Peace of Vienna (1738)

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The Peace of Vienna was a peace treaty between Austria and France signed in Vienna on November 18, 1738 . He ended the War of the Polish Succession .

On October 3, 1735, also in Vienna, a preliminary peace was concluded between the two powers . In this preliminary truce, the Elector August of Saxony was confirmed as King of Poland. France's candidate Stanislaus retained the royal title and was awarded Lorraine and the Duchy of Bar for life, but both were under French administration. After his death, the countries should officially fall to France. Spain received Naples , Sicily and the island of Elba , but ceded Parma and Piacenza to Emperor Karl in favor of Austria . This also got back almost all possessions in Northern Italy . Duke Franz I Stephan of Lorraine received the entitlement to the Grand Duchy of Tuscany , since the extinction of the Medici was already foreseeable at this time. France also renewed its recognition of the Pragmatic Sanctions of 1718.

Due to the succession arrangements, the peace could only come into force after the death of Duke Gian Gastone de 'Medici († 1737).

But the acts of war dragged on for years. With the support of Spain and Sardinia , France was able to continue the fight against Austria.

The final peace was not concluded until May 1, 1737. But the announcement was not made until after the death of the last Medici . On November 18, 1738, the Peace of Vienna was published with the confirmation of the peace preliminaries of 1735. The date is also considered the official conclusion of the contract.

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