throne through the proclamation of the republic in 1931, the reason for Carlos Maria's Sicilian resignation no longer applies. His son Alfonso of Bourbon-Sicily (1901–1964) therefore claimed the position of head of the house in 1960, after the death of his uncle Ferdinand, who had no male descendants, in competition with his uncle Ranieri, Duke of Castro (1883–1973 ), to which the right of succession was granted by the renunciation of 1901. The position of head of the family is therefore claimed today by two cousins: Pedro (* 1968), Duke of Calabria, the son of Carlos of Bourbon-Sicily , Infante of Spain, who died in 2015 , and Carlo (* 1963), Duke of Castro.

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